Sunday, July 21, 2024

President Hakainde Hichilema’s full interview with Hot FM




  1. I don’t watch f00Iish interviews of f00lish people. You pay a private station that supported you during campalgns to interview you then you think you are good

    • Anti Vau Mbuzi – The UK based Troll/ Impostor wants to watch drunk Lazy Lungu who couldnt face the cameras like this or articulate himself.

    • Zambian interviews are too slow and “methodical “, does boring. This interview was like CDF, constituency money full of noise but nothing beneficial.
      Imagine if that CDF money was used to clean up cases women in prisons.
      The interviewers are as slow and boring as Haimbe’s judges…

  2. In Zambia we need to invest in TV set design courses or govt needs to sponsor at least 15 scholarships to US or UK from ZNBC and Private media houses…look at how dull that set looks the carpet is cheap and matches with the similar cheap curtain. You have given your guest a small table exposing his brief case, why is his briefcase there? Meanwhile you yourselves have papers on your laps instead of just pads.

  3. President HH has a great understanding of national issues.
    When compared to ECL, its a case of night and day.


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