Thursday, July 18, 2024

Water utility firm to start selling organic fertiliser


Lukanga Water and Company Limited has come up with an initiative to turn human faecal matter into organic manure to boost the operations revenue for the company.

Director of Engineering, Nyongo Phiri told Water and Sanitation Permanent Secretary, Joe Kalusu during his familiarisation tour in Kabwe that the programme is targeting households not connected to pipe sewerage.

“We have put up a system of emptying on site facilities such as pity latrines and septic tanks and providing treatment for the waste that we collect and after treatment it is good enough and can be used as soil conditioner and manure”, he said.

Mr. Phiri added that the company intends to start selling the product very soon which we will also help to raise some operational revenue for the company.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kalusa said government is concerned that citizens are deprived of safe drinking water because the infrastructure in the sector has outlived its usefulness.

“Part of the things we have observed it that the infrastructure has lived its life as most of it is old making it difficult to provide the service and as government we trying to see on how we can improve it,” he said.

Mr. Kalusa also disclosed that he was also doing the monitoring on the usage of funds meant for water reticulation in the all the districts of the province.

“As you can see here the infrastructure here the pumps are over 30 years old, they have lost the efficiency and they are just gobbling a lot of money when it comes to consuming of Zesco power,” observed Mr. Kalusa.

He added that government has sourced some funds to reconstruct the Mumbwa Dam which was washed away in 2020 as it was the major water source for the people there.


  1. Why have the police, up to now have failed to arrest Kaizar Zulu.
    This inspite all case of violence and rape against.

  2. Why have the police, up to now have failed to arrest Kaizar Zulu.
    This inspite all case of violence and rape against.

  3. Good plan but you have a lot of sewerage leakage even in CBD. Why don’t you look at that also since it’s your core business.

  4. Wait a minute, don’t smear us with butter. In the home garden, composted human waste is considered to be unsafe for use around vegetables, berries, fruit trees or other edible plants. Although human waste is rich in plant-healthy nutrients, it also contains viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that are not effectively removed by standard home composting processes.

    Please look for better innovation ideas .

    • This is a viable and innovative idea. Not a standard home composting process. Biochar is the the product obtained during pyrolysis. Syngas is the end product from gasification. The former can be used for soil fertility.

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