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PF Central Committee Resolutions as they Adopt Lusambo and Malanji for By-Elections


By Hon Given Lubinda Acting President PF
LUSAKA, 20th August, 2022 ——— The Central Committee of the Patriotic Front met today to discuss several pertinent Party and national issues. The Central Committee made several resolutions which include but not limited to the following:


Following the nullifications of the Kwacha and Kabushi constituency seats and the Lungwa District Council seat, the Central has officially adopted Hon Bowman LUSAMBO, Hon Joseph MALANJI and Mr Lawrence SHAWA as Patriotic Front candidates for Kabushi, Kwacha and Lungwa, respectively. The Central Committee wishes to put it on record that Hon LUSAMBO and Hon MALANJI are duly ELIGIBLE and no amount of political machinations from any quarter to try to disqualify them shall be entertained.

Further, Hon Micheal Katambo has been appointed as Campaign Manager for Kabushi. He will be deputised by Hon Dr. Frank Ng’ambi and Hon. Emmanuel Mulenga.
Meanwhile, Hon. Kampamba Mulenga has been appointed as Campaign Manager for Kwacha Constituency. She will be deputised by Hon Alexander Chiteme and Hon Kalobo Pavyuma.

For the Luangwa District Council election, Hon Christopher Shakafuswa has been appointed as Campaign Manger. He will be deputised by Hon Emmanuel Tembo and Hon Japhen Mwakalombe.


On 16th August, 2022, President Hakainde Hichilema held a meeting with district and local authorities officials. Those in attendance included Principal Officers (116), Directors of Finance(116), Director of Engineering and Works(116), Mayors/Council Chairperson (116), Provincial Local Government Officers (10), Provincial Planners(10), Povincial (10) and Local Government Association of Zambia (4) It has emerged that this meeting was solely to discuss the implementation of Constituency Development Fund(CDF).

The Constituency Development Fund is established by Act No.11 of 2018. The CDF Act provides for the management, disbursement, utilisation and accountability of the Constituency Development Fund. The Act further establish Constituency Development Fund Committees in constituencies and provide for their composition and functions; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to CDF. The attempt by President Hakainde Hichilema to circumvent the law and propose to make disbursement and composition of CDF outside the Act is GROSS VIOLATION of the law and raises serious concerns with regards the President’s appetite for doing things outside the law. The directive by the President to have District Commissioners (DCs) sit on CDF Committees is ILLEGAL; it is not supported by any law and it shall NOT be condoned.

Further, the failure by Hichilema and his Government to disburse CDF, eight months down the line is a result of his incompetence and failure to provide leadership. It was hypocritical and a sheer waste of public resources for Hichilema to call for a meeting with our local authorities to discuss the CDF Guidelines when his own Party and Government recently shot down a motion in Parliament to review and revise the said guidelines. The country lost over Two million Kwacha in allowances and other logistics from that one meeting, money which could have been used in providing urgent needs such as the provision of medicines in our clinics and hospitals which is actually a national emergency.

The challenge is that Mr Hichilema has very little knowledge and understanding of governance; the man thinks CDF and the Decentralisation Policy are synonymous! CDF is not decentralisation policy; it is simply an activity under decentralisation. The sooner Mr Hichilema takes time to acquaint himself with how government and statesmanship works the better for himself and all of us as Zambians.


I wish to inform the general public that owing to the gravity and nature of the decision by the UPND Government to host AFRICOM on our soil, I on behalf of the Patriotic Front wrote to President Hakainde Hichilema and his Government to make public, the contents of the Memorandum of Understanding between our Government and the US Government with regards to AFRICOM.

Owing to Government’s failure to make the contents of the MoU public, the Central Committee has resolved to embark on peaceful public protests against the establishment of AFRICOM on Zambian soil and pursued Government to publish the contents of the MoU.


President Hakainde Hichilema has made scandalising of the Patriotic Front as his number one priority. His obsession with the desire to destroy the Patriotic Front has made the man to blame and accuse PF for all his lies and failed promises. While meeting district and local government authorities, Mr Hichilema made wild allegations against President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front. The man claimed that he refused to append his signature to purchase presidential motor vehicles worth $1.3 million dollars which he alleges was approved by his predecessor, Edgar Lungu.

The aim of Mr Hichilema’s unfounded claims is to make right thinking Zambians believe that he is a prudent manager of national resources and make President Lungu appear as a reckless and extravagant man who was squandering public resources self aggrandisement. The Central Committee has resolved to expose Mr Hichilema for his wild claims and make it clear to the public that the man lied when he claimed that he refused to append his signature to purchase new presidential motor vehicles. Here are the fact;

  1. the approval and purchase of motor vehicles is purely a preserve of the Special Division and the Zambia Police. The President has nothing to do with the purchase of presidential vehicles.
  2. The President is NOT a procurement officer; there is NOWHERE were the President’s signature is required in the purchase of presidential or government vehicles. To claim otherwise is a pure lie.
  3. Zambians must be made aware that contrary to his posturing as a prudent manager of our resources, President Hakainde was bought a new fleet of presidential vehicles which he is using. He is not using the old vehicles that President Edgar Lungu was using as he has been trying to make our people believe.

In fact, all senior Government officials including Ministers and State House officials have bought brand new vehicles that they are using. Further the recently approved Supplementary Budget included purchase of brand new luxury vehicles for several government officials. On rehabilitation of State House, again costs incurred arises from his own preferential decisions as Nkwazi was recently rehabilitated by the previous occupants.

On the international front, the Central Committee has welcomed the election of President William Samoe Ruto of Kenya. The Central Committee recognises Mr Ruto as a panAfricanist who is committed and loyal to the interests of Africa and not the imperialist forces and their allies. The party has resolved to strengthen our working relationships and deepen our bilateral engagements with Mr Ruto and his governing coalition.


The Central Committee has approved the appointments of the following individuals as the Party’s provincial leaders in Southern Province;
Main Body
1. Mr. Leonard Siachona – Chairman
2. Mr Omar Munsanje – Vice Chairman
3. Peter Kampamba – Vice Secretary
4. Treasurer – M/s Mary Sakala

Women Wing
1. M/s Mable Nindi -Chairlady
2. M/s Scholastic Mbao – Vice Chairlady
3. Brenda Munashabantu – Treasurer
4. Bernadette Hamweemba – Treasurer
5. Suzan Phiri – Vice Treasurer

Hon Charles Chalwe has been appointed as member of the Party’s Mobilisation Committee.
National Disciplinary Committee

1. Hon George Chisanga – Chairperson
2. Hon Tutwa Ngulube – Vice Chairperson
3. Hon Steven Kampyongo – Member
4. Hon Hakacima Kavumbu – Member
5. Hon Brenda Nyirenda – Member
6. MCC Peter Kazhila – Member
7. Hon Rev Godfridah Sumaili
8. Frank N’gambi – Member


The Central Committee received and deliberated upon the report of the General Conference Preparation and Planning Committee and has resolved the following;

1. The Party has invited presidential candidates to lodge in expression of interest to stand for the the position of Party Presidency at the forthcoming General Conference.
The Secretariat shall receive expression of letters of interest starting from 1st September, 2022. The closing date for receiving applications has been set to 31st October, 2022.
2. The applications will attract a non-refundable application fee as stipulated below;
a) Male applicants – K200,000
b) Female applicants – K100,000.

After this process,the Central Committee will issue a campaign calendar for presidential candidates.

Further Central Committee has prescribed the last Saturday and Sunday of March, 2023 as provisional days under which the General Conference will be held.


  1. Dont the PF have lawyers? Bowman will be successfully challenged after filing in nominations and be declared illegal to stand on account of his nullification for violence and corruption.
    It’s the same court that ruled his election was fraudulent and I don’t see how they can allow him to stand.
    Someone mark my words.
    Elo ati they will have their conference in March 2023? This party will die out slowly before that date.

    • They would rather waste their time and money in the courts making their go to lawyers even richer whilst Nakacinda is there crying about injustice….as for the General conference in March 2023 its all bogus just kicking the can further down the road. In 2023 they will be even much poorer than they are today.

  2. Full of lies………..

    Of course this president has a say on every expense above a certain amount……….

    Zambians can be rest assured, this president looks very closely, and questions every major expense………

    On CDF……….look at them wanting to control CDF……….PF controlled constituents need to be watched how they spend CDF, corruption is their DNA…….

  3. PF what an utter shambolic lawless party I mean Bowman’s campiagn was marred with violence as declared by the Constutional Court …how do you again field the same candidate? You have no respect for the people of Kabushi. There is also Helicopter Malanji him and Bowman corruption cases before the courts and more cases are coming…fielding them is deprieving the constitutency of a candidate who will give them 100% attention.
    To add salt to injury any self respecting candidate will challenge these two candidates immediately the file their nominations.

  4. So all of the sudden Helcopter Malanji is going to have GCSE o’level papers …these candidates need their MP positions more than constitutents need them they are thieves look for refuge in National Assembly they can not wait til 2026.

  5. UPND when buying these new presidential and government fleet of cars, you should have purchased directly from government procurement officers – to – the car dealer/ sellers. Yet you appointed one private individual as a middleman an ex convict who had to go to the suppliers and got paid unnecessary commission. As UPND we are doing the same things we condemned PF to be doing. How come we now have private middlemen being secretly appointed. Is this cutting costs?

    • We talking about the adoption of big stomach boy Lusambo and Helicopter Malanji …you start something else. You people dont have conversation skills its like a drunk individual at a serious meeting.

    • Tarino Orange 7.1

      Take your foolishness and the frustration of your uncle’s failure to get a job to your home village. In the article, Bo Lubinda has also addressed other issues including the new cars that GRZ bought. I just happen to know the guy who was given the deal to get the cars, when surely government has qualified Procurement Managers. If anything you are the one that has a very small mind.

  6. National Disciplinary Committee
    2. Hon Tutwa Ngulube – Vice Chairperson
    PF nayo…anyway discipline means different things to different people

  7. @4 Tarino Orange
    My thoughts too….if these guys seats were nullified how come they’re eligible to contest… UPND administration is just the same as PF….Majanji is supposed to be charged for fraud and Bowman also for whatever Crimes he committed during campaigns

    • Any sensible organisation would never touch these two with a barge pole but this is PF happy to go on without a President…you are going to see what is going to happen after they file their papers all those charges you mentioned will surface to pre-occuppy them.

  8. So, PF convention is now postponed to March, 2023…..Oh Gosh!
    Given Lubinda, is saying HH wants to destroy PF, really? I mean, everyone can see, PF is incapable of holding its on convetion, let alone, the famous REBRADING…. so PF is shoooting ito itself.
    Just look at the above communique, number one item is an attack on UPND & HH, and their convection and presidential candidates is low on the list. It simply tells you where the du.ll minds of ba Lubinda is focused. If you can’t get your own house in order, how can you effectively rule this country ba PF? Lvbinda, Mundubile, CK, Mwamba, Lvsambo these are NO BETTER LEADERS than HH, they stand NO chance. Lekeni HH ateke, yes he has his own mistakes, but better than the above named.

  9. PF are adopting these criminal suspects knowing full well they will be challenged…………

    Just an excuse to cover their impending loss……….

    The PF don’t have free money to distribute anymore……….any free money will be investigated.

  10. The PF is already a dead carcass. Even these machinations is psychological to say people are scared of their candidates, who can surely be scared of Bowman and even Mallanji. The law is the law, I would want them to stand so that they are wired clean but the law is the law, they should not be allowed to stand

  11. PF is not going anywhere with these two candidates, The PF know the law very well but it is the usual PF way of doing things where the law did not matter to them and does not matter to them

  12. Look at how frustrated the f00lish t0nga resident upnd vuvuzela tarino is hallucinating. He should be celebrating if fielding lusambo is a wrong move and yet here he is frustrated because he knows upnd will be walloped. I am here in kabushi on the ground unlike him who is h0Ied up in some tiny makeshift apartment there in uk. The grassroots know that kabushi is bowman and bowman is kabushi until death. The beers are flowing and the mood is positive. No sign of upnd supporters.

  13. Bowman despite being a very weak soldier was always were violence was in all his political life, even in his MMD die hard days, and the court was spot on on this one and why should he be allowed to stand. For a start he is not even popular, people were just following money then, Even me I would want him to stand so that he can be shown that he is not popular at all but the law bars him, straight forward, does not even need a lawyer to interpret

  14. Lusambo can never win in Kabushi, even his helicopter friend will crumble despite his generosity, people always vote for a party in power

  15. practies of lawlessness of pf ! where on earth are court proved criminals allowed to stand? Even among the the blue frogs, condemned members are never alloved to stand. the pf knows this but want to delay the by election by going ahead with a challengeable act.

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