Thursday, June 13, 2024

ZESCO work hard to restore power to North Western province after blackout


The Zambia Electricity Supply Company (ZESCO) says power supply will be restored in Solwezi district and other parts of North Western Province that have been affected by power cut within 48 hours.

ZESCO Public Relations Manager, Henry Kapata told Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) in Solwezi today in a telephone interview that yesterday around 17: 00 hours, ZESCO experienced a shock at Solwezi main substation on the 11KV panel board thereby causing power cut to Solwezi, Kasempa and Lowana.

Mr. Kapata however said ZESCO has mobilized a mobile Substation from Lusaka which is on its way to Solwezi to help restore power to the rest of the areas that are still affected.

He said alternatives have been provided to the hospital and several other critical institutions.

Mr. Kapata said critical institutions like the hospital are supposed to alternatives such as generators to use when hydro power is withdrawn.

“Yesterday we experienced a shock at our Solwezi Main substation on the 11KV panel board…and so we have since been able to restored supply to Kasempa, Lowano…Solwezi-Chingola Road customers are back on course as a result of the alternatives that have been put in place”

“We have also mobilized a mobile substation from Lusaka to feed the rest of the places that were affected,” he said.

Mr. Kapata said power will be restored in the affected areas within 48 hours.


  1. No,no.. ZESCO,48 hours is a very long time to stay without power especially in a province that is now very critical to survival of our economy!! In fact for such outages there must very, very detailed explanations as to why disruptions should even occur!! Responsibilities must be apportioned and punishments meted out appropriately!! As a nation, we must have inbuilt contingencies that should ensure that critical services such as electricity, water, telecommunications (phone & internet) can survive severe disruptions, thus, service providers should have reliable fall back systems that should ensure restoration or continuity of service within an hour or less of disruption- not ifya ma days!!

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