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Government expresses concern with the number of youths not accessing tertiary education


The government say it is concerned that most youths in the region are unable to further their education after grade 12.

Northwestern province Permanent Secretary, Grandson Katambi points out that lack of pre-requisite skills and knowledge are the main hindrances most youths especially from rural areas face from accessing tertiary education.

This why the government has partnered with ICOF Africa colleges, Seminary and Universities in order to give vulnerable youths free access to education and training under the community scholarship programme, Colonel Katambi said.

Speaking during the official opening of the first residential school for 300 students from across the province in Solwezi yesterday, Col. Katambi said the government wants to give an opportunity to all youths to have education regardless of their social status as they are the backbone for socio-economic development.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the youth of this country because the education being imparted today will not only benefit this province but the entire nation,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary stated that there is need for all stakeholders to find ways of urgently building capacity in young people and preparing them for the future.

Speaking earlier, ICOF Africa Vice President Charles Mwape said the free education programme being offered by ICOF Africa is not political but a fulfillment of the new dawn government’s vision of offering free education to all.

Professor Mwape said ICOF Africa is grateful to the government for the opportunity to impart knowledge in the over 27 000 youths that will be trained in the next five years.

And Elizabeth Ngoma , an ICOF Africa student of Public Administration, has thanked the government for the free scholarships that have been given to vulnerable youths to enable them have access to education.

Ms Ngoma said the opportunity has lifted the financial burdens on most families who had no means of sending their children for tertiary education because of vulnerability.

About 503 vulnerable students are expected to benefit from the free scholarships being given by ICOF Africa in partnership with the ministry of Youth, Sports and Art under the community scholarship programme.


  1. The solution lies in skills training. Put emphasis on civic education and skills training as early as grade 6. This will ensure that dropouts at as early as grade 7 have some skills to sustain themselves . You don’t need to go to college just to be a bricklayer or carpenter or mechanic

  2. I’m among qualified Persons with Disability who were deliberately left out of the recent teachers recruitment. Govt chose not to actualize the 10% slots reserved for Persons with Disability. We have been seeking audience from relevant authority, TSC and MOE nothing seems to happen, they have all turned a death ear over our issue. Please help us???

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