Thursday, June 13, 2024

ZANIS equip provincial offices to boost its TV channel


The Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) has started equipping provincial offices with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance news coverage country wide.

ZANIS Director Loyce Saili has since challenged the provincial and district offices to bring out news from all citizens across the country rather than focusing on the big names in urban areas.

ZANIS reports that Ms Saili was speaking in Lusaka, when she handed over Camera equipment to ZANIS Central province office and reminded them to continue interpreting Government’s policies.

She said the Government is implementing a lot of programs and policies in the Country that need to be shared with the general public, citing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) health and the education sectors as some of the programs that need to be shared using ZANIS channel.

“Because we are a Government information wing under the Ministry of information, it’s important that we profile the government developmental programs. There is  a lot of programs that government is rolling out. There are issues of constituency Development fund. It is important that we highlight that. So much money has been allocated to these communities. We also need to interpret government policies” she said

Ms Saili disclosed that so far six out of ten provinces are receiving new equipment and that the remaining four provinces are expected to receive  before the end of the year, while the district offices will follow afterwards.

Ms Saili said the equipment has come at the right time when ZANIS has begun test transmission for its ZANIS TV channel   and has urged the receivers of the equipment to ensure that they take good care of the equipment to ensure optimum longevity.

And Central Province Provincial Information Officer, Florence Mwisa who received the equipment on behalf of the regional office assured that the equipment will be put to good use.

“We have a lot of work as a province and this camera will go a long way in capturing those developmental stories, the constituency development fund and other developmental news that will be taking place in the province. We will really do our best. We are grateful that we are among the first provinces to be considered” she said.

Three Cameras have already been handed over to other Provinces and all the ten provinces are expecteb to be covered by the end of the year.

ZANIS is currently conducting  test transmission for its ZANIS TV channel on top- star channel 6.


  1. The Zambian broadcasting laws are the most useless laws ever…………

    After the digital migration , new robust laws for the broadcasting spectrum were supposed to protect the consumer and enhance media development………..

    But PF and lungu were too busy chewing the kickbacks from the $265 million over kill…………….

    The Zambian consumer was left stranded………..

    Like national broadcasting channels are supposed to be free to air , no matter who transmitts them…….

    But seems Zambians have to pay……..

  2. National broadcasting channels are tax payer funded channels………..

    They are supposed to be free to air, no matter who translitts them , no matter which decoder box they are seen from……..

    But the corrupt theiving lungu and his GRZ left weak broadcasting laws to be exploited by anyone at the expense of zambia…….

  3. And then ZNBC will still campaign for us also??? kikiki. Lets not turn into PF. Do we need ZANIS and ZNBC? Bally we need to save money, axe one of these useless agencies. Pretend its a merger of the two.

    • You are right. Government should focus on ZANIS. ZNBC should be left as a public broadcaster. Meaning an independent broadcaster that’s not reporting to Government but to parliament.

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