Chinese firm abandons borehole drilling project in Zambezi district

UPND borehole project in Lundazi

Zambezi District Commissioner Simeon Machayi has expressed concern with the delayed completion of a borehole drilling exercise in the district.

Mr. Machayi says he is saddened with the departure of the contractor, China Gansu from the site after drilling only 17 out of the 40 boreholes.

“To the best of my knowledge what I know is they only drilled 17 boreholes out of the 40 that they were supposed to drill, at some point the contractor had some issues with the consultant,” he said.

Mr. Machayi expressed worry as to when the contractor will be back on site to complete the rest of the remaining boreholes as the Zambezi West bank will soon be flooded making it impossible for the contractor to do anything.

“So up to now I don’t know the reasons the contractor had left because he was supposed to rehabilitate 80 boreholes, I don’t think they managed to rehabilitate even 20. He didn’t say bye and we had no time to ask why he had left the district,” Mr. Machayi said.

He said this when Provincial Nutrition Coordinating Committee members paid a courtesy call on him today.

In response to the concern Scaling Up Nutrition Provincial Coordinator, Rodgen Loongo said the Department of Water is already in talks with the provincial Permanent Secretary to ensure those issues were settled as quickly as possible.

Mr. Loongo said government has already terminated the contract of the consultant and has since granted the department of water to do the consultancy


  1. It looks like there is a big communication problem with the Chinese. They often do inexplicable stuff like abandoning projects. I dont think they just arbitrarily decide. They are failing to communicate with local authorities. We need to get them to learn local vernaculars for operational purposes and also they need to learn our official language English

  2. It’s obviously late payments because our civil service is filled with snails and tortoises but the Chinese can’t write to demand payment so they just abandon the project

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