Fatal road accidents, defilements worry police


The Zambia Police Service in Muchinga Province has raised concerns over the increasing number of fatal road accidents  and defilement cases being recorded in the region.

Muchinga Province Deputy Police Commanding Officer, Lucky Munkhondya says Nakonde, Chinsali and Isoka districts have recently been recording a higher number of fatal road accidents especially those involving motorcycle riders.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Chinsali today, Ms. Munkhondya charged that many of the accidents have been caused by over-speeding, adding that poor adherence to road traffic rules is another main cause.

She stated that the introduction of unregistered motorcycles in Chinsali district has also contributed to the increasing number of accidents involving riders not wearing helmets as well as riding under the influence of alcohol.

“In most cases, our pedestrians and cyclists are also to blame because they normally sit and cycle along the road, thereby causing a danger to themselves,” she said.

Ms. Munkhondya further cautioned both motorists and pedestrians to follow road traffic rules in order to avoid any loss of lives.

The Deputy Commanding Officer also called on motorcycle riders to register their motorcycles through the right channels of the law.

She also mentioned that the Zambia Police Traffic Department is working in collaboration with the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), to sensitize the general public on Road safety through the involvement of traditional leaders.

In the past two weeks Chinsali, Isoka and Nakonde has recorded several fatal road traffic accidents that have resulted in the loss of lives.
Meanwhile, the Zambia Police in Muchinga province have recorded alarming cases of defilement involving girl children.

Muchinga Province Deputy Police Commanding Officer, Lucky Munkhondya says cases involving girl children have drastically increased especially in the rural parts of Chinsali district.

Ms. Munkhondya said the past two weeks, Chinsali Police received reports of defilement cases of girls aged between 2 and 14 years old and that perpetrators of these offences have been neighbours of victims including their family members.

Ms. Munkhondya observed that many of the defilement cases are due to lack of proper care of girl children by parents in the hotspot areas and that the Police are working with various stakeholders to sensitize parents on safeguarding their children.

“This development has been worrying the Police Service because of the rate at which such cases are reported,” she stated.

She tipped off parents to always be alert of such offenders as well as protect their girl children at all times and also assured that the Service will not relent in bringing offenders of such vices to face the law.



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