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The State House should say here is a list of President Hakainde Hichilema’s assets.


By Venus N Msyani

Enough of defending the president on everything. The State House should say here is a copy of President Hakainde Hichilema’s assets and liabilities.

On Tuesday 23rd, on ZNBC, Presidential Spokesperson Antony Bwalya was quoted saying individuals or organizations are free to request relevant record-keeping institutions for them to go through the president’s assets and liabilities declarations.
President Hichilema had given the same statement on Friday 19, during a live interaction with the public on Hot FM radio at State House as he was trying to answer why he was hesitating to declare his assets and liabilities.

The statement made some people, including the author, conclude President Hichilema is not ready to declare his assets and liabilities.

To prove us wrong, Anthony Bwalya is the one who needed to go to relevant record-keeping institutions to get a list of Hichilema assets and liabilities. Today, Mr. Bwalya should say here is a list of HH assets or businesses.

By defending the president and emphasizing that he has fulfilled the legal requirement of declaring assets and liabilities, the State House is making the issue worse.

President Hichilema maintains interests in his businesses but refuses to declare his assets and liabilities publicly. Is he trying to hide something?

Very sure is not only Zambians who are asking this question. No doubt the international community is asking the same question.

To be specific, donors may have started thinking twice about Zambia. They look for transparency and accountability. Hakainde’s issue of assets and liabilities deflations doesn’t point to that.

President Hichilema must clear himself. He told the presenter during a radio appearance that he finds it odd to hear people asking him to declare his assets and liabilities when he has been doing so every time he was required to.

It is also odd that he finds it difficult to listen to people. Several times President Hichilema has said he is a servant of the people. He must listen and publicly declare his assets and liabilities to prove that. That is what his master (the people) wants. Servants don’t argue with their masters.

If he has already declared like it is being claimed, the State House should say here is a list of President Hichilema’s assets. Not asking people to go and look for it.

Will not rest until HH publicly declare his assets and liabilities. He has revealed that he maintains interests in his businesses. Zambians deserve to know these businesses in clear and simple language.


  1. Have you even bothered to get the list of assets at ECZ as declared by every presidential candidate ????

    The reason why these people don’t go to ECZ to get the presidential assets declared is they are mostly lungu supporters and if the get the declared assets of HH , they inevitably get lungus declreaed assets aswell……….

    Which will open a whole drum of worms for lungu……….

    By not going to ECZ , they are protecting lungu………….

    • Iwe AKAPS, you really think people haven’t approached ECZ to look at declarations? ECZ records are now private it seems.
      ECL unfortunately refused to make his declaration public, he simply said the law required him to declare to ECZ and not to the public.
      Sean Tembo took the case to the ConCourt but singled out HH. The ConCourt suspiciously ruled that candidates fulfill their mandate by declaring to ECZ. End of story.
      HH is riding on ECL’s thinking, ‘I did the legal thing, I don’t have to do the ethical thing’.

    • The court ruled that ST errored in that he signed out only HH……..

      even ST is scared at looking at lungus declared assets………

      The outcry when lungus assets are made public will be the mother of all outcrys……..that will be the end of lungus immunity.

    • I basically just said that’s how the court ruled, smh.
      ST took HH to court, and that was wrong. I am not sure why your fixation with Lungu keeps popping up.
      I don’t care much about Lungu, that judgment was flawed beyond all measure and again brings the ConCourt into the spotlight.
      However, whether that judgment was meant to protect Lungu or not is irrelevant, HH must do the moral thing and declare his assets and not hide behind ECL’ legal gymnastics.

    • Chiza Chirwa

      My fixation with lungu is he was the president……..People have a right to know his assets before and during his presidency……….

      HH is playing all of you, he has nothing to hide , but in digging you are pushing for the lifting of lungus immunity………..After his assets are made public.

      Again…….well played @statehouse.

    • this one is not adding up the article is talking about HH and not LUNGU, so how is lungu came into the picture here? let us stop creating gods out of our leaders this has a very negative effect to the god.

    • The fixation with Lungu is an attempt at diverting the topic. Lungu isn’t president. We are interested in the president. Why do pawns want to die for the king. Let him defend himself. Unless he is paying you to post his defences on LT

  2. “……..State House should say here is a list of President Hichilema’s assets. Not asking people to go and look for it…….”

    You see how these people are trying to coverip for lungu……???

    They want statehouse to give them the list because if they go and look where the lists are , at ECZ , they have to get lungus list aswell………….

    With lungus list made public , people will definitely demand lifting of his immunity

  3. State House is playing all the critics like pulpets …………..

    By telling them to look where the lists are kept , At ECZ……….

    They have to get lungus list as well………

    That will be it for lungus immunity…….

    Well played @statehouse……

  4. HH should do the right there. The ConCourt failed Zambia when they effectively ruled that presidential candidate declarations were private (the first time in our country that this was the case).
    Does HH have shares in Vedanta copper mine? Will they come back? Does HH have shares in Zambezi Resources who are mining in our National Parks? Does HH have shares in the food delivery company he advertised on his FB? Does HH have shares in Alpha Commodities?
    The list of questions is non exhaustive, they just have to public share their declared assets, as Venus says, what’s there to hide?

    • I didn’t know about this. Concourt ruled that presidential candidate declarations were private? What an anti democratic ruling! We must do away with concourt because it’s a tool for autocracy. It’s not interpreting our constitution. What kind of democracy doesnt want transparency? Why would a court defend the selfish interests of individuals who have decided on their own to come into the public spotlight? We don’t force anyone to be president. This court should be abolished. It’s a tool for the oppression of the masses.

  5. Just on LT alone, watch how the clique supporters are dead scared of looking at lungus declared assets………….

    Even a recent court case by ST advised to seek assets of all presidential candidates if you want to look at assets………

    I can bet you , each time lungu sees his supporters asking for HHs declared assets , he is having BP…………..

    Because he know the trap being set by stathouse by telling them to look where all the assets all presidential candidates are declared……….

  6. We have been told the President is a very rich money but we don’t know how much he is worth,we don’t his companies other than the cows and a few houses so please he is now our Republican President we need state house to come out clean and give us his details of his wealth for us to trust him with his fight for corruption

    • Kikikiki. His fight for corruption sounds very right because it looks like he isn’t fighting against corruption. That’s why he is hiding his assets because he is for corruption

  7. Another moron asking the same daft question…you want to know the President’s assets and liabilities write a letter to ECZ you will get the latest information including Lazy Lungu’s and Fred Meembe’s assets. If the refuse take them to court…but these morons like Venus N Msyani would rather sit there and type articles.

  8. They cannot because he got Rich at the expense of poor Zambians. Many people lost jobs due to privatisation. I know of people who died of depression while hh amassed billions

    • I think by HH you mean Chiluba, Nawakwi and her friends. You tasked a consultant to make a deal, he made deals for you, your government accepted them. You should have voted for Dean Mungomba when he told you FTJ meant bad. Am sure you were old enough to vote then.

  9. this one is not adding up the article is talking about HH and not LUNGU, so how is lungu came into the picture here? let us stop creating gods out of our leaders this has a very negative effect to the god.

  10. People DID go to ECZ and ECZ said that it WILL NOT reveal the asset declarations. So, Anthony Bwalya should stop playing games. It is only in Africa and dictatorships like Russia where the assets of leaders are ‘top secret.’ This is because they want to leave room for grey area nefarious activities.

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