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Independent candidate accused of planning to withdraw nomination appears before ACC


Independent candidate in the 15th September Kwacha Parliamentary by-election Lawrence Kasonde Jr has appeared before the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in Kitwe over allegations of corrupt acts leveled against him.

The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) on Tuesday reported the alleged malpractice surrounding the forthcoming by elections in Kabushi and Kwacha Constituencies to the ACC office in Kitwe.

When reporting the alleged electoral malpractices and corrupt acts, UPND Copperbelt Youth Chairman Warren Hinyama and UPND Vice Youth Chairman Kangwa Kamando told journalists that there are four candidates that have been paid by the opposition in Kabushi and Kwacha constituencies.

On Wednesday afternoon, the ACC Kitwe office issued a summon to Mr. Kasonde inviting him to appear before its officials on Thursday morning.

Mr. Kasonde, the former Copperbelt University Students Union President, after appearing before ACC on Thursday vowed that he won’t be intimidated by anyone or anything as he contests the Kwacha Seat.

Mr Kasonde affirmed that his decision to contest the Kwacha Parliamentary Seat was a collective decision by the youths and that he will be in the race until the end.

He added that nothing will deter him from winning the Kwacha by-election.

“I Lawrence Kasonde, one of the candidates in the upcoming Kwacha Constituency by-elections was summoned to appear before the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Kitwe, Zambia. The basis of the summon was based on rumours being circulated by a few individuals who may be politically uncomfortable with our presence in the Kwacha by-elections, the source of our campaign finances and whether or not we had received any bribe, as an incentive to withdraw from or stay in the race. I clarified and cleared the air as we have been conducting our campaigns in line with the provisions of the Electoral Process Act and all applicable laws,” Mr. Kasonde said.

“I also further clarified that the basis of any rumours relating to bribes or corrupt practices which were based on specific rumours, were not substantiated or supported by any facts. In those circumstances, I was released by the ACC following the interview and permitted to continue with my preparations for the election. My advice to such individuals is that they should focus on selling their candidate/s and not fighting with every potential opponent they have. Without fear or favour, our eyes will stay glued on the ball and continue pushing for the youthful agenda. God bless you all and the people of Kwacha Constituency. Together we can. Twende babili te mwenso,” he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Mr. Kasonde had confirmed receiving summons from ACC in relation to the Kwacha Constituency by-elections.

In a facebook post, Mr. Kasonde alleged that UPND officials have wanted to influence him in relation to the Kwacha by-election.

“I received summon from the Anti-Corruption Commission with respect to the ongoing Kwacha Constituency by-elections after being reported by some UPND officials. My advice to the UPND is that it should put its house in order and learn to communicate amongst themselves because it is them that have been calling and texting and making all sorts of offers with regards to the elections. Before some conversations and calls of some officials are exposed, The UPND should sit down as a party and focus on campaigning for their candidate in Kwacha before they are hit with a shock,” he posted on Wednesday.

“The decision to contest in the coming Kwacha Constituency by-elections was not influenced by any individual but by the need for a youthful voice in decision making. UPND promised us the young people a conducive environment for equal opportunity and not the threats and intimidation we have started receiving. Let the people of Kwacha decide freely and fairly. No amount of silver or gold is worth buying the youthful agenda. Kwacha is bigger than an individual or political party,” Mr. Kasonde stated.


  1. This law of cancelling elections if a candidate withdraws is the most ridiculous law ever………….

    only Africans can come up with such a ridiculous costly law.

    Instead, if a candidate withdraws , let his party sue him for expenses and time waisted if he has not got a valid reason……..

    And parties should have a backup candidate. ……

    • This is a double edged sword are the same people who defend the defamation of the President colonial laws but are her condemning this one…you know what you need to do is amend the law in National Assembly but there is no need to intimidate the young man its his right

  2. The upnd know that even if they stood against a frog they can’t win those seats. So now these cows are crying over everything moooo moooo like pregnant cows. Fuseke

  3. @Spaka, I agree. That is a terrible law and it makes no sense whatsoever. Say there are 10 candidates who register and one candidate withdraws from the election. By law you request the remaining 9 to file again and pay the nomination fee AGAIN. And from the 9 remaining, one other candidate decides to withdraw, and this process keeps repeating.
    Insanity at best!
    If anything, a candidate can withdraw, and still remain on the ballot and if they happen to win the election, the second runner up should be declared winner.

    • Yes its a terrible law only there to fix the oppenents …remember during last Presidential elections when a proxy PF candidate was posed to drop out when they saw that HH was proving to popular than Lazy Lungu during campaigns?

  4. Most of these actions shows how sleepy our legislators are. What is wrong with noticing this as a lacuna and dealing with it at lawmakers jurisdiction? Is it too much to ask that this can be amended so that this nonsensical action does not upset the nomination and election process? That rather it should be made to heavily penalize the withdrawing candidate while mandating the party they belong to (if at all) to also effect a mandatory penalty? Is this too much for a lawmaker to conjure up?

  5. The most awful law people can sit and come up with. It must be the PF again who came up with such a law, it can only be them

    • They deliberately put in this law to pull the rug from under the feet of an opposition candidate when they saw that rigging will not work postponed the polling date so they regroup…they have no care about costs to the taxpayers.

  6. He has nor yet withdrawn so how can you pre-empt that he is going to withdraw ? And even if he withdraws the law allows him to do that. Instead of going after individuals who are using the law to their advantage isn’t it better to change the law itself so that elections can continue even if a candidate withdraws.

  7. Every time someone is seen to be seen in conflict with government, the state finds pleasure in quoting the law. A law will only be lawful if that law is supported by the State.

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