Attempts by UPND Government to break Sean Tembo has failed-Given Lubinda


Opposition Patriotic Front Acting President Hon Given Lubinda has said that attempts by the United Party for National Development (UPND) government to break detained Opposition Patriots For Economic Progress (PEP) Leader Mr Sean Tembo has failed because Mr Tembo wasn’t broken as he was looking forward to being charged so that he can vindicate himself.

“It is just sad that President Hakainde is proving to the whole world that neither himself nor his handlers are not capable of taking the role of leadershipnoting that being in leadership and one is bound to be criticized from time-time.

If Mr Hakainde and his handlers can’t withstand the heat let him leave the kitchen! if he can’t stand the pressure of being a politician let him resign and go join people on the pulpit because people in the pulpit are the ones that are saved from criticism and ridicule.”

Mr Lubinda further said Mr Hichilema was a hypocrite who does typically the opposite of what he says and he was ready to be arrested for calling him a hypocrite.

“If people express different views from ours, we must not abuse the law to arrest them .” he said.

Mr Lubinda was speaking to journalists yesterday afternoon at the woodlands police station and was accompanied by the leader of the opposition in the House Hon. Brian Mundubile, Chairman in charge of Information and Publicly Hon Racheal Nakacinda , MCC Kebby Mbewe and Former Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila.

And Mpolokoso Member of Parliament Hon Brian Mundubile noted with sadness how the non-governmental organizations and civil societies who look into human rights were so quiet compared to how vocal they were during the Patriotic Front Regime.

“Your silent is too loud, what is happening to Sean Tembo is a violation of his rights, it’s not very long ago that we heard the human rights commission advising the enforcement agencies not to violate people’s rights by detaining them longer than what is provided by the law,” said Mundubile.

Opposition Patriot for Economic Progress Leader Mr Sean Tembo has been detained since Thursday last week without charge on an alleged Defamation Case in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, State House has said that it is politically immature and incompetent for anyone to project the operations of Zambia’s legal system on President Hakainde Hichilema and attempt to water down the president’s works so far of re -establishing Zambia as a model of democracy and good governance.

Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya says president Hichilema has on numerous occasions and in no uncertain terms, expressed contempt for pieces of legislation which, more often than not, may be seen to interfere with citizens’ enjoyment of the democratic dividends which the new administration has worked so hard to restore, after years of deterioration under the previous regime.

Mr. Bwalya said that the head of state however does not direct how the law should be enforced, nor does he direct or effect the arrests of those who perceivably fall foul of the law in its current form.

Mr. Bwalya said that president Hichilema will, therefore, continue to expand Zambia’s democratic and good governance space, by championing progressive legal reforms which are aimed at furthering and consolidating Zambia’s growing stature as a model of democracy and good governance.


  1. “He says the head of state however does not direct how the law should be enforced, nor does he direct or effect the arrests of those who perceivably fall foul of the law in its current form.”
    BOZA: But why HH always blaming Lungu each time an opposition politician was arrested? What has changed? Are you guys eating your own vomit?

    • Chachine Lubinda. And The punishment doesn’t suit the crime. This is just defamation. It’s not murder. Or is HH so unhealthy he is going to die if defamed? And the police are happy to waste resources on such limp cases when corruption is rife and people have been kidnapped?

  2. The mistake we made was not to ask him what he really meant when he said he was going to restore the rule of Law instead of Laws. He meant that the only Law he was going to ensure was brutally enforced was that was of Defamation of the President. It’s the only Law that has been successfully enforced. He doesn’t bother about other Laws. So let’s not complain, we have the rule of the only Law. My advice to him is that if he doesn’t repeal this same Law when he has an opportunity to do it, it’ll visit him immediately he leaves office. That time there’ll be no Obasanjo or Patricia Scotland to vouch for him because he’ll be as good as used tissue to them.

  3. I like the the way PF leaders support and incite low calibre cadres to insult HH and then call it freedom of expression. Even Given Lubinda, Brian Mundibile or indeed Emmanuel Mwamba are careful not to use insulting language and yet they are criticising HH every day. Anyways , They say a fool is relish for the wise ?

    • Spot on………..

      Lubinda and the others at the top know how not to insult ………

      But encourage the bottom fedders to insult………….

    • To date, I have not seen or read an apology from PF leaders for the beating that Sean Tembo received at the hands of ruthless PF cadres. At least say sorry to your pawn.

  4. “….If people express different views from ours, we must not abuse the law to arrest them .” he said….”

    only the PF beat the crap out of him………..

    Leaders should lead by example……..

    Insults day in and day out is not what to show the younger generations

    The cleansing and regeneration of zambia must continue unabated………..

  5. Lubinda on the side of Sean Tembo who is physically brutalised by the PF cadres and his human rights were nowhere to be heard of. Lubinda never even uttered a word to stop the cadres to terrorise the opposing and criticising the PF. Today this man wants to come give counsel. Please you are very welcome to criticise but do not insult period. Smart and civilised people have many ways through which they can criticise each other without having to use vulgar language.

  6. Zayelo you are a disgrace. Go organize your chi brutal iChipani convention to replace the drunk one. Over one year since rejection you are still hiding in bu Acting PF President? You Gassers, Mwanyala!!

  7. It was believed by everyone especially in the PF ranks that our president committed a treasonous offence by allegedly interfering and endangering safety and life of Lungu and his motorcade, when in fact it was a traffic law broken which is bailable. HH broke the law, however.

    Sean Tembo committed a crime by insulting. But I feel he insulted the women folk not the president. The figurative speech was about energy monthly incrementals. His gender prejudice cost him more than the police custody. Women are sacred and please spare them that gross indignity. Also, they are largest voters. Don’t decampaign yourself.

    • Please be reminded that HH was also misunderstood to have used vulgaries at a rally.
      It took several dozen days from UPND circles to put corrective publicity.
      He was accused of mentionng a ” C” word in September, 2020 in Lukashya to support Davies Mulenga in a bye elections campaign.

      Similarly, in a hit a moment we may say things inadvertently.

  8. I would value the accusations if they came from someone else. and not from this looser. Lvbinda, Nakachinda, Lvsambo, Mundubile, Mwamba & CK – None of these are good leaders to lead PF to success, they are ONLY good to providing standing press conferences in front of Police Stations. At least CK, is staying away from this nonsence WHILE Lvbinda has decided to extend PF anguish and pain by NOT holding the convetion.
    SIMPLE QUESTION: Can these opponents CRITICIZE WITHOUT INSULTING or DEFAMING ? I mean even CK, Lvbinda or Mwamba, etc they are criticizing the GRZ day-in-day-Out, and they are enjoying the freedom of Expression. Freedom of Expression does NOT mean you insult, and as a political leader what MORAL message you is ST sending to his VOTERS and Young ones when he is in forefront…

  9. Hé has done a mbwili he ST has been admitted he has succumbed to his ailing frame… one stayed for close to 100 days but remained fit

  10. Send Lubinda back to India and Kaizar Zulu back to Malawi so that we Zambians can be left in peace to develop our country. Than listening to all these nonsenses all the time.

  11. Please, do not blame Mr. HH for being the president of Zambia. Stop shifting the common problem from incarcerated criminals to Mr. HH’s door step. Mr. HH is a victim and his offenders should stop playing victimhood. All offenders who verbally abuse Mr. HH should be held responsible for their illicit behaviours. The genuine victim is Mr. HH, not the abusers who insult him. Law enforcers (for example the police) should not be blamed for effecting arrests of lawbreakers. In fact, the police should be commended for arresting the offenders. Added to this, the offenders should be compelled to apologise to Mr. HH for harming his reputation and relegating his standing in society. The author of the main article must be questioned and thoroughly investigated in order to ascertain his/her real…

    • Mr HH a victim? What’s wrong with you praisesingers? Chikulu choose Chi HH crying like a nursery school beginner ati banitukwana?

  12. expressed contempt for pieces of legislation ? That’s not enough. Action is needed.
    expressed contempt for pieces of legislation?
    Yes when he was in opposition. Now he must repeal.

  13. Events evolving in Kenya will prompt many Zambians to generate a PRAYER to wish that Zambia was a satellite Province of Kenya where wisdom prevails. President-Elect William Ruto’s recent speech is demonstrating to the World that a national leader must be endowed by a spirit of tolerance to embrace all Kenyans irrespective of tribe, religion, race and other diverse human attributes. Many Africans are rejoicing for Ruto’s win which marks the isolation of a known brutal Brenthurst Foundation agent in the SADC region as revealed during the AU Summit in Lusaka. Angola’s final outcome will actually seal the isolation of a ‘noted’ Dictator in this region.

  14. So this 1.3billion we are dancing for will be given in the span of 3 years. My calculations shows that we will be given usd36. 1 million every month. So we should be careful with this injustices going on. This is IMF that might change mind on they and say we stop giving due to bad governance.

    • It does not say they lend within 3 years. It only mentioned $185 million for ” immediate disbursement” from total of $1,300 million.
      What is confusing many of us is the 38-month ECF phrase.

      The 38 months is Zambia’s minimum REPAYMENT PHASE of 3.2 years extendable to 5 years maximum, followed by a 5.5 years breather. Total interval is 10 years. The time elongations are deliberately called ECF

  15. It is an Extended Credit Facility because it can run from three years to maximum five years. If Zambia still has issues, the Loan has five and half years breather period before interest in effected.

    See the breakdown below:
    1. The 38-month (3.2 years) is minimum ECF period.
    2. ECF has up to 5 years maximum duration.
    3. Total allowable time is 5 years.
    4. There is a GRACE PERIOD of extra 5½ years from the time the loan is due.
    5. Loan maturity is 10 years.

    If the $1, 300 Principal is not paid back in 5 years (2027), it goes into sleep mode for another 5 years grace period. After 10 years (2032), Zambia starts paying interest henceforth. Therefore, the earlier we repay the better.

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