Mpezeni urges chiefs to work with government

Chief Mpezeni

Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people has urged traditional leaders in the Eastern Province to work with the government to attract development in their chiefdoms.

Chief Mpezeni says meaningful development can be attained if chiefs unite and work with the government of the day.

The Paramount Chief Mpezeni was speaking during the installation of Zondwayo Ndhlovu aged 33 as Senior Chief Magodi VI of the Ngoni-Tumbuka people at a ceremony held at Egichikeni palace in Chasefu district on yesterday.

“For you to preside well in our Chiefdom, coorperate with people and with the government, then development will come. Chieftainship is all about the people,” the Paramount Chief said.

The Paramount Chief also bemoaned the bad state of Chipata-Chasefu via Lundazi road which he said needs a quick attention.

And witnessing the occasion, Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Beauty Phiri said a call for the new chief to work with government is timely as chiefs are partners in development.

“As government, we are delighted that today you have been crowned chief Magodi VI. We now want to see development through implementation of CDF projects,” she said.

Ms Phiri said the government will work with traditional leaders in fostering national unity as there cannot be a meaningful development if government and chiefs work in isolation.

“We are also appealing to your subjects through you to take advantage of free education by taking back the children to school. We want to reduce illiteracy levels among our people,” Ms Phiri said.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary later led government officials and the UPND provincial leadership to give the instrument of power which included a date stump, a flag and three retainers to the newly installed chief Magodi VI.

Meamwhile, Chasefu area Member of Parliament Misheck Nyambose implored the newly crowned chief Magodi VI to continue the legacy his late father; Senior Chief Magodi V, who united the people and initiated a number of development projects in his chiefdom.