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It is not a bad idea to start grooming President Hakainde Hichilema for a smooth exit


By Venus N Msyani

Zambia is looking for a leader who has a thick skin when it comes to criticism. President Hakainde Hichilema is proving to be not the one. Hence not a bad idea to start grooming him for a smooth exit.

Almost every day there is a report of arrest or harassment in relation to defamation of the president.

The latest is the arrest of Patriots for Economic Progress President Sean Tembo. The PeP leader is alleged to have used his Facebook page to defame President Hakainde Hichilema.

Another well-known critic has gone on what looks like a temporally exile. The EEP leader Chilufya Tayali is complaining of living a fugitive life under new dawn administration.

Upon arrival to South Africa, Mr. Tayali informed his followers that his lawyer has informed him that police are looking for him. He said the journey has saved him.

Mr. Tayali has been repeatedly quoted saying he is very sure police will be waiting for him at the airport when he returns back home to Zambia.


The Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayali added on his Facebook on Sunday.

Unnecessary arrests costed the Patriotic Front (PF) presidency. If this continues, prediction that Hichilema is a one term president will start making sense.

The worry is that United Party for National Development (UPND) has a known history of refusing to accept defeat in elections. It is possible they will not easily accept defeat if they lose 2026 election.

They won the 2021 general election. Despite that went on and petitioned almost all parliamentary seats lost to the opposition. It tells us that had UPND lost presidency, they wouldn’t have accepted lose.

The point is, Zambians should start grooming Hichilema for a smooth exit. Even if he wins the 2026 election, the problem won’t be over.

Former president Edgar Lungu has been the theme for UPND politics and it appears he will remain to be throughout UPND rule.
Lungu went for what UPND call a third term. It should be enough to ring a bell. Very obvious UPND will use that to give a shot on HH third term bide. Ending up in a rough exit.

It is not a bad idea to start grooming President Hakainde Hichilema for a smooth exit.


  1. Ask your self why the main opposition figures are not being arrested on deformation laws…………

    People like mudibile, Davis chama , Davis mwila , emmanual mwamba , crd Fred membe …….????

    Because they know not to break the law but encourage their bottom feeders like ST , Tiyalli to insult…………

    Then jump on the oppression band wagon…………with the clique supporters like this author all playing their part……….

  2. He’s incorrigible, he can’t be groomed. I’ve no doubt in my mind that he’ll have a very painful exit from power. Everything that’s being spent on Community House will consitute an offense as that isn’t a gazetteed public property. I feel sorry for him but it’s not too late for him to change. Let’s remind him that in a democracy power doesn’t come from the barrel of a gun. The greater the number of people being arrested in his name the weaker he politically becomes

    • I can guarantee the people will be beging HH for a third term………

      Only the clique who have lost control of zambias coffers will be crying………

  3. “..The Auditor General’s Office in its audit of government payroll for the financial years ended 31st December 2017 to 2021 has revealed accounting related irregularities in amounts totaling over 2.6 billion kwacha…”

    This is how the clique and their supporters survived………..

    All the bottom feeders I mention who they use to insult , tiyali , ST all eate from this pot…….

    After ST had the crap beaten out of him by PF , he was paid handsomely

    • These are facts they don’t talk about all the loop holes are being sealed and the pain is coming. The gravy train came to an abrupt stop, I suggest government should provide trauma and counseling centres especially in Lusaka. 1 year later and some people have not come to terms with the fact that Zambia decided

  4. Except those that have died in office, Zambia’s past leaders who sit on seats as saviours have been labelled corrupt thieves on exit. They come in sweet but leave as rancid and foul as anything.
    Is H H going to be different? So far he looks unique. What if he changes? We all can only imagine. Only 2026 at finish line will it be a reality.

  5. If sending mental midgets ST Zero and hand out Taya Lee to be insulting the president is all the clique of kawalala’s have to offer then Mukose ba opposition. Zambia has real issues to deal with and instead of counter solutions you go insulting women in the process. Some people thought democracy is doing or saying anything, do so in the confines of the law. I advise opposition MPs to focus on changing and improving the laws because it’s the only thing they can change. By the way 2.8 did not Include Kanyama, did not include the recruited teachers, medical staff and their relatives. Also count marketeers and bus stops who no longer live under tyranny, add their families and customers who frequent those places.

    • HonestJohn @ 6.1

      Why dont you google them, print them and translate them into your mothers language. Then explain them to your mother , cause she needs them. A wasted sperm was delivered to your mothers womb

    • @ Napoleon 6.2
      Congratulations on your progress of reaching the anger stage LOL. I totally understand your pain and hurt, no amount of low level insults or uncivilized comment on your part will change the facts or bother me. Your comments say more about your upbringing than they do mine. Heal brother heal the pain and hurt you are carrying is a burden only you feel. I’m offering to sponsor you free counseling if need be. Otherwise Wansekesha sana kikiki

  6. “…Zambia is looking for a leader who has a thick skin when it comes to criticism. President Hakainde Hichilema is proving to be not the one. Hence not a bad idea to start grooming him for a smooth exit…”

    Which zambia ??? The ever shrinking 1.8 million ????

    And tiyali in exile is the best thing for zambia, but the maggot can’t even survive in exile………in zambia he brings nothing but division and is responsible for nsama and the UPND caders shooting death by being a paid PF rable rouser…..

    • 8….. SPAKA

      If only you could find something worthwhile in life than sitting behind the keyboard 24/7. You must be the most lonely and miserable person on lusakatimes.

  7. @8 Shaka very true indeed. I’m sure by now the 1.8m have remained 1m and by 2026 they will only be 50,000. The law allows to criticize constructively, not to defame. Mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika

  8. He is used to his poorly paid farm workers worshipping him. Don’t worry he will be booted out next election. Kaleza.

  9. You people, just lobby to CHANGE the law. The police in Zambia will continue arresting people who defame the President. It is a BAD law, but it IS THE LAW. It was illegal in South Africa for a white man to marry a black man. Many people were arrested, charged and convicted. It was a bad law, but it was THE law! If you believe that a President can be defamed without anyone being arrested for it, CHANGE THE LAW! In Zambia we are very fond of using sentiment and emotions instead of following the law. That is why we even tolerate corruption and illegal buildings. We think that it is ‘kindness’ to be put in the front of the queue because we have begged and paid someone, when it is corruption.

  10. The nonsense that many of your contributors write never cease to amaze.
    You have a first class president sorting out the mess he inherited, and you have so called intelligent people writing frivolous nonsense,

    • These are the bitter clique who were eating from the billions lost in AGs recent report…………

      They have lost their parasitic way of living off the backs of Zambians…….

      They will be forever bitter…….

  11. @Dr Charles Ngoma is perfectly spot on. A law, however bad, is the law that has to be followed. The consequences of defaming the president are very clearly spelled out. You break the law, the law enforcers aka the police will be on your heels. It’s up to the judiciary to determine whether you deserve to go to jail or not. It’s not for the police to determine if you will go to prison but it’s their job to go after you whenever they determine that you have insulted the president. Parliament can change this law but until then, it’s not for HH to tell the police who they should arrest or not arrest when he’s defamed.

  12. KZ is chopping Tayali’ wife while the little man is in exile. Such is what PF is good at…..kikiki


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