Council of Churches and Pentecostal Assemblies join in Condemning Lusaka July


The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) and the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAOG) Zambia have condemned the Lusaka July Fashion Festival held over the weekend for violating national values.

Some stakeholders have accused the Lusaka July of promoting homosexuality in the country in the name of fashion exhibition.

In a written statement, CCZ General Secretary Fr. Emmanuel Chikoya without being specific said the Lusaka July event portrayed un-Zambian acts.

Fr. Chikoya has since called on the government, its members and the general public to uphold Zambia’s national values.

“The Council of Churches in Zambia wishes to condemn in the strongest terms activities that violets our values as a nation. This comes in view of the recent happening in the country in particular the July festival that has attracted social media attention and cross examinations from different stakeholders in the country because of the un-Zambian acts that were portrayed at the event.The future of this country largely depends on the values we impart on the youths who are believed to be the future generation. These values are essential in whatever stage of life we are in and most adults have the values that were instilled during childhood and these form fundamentals in one’s life,” Fr. Chikoya stated.

“The nation must understand that moral values become the basis for decision making in life and without these values children’s lives maybe directionless. Our call as CCZ is that parents and caregivers should imbibe strong moral values in children that will give them good moral standing in society. The Council believes the Church has a huge responsibility to provide morale knowledge to our children and the community at large as early as possible and to nurture them into responsible individuals in society. CCZ therefore, calls on the government, all its members and the general public to uphold our values as a nation,” Fr. Chikoya remarked.

Meanwhile, the Pentecostal Assemblies of God – Zambia (PAOGZ) Council of Bishops has described the Lusaka July as a strange event with strange activities.

Bishops Council General Secretary Brian Bwalya said the Church is saying no to indecent and detestable lifestyles alleged promoted during the Lusaka July event.

Bishop Bwalya emphasized that fashion should not be indecent as portrayed at the controversial event.

“The 3rd September event, dubbed “Lusaka July”, was an unprecedented occasion that not only raised eye brows but has had different sections of the Zambian community talking. Everything about the event had more questions than answers. The dressing looked strange where in some cases, it was amounting to almost nudity. Much more than all that, having men clad in female attire made suggestions of what has been observed in other countries where the LGBTQI communities have had similar events.As a church community, we are alive to the fact that attempts have been made in the past and are still being made to establish and support LGBTQI activities and events to promote their detestable lifestyles. We wish to put it on record that such behaviour, even under the guise of fashion, will not be tolerated in the Zambian community. It is clear to all perceptive observers that the infamous event in reference is an attempt to make homosexuality and related activities more tolerable and eventually acceptable to the populace. However, it must be noted that the Zambian law in its current form criminalizes homosexuality and related unnatural acts in the Penal Code Chapter 87 and section 155,” Bishop Bwalya said.

“While the organizers of the “Lusaka July” have attempted to defend it as a Fashion event, we counsel that Fashion shouldn’t be indecent. Therefore, no matter how disguised such activities are going to be, the church shall take necessary action to protect the cherished values of our Christian nation and courageously defend the very core of the fundamentals of strong family lives. We further wish to warn the promoters, and sponsors and participants alike that they shall continue to be seriously censored if and when such acts of sheer disregard of our culture are wantonly idolized or practiced. We urge law enforcers to do their part when deliberate breaches of abiding laws are selfevident. We seize this opportunity to call upon the nation, once again, to stand up for the family for the sake of posterity. The scriptures are clear: Nehemiah 4:14 – “After I looked things over, I stood up and said to the nobles, the officials, and the rest of the people, “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”May God bless our great nation,” Bishop Bwalya concluded.

Organisers of the Lusaka July have defended the event saying it was not promoting homosexuality.


  1. The church again coming to denounce Lusaka July too late. You know what is happening but you decided to be toothless. You know too well what this government want to do over homosexuality and the like. So far no comment from government. God help us.

    • …..traditional leaders are also quite. The SDA Church where HH is a Church elder are quite. Maybe they are talking to him privately which I doubt. We are in trouble as a nation.

  2. My take is the CCZ and Pentecostals were, in their usual fashion, extrapolating “ACTS” that were not there at this function. This is akin to seeing a woman in a short dress and you begin to imagine the dress shorter than it currently is; regardless. Let’s see some things as they are: fashion show, with people allowed to dress in their most flamboyant — even outrageous! Whoever behaved outside of his or her orientation did so on the invitation of this daring.

    • Kikikikiki! Muleyangala na democracy ba ngwele! Its about every right as achieved by Uncle Sam. You are a replica of America like it or not. Soon you will have a generation that knows nothing about Africa ruling and Zambia will be revolving around Washington. It will be: “activities that violets our values” Kikikikiki

  3. This is what happens when an overzealous upnd govt abolishes ministry of religious affairs and turns a blind eye to sinful behaviour. By not condemning this, hh and upnd are endorsing this gross lifestyle. We know upnd was funded by bentrust who are a gay organisation but we won’t allow it in our country. Let them hold this lusaka July at community house.

  4. kkkkkk have you seen now slowly slowly they are coming in the system.Wikalanda ati tabangebele this is gay now at its best in the name of fashion.kkkkkkk you see

  5. You insult the president, police are immediately at your door steps to arrest and lumbani’s shouting it is law. You display Lgbtqi behavior, police look the other way even though that is breaking the law and Lumbani madodas support the no arrests. Why did you arrest Iris Kaingu for her dressing if you’re tolerating the dressing at Lusaka July? This is why people are saying the arrests are meant to silence political opponents, nothing else. Try for once to apply the law equitably.

    • We do not want to mess up the IMF loan. Let the gays be, meanwhile we are smiling on the way to the bank. We are not in government to serve christians alone. Gay or not gay Njala iyonkola……kikiki. Be strong not weak minded. The church is worried, the offering bowl is becoming lighter and lighter, some church are missing monthly tithe payment. Soon the church will start offering tithe loan credit to church goers to meet tithe payments….hahaha

    • Lobyolo sorry you got it wrong. Its not “you insult the President” It is “you are imagined to have insulted the president” and police lock you up. Just check Sean Tembo’s case. Women say he insulted them. The police thought he insulted HH although HH has not expressed any hurt from Tembo’s comments. How do Police know Tembo has insulted HH when HH hasnt complained to them? That’s why after a night meeting they decided let’s give him hate speech because HH is a man not a woman

  6. Government and Church are too different entities.
    Government must prosecute wrong doers. Those who are wrongly arrested , the Courts will free them; hence the three wings of Government working independently.
    Democracy has norms and values. We must observe the democratic consciousness, the consciousness that will no doubt sustain our great journey of our democracy. Most of our freedom fighters have died without enjoying the democracy as we got our independence in 1964.
    Hence it is extremely utter important that the rule of law saves and preserves our very Zambian democracy as those who fought against monopoly rule, would have wanted to live in a democratic dispensation as we do now.
    We have seen Leaders come and go. It is up to them to judge themselves and if they love our country,…

  7. Zambia is a Democracy and not a Theocracy.
    The penal code of Zambia adequately addresses matters related to indecency and morality.
    This is what the courts of law and police in Zambia will go by and not anybody’s religious beliefs.

  8. The PF cliques on LT were going mad like monkeys fed hot peppers when some forigne embassies hoisted a LGBT flag,…………

    Only to discover their uncles , sons and brothers wearing dresses and g- strings at the fashion event…………

  9. I was actually laughing at the pictures.
    While the females mostly wore scanty linens, the males were modestly clad.
    The funny part is most men were in female attire, only that male features (beads, muscles leg calfs and gait) betrayed them.
    Is it indiscent exposure, gender misrepresentation, public indencency, false pretence, deceitful disguise…

    A jokes taken a mile farther.
    But am NOT judging the Lusaka ‘September’ show for fear of being homophobic.

    • Me2 I’m in SA where most Zambian homosexuals have taken refuge so I don’t want to make their lives more miserable

  10. Most of these Zambian guys acting gay are just doing it for attention seeking and hunger…..deep down their hearts they know they’re not gay…..but now they end up being screweeed for the money…notice most of these so called “gay guys” don’t even work….

    • @Saulosi, how do you know they’re not gay? You have to take them seriously. Wakeup! Your country is being overrun by the alphabet people. They mean business. Help stop this moral decadence that’s already casting its shadow over our nation.

  11. It’s no secret that HH and his UPND administration are passively supporting this decadent lifestyle that’s worming it’s way into the country. The silence from the UPND moral traitors is evident, most likely being directed by outside international forces, mainly from the West, that may have funded their campaign. If Zambians fail to condemn and oppose this sick lifestyle, Zambia will soon be overrun by decay that you’ve never seen before, where the simple definition of gender as we know it, will be no more. UPND will need to be voted out in 2026, just for this one issue, if morals are to be protected and preserved in our nation. I supported them, but I don’t support their passive support of the alphabet agenda. All well meaning Christians need to stand up and help protect the…

  12. @ The Patriot
    you are missing my point…am saying they’re not born Gay…for these young guys its now “cool” to be gay and they love the attention they’re getting from our gullible society and yes UPND is pro Gay and they have to please their Muzungu masters for more kaloba

  13. Homosexuality you talking about has been with African culture long, long long time ago. For the females, where taught how to behave when men or husbands have gone for hunting for a long time. It is important to understand some of these things.
    We still as Africans do not support this vise.
    Certain imikowa came about because of bad behaviour.
    We have to continue educating our children in good behaviour.

  14. Lobyolo sorry you got it wrong. Its not “you insult the President” It is “you are imagined to have insulted the president” and police lock you up. Just check Sean Tembo’s case. Women say he insulted them. The police thought he insulted HH although HH has not expressed any hurt from Tembo’s comments. How do Police know Tembo has insulted HH when HH hasnt complained to them? That’s why after a night meeting they decided let’s give him hate speech because HH is a man not a woman

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