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No Woman should Die while Giving Birth-Masebo


The Ministry of Health is working towards the implementation of a policy that will ensure that all health facilities in the country have access to maternity annexes.

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo stated that the Ministry is working on the enactment of President Hakainde Hichilema’s policy directive aimed at addressing maternal mortality, as no mother deserved to die while giving birth.

“Transport is very important for quality service delivery, because where transport is absent, the health service delivery remains a pipe dream” Ms Masebo stated

The Minister noted with concern the plight of expecting mothers in rural settings who have to cover long distances to access maternal health services, hence highlighting the need for proper transportation.

Ms Masebo commended the Kasempa Local Authorities for creating an enabling environment for investors in the locality to plough back to the community and support provision of health services to the people.

Ms Masebo cited this when Mayfair Global Logistics handed over a motorbike to the Ministry at Ndeke House in Lusaka, which will be sent to Nyoka Rural Health Center of Kasempa District.

And Kasempa Council Chairperson Brian Kakonkanya said that the equipment was appropriate for the terrain, adding that motorcycles were suitable for narrow roads in the catchment area.

“People in Nyoka have been waiting for this equipment since the construction of the health facility in November 2021,” Mr Kakonkanya said

Meanwhile, Acting Director Public Health Dr Angel Mwiche noted that the donated equipment was ideal for community outreaches, immunization programmes and delivery supplies within the catchment area of health facilities.

The handover of the motorbike was graced by Kasempa Council Chairperson Brian Kakonkanya, Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala, Honda Managing Director Nicholas Comana and Directors from the Ministry of Health.


  1. One of the hard working Ministers – Masebo, keep it up!
    She prooves that if you are doing your job well, no need to buy into PF propaganda that HH is overshadowing his ministers. Gossipping is part of current useless Zambian political parties’ DNA

  2. This same declaration was made in 2011 by President RB during the 11th ICAXA conference graced by 1st Lady Thandiwe and Inkhosikati of eSwatini. That declaration went with RB and we haven’t built on the resolutions of that conference. Who bewitched us? Dunderhead politicians that make us move in circles. This isn’t new so I advise Sylvia to review those resolutions as they’ll help her understand the challenges mothers have continued to face while bringing life to earth

  3. No woman should die while giving birth – Powerful declaration but unfortunately it is backed up with little or no action.
    How do you employ only 250 Mid-wives’ country wide with a high maternal mortality rate already because of shortage of qualified labour?? You talk about transport before you address the critical human shortage which you had an opportunity to address but chose not to.
    Unfortunately this is one Lady who seems to be busy but with little or no results only good at talking, able to answer every question but zero substance…

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