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We do not mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II – EFF


South African party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has come out to sensationally downplay the ongoing world-mourning of United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II.

In a statement on Friday, the party led by activist Julius Malema historically recalled the reign of Queen Elizabeth and that of her predecessors in regard to the colonization of Africa and other countries around the world intimating that leaders ought not to paint a rosy picture of her reign.

“Elizabeth ascended to the throne in 1952, reigning for 70 years as a head of an institution built up, sustained, and living off a brutal legacy of dehumanization of millions of people across the world,” read the statement.

“We do not mourn the death of Elizabeth, because to us her death is a reminder of a very tragic period in this country and Africa’s history.

The renowned activist group further referred to former British colonies in Africa including South Africa claiming that according to them, the current political instability and poverty should be attributed to the colonization of Britain.

“Britain, under the leadership of the royal family, took over control of this territory that would become South Africa in 1795 from Batavian control, and took permanent control of the territory in 1806,” read the statement.

“From that moment onwards, native people of this land have never known peace, nor have they ever enjoyed the fruits of the riches of this land, riches which were and still are utilized for the enrichment of the British royal family and those who look like them.

EFF likewise cited the actions of Sir John Cradock, Cecil John Rhodes in Zimbabwe and Zambia and the torture of Kenyan Mau Mau for their resistance to Britain’s rule during their quest for freedom.

“It was also the British royal family that sanctioned the actions of Cecil John Rhodes, who plundered this country, Zimbabwe and Zambia. In Kenya, Britain built concentration camps and suppressed with such inhumane brutality the Mau Mau rebellion, killing Dedan Kimathi on the 18th of February 1957, while Elizabeth was already Queen,” EFF stated.

Consequently, the Julius Malema-led party faulted the Queen for her lack of acknowledgement of the atrocities alleging that she never regretted the brutality inflicted by Britain in the pre-colonial era.

“During her 70-year reign as Queen, she never once acknowledged the atrocities that her family inflicted on native people that Britain invaded across the world. She willingly benefited from the wealth that was attained from the exploitation and murder of millions of people across the world,” noted the party.

“The British Royal family stands on the shoulders of millions of slaves who were shipped away from the continent to serve the interests of racist white capital accumulation, at the centre of which lies the British royal family.”


    • Why? Uyopa bazungu? You’re so brainwashed you prefer to join in hiding their sins? Ask the maumau in Kenya, the Herero in Namibia, the bakongo in DRC massacred by Europeans and the world including Africans want to turn a blind eye!

    • Insensitive? These are politicians. And in democracies! They speak their minds and both Malema and Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t be offended by anyone exercising freedom of speech to criticise them

    • Malema is not being reasonable here, a lot of the progressive laws that were passed in the UK with regards to race relations were done so at the behest of the Queen, alot of people from African nations once ruled by UK travelled there thanks to being Commonwealth citizens. Even Mandela was a great friend of the Queen, he would’ve mourned here just as she mourned his passing.

  1. …the current political instability and poverty should be attributed to the colonization of Britain

    If the above is the only truth, that this colonial history is what is holding our economic development back, then in Africa we will never move from our current poverty and instability to whatever better situation we aspire to, no matter our efforts because we can’t go back and erase the history of colonialism and write a new updated history that, by its magical nature, gives impetus to our current aspirations.

    Is it really the case that we need a different history to develop?

    • Yeas it is true but from there we should work out a solution. Otherwise with any other solutions, we will be addressing the wrong problem

  2. Well said, Mr. Malema. Indeed I too see no reason why Africa should be mourning a person who represented the exploitation of our continent. We have our own African Queens to mourn. Let the British mourn their queen.

  3. Chachine The diamonds in her crown are from Africa. They were never paid for. Many other minerals from Africa to Europe were never paid for

    • The Cullinan Diamond is the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found, weighing 3,106.75 carats, discovered at the Premier No.2 mine in Cullinan, South Africa, on 26 January 1905. It was named after Thomas Cullinan, the owner of the mine it was called Star of Africa but they changed the name.

    • Buckteeth lungu is a product of miseducation …this Diamond was called The Star of Africa but these thieves colonists wanted to conceal their loot so they named Cullinan after the mine owner in RSA…they like our resources but dont want anything to do with us by name.

  4. This man says it as it is..its a shame most African Presidents are cowards probably buying new black suits and booking flights to London to go and bend the knee to the new King Charlie.

    • Malema is not a president and will never be one. Why don’t you talk about the xenophobia in South Africa that he has not condemned at all.

    • But why cant I talk about the Queen’s 70 year rule instead this is just the right time for it..Malema is embarassed by Xenophobia in RSA and he is also disgusted by it. Let us talk about the elephant in the room if you are afraid please crawl out, close the door behind you and go grin in appeasement somewhere else.

  5. Typically African, speaking about historical events they cannot change rather than on the present what they can do something about,
    Remember this maxim: “You can’t change the past, but you CAN change the future”
    Deal with wrongs in your own countries rather than making disparaging remarks about an old lady who has died.

    • You won’t be driven to change your future if you don’t know your past. Most current Zambians don’t know what the past was so they think urine infested Lusaka bus stop is alright.

    • He is enlightening the youth just by talking about it…a lot of things have happened during this Queen’s 70 year monarchy given that not many African countries attained independence 50-60 years ago.

  6. Of course and he cares less about 1.3 billion dollars so he is free to speak his mind…well done Juju…..and in Argentina they’re popping champagne…..in Cuba Christmas has come early…not when you’re a house negroee….Master dies you cry the loudest…am told HH hasn’t eaten since the news of Queens death

  7. Yaba, awe kwena the true hurts. Malema has spoken the truth that a lot of Leaders would rather keep quiet than say it.

  8. Truth hurts no wonder Africa now depends on hand outs and celebrating Kaloba it all started with the imperialists looting our natural resources….Juju is not a house Negroeeee

  9. Let’s look at this.
    Sure the empire brought misery,death and suffering, Africa has been free for a good part of 50yrs plus. So what have we done in the last 50yrs plus mmmmm.
    Let’s see.
    We become corrupt
    We become tribalist
    We become pawns of the West
    We become blamers for everything wrong with us.
    We become despotic rulers.
    We killed millions of our own Africans, more than the colonial powers did.
    We brought starvation and death to our own people.
    So, are we Africans, any different, the answer is NO

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you are an African you must be ashamed of what you have just outlined and shows how ignorant you are of your own history. Once a whiteman had finished turning our thinking inside out and upside down, we were done for and it doesn’t surprise me that you describe yourself using a whiteman’s lenses. I just hope you’re not parent because I shudder to think what you are teaching your children about themselves. Let me end by saying that we are a people that’s dead to the knowledge of ourselves and it will take hard work to resurrect us.

    • Ba Buckteeth you are really an embarrassment to your own race: As poorly as you have stated your immature conclusions which I think you have come to under Western propaganda from where you live , Let me try answering you educatively.
      We become corrupt-Ask yourself were Africans corrupt before being colonised? They had nothing to be corrupt about. They were sincere genuine people and this the coloniser took advantage of going ahead to corrupt us especially with his divide and rule tactic. What is tribalism? Something born out of the fact that the white man defined us by his boundaries completely ignoring our nations. Those nations had to be reduced to tribes by the white man because they werent fitting into his concept. How selfish!
      Zambia for example is an artificial nation with…

    • Zambia for example is an artificial nation. The African heroes that freed us decided to continue with it to avoid bloodshed. They were wise. Therefore inside there our natural identities now became tribal. our natural identities became tribal. Think before you criticise Africa! Unless you are not African
      We become pawns of the West: Yes we became pawns because we were militarily and mentally conquered by Europe for four centuries.
      We become blamers for everything wrong with us. I dont know what you mean by that but there’s nothing wrong with pointing out who has caused our problems
      We become despotic rulers. We were turned into despotic rulers by the imperialist for his own ends.
      We killed millions of our own Africans, more than the colonial powers did. Really go back to school so…

    • We killed millions of our own Africans, more than the colonial powers did. Really go back to school so you can learn how to count so you will see how many Africans died under European settlers.

  10. Ati Well said? He is sucking up to his white masters in the hope they will drop him some crumbs. Just like most African politicians have done as they destroyed their countries.

  11. Always just blame someone else it is easier, especially if they are dead they can’t answer. Is that an African way? Smh

    • You say this but come Sunday morning you will dressed up to praise a fictional chap called Jesus …really laughable

  12. Stop blaming poverty on Britain. Your poverty is due to rampant corruption. Are YOU going to blame Britain for allowing the president to keep $4 million in the house or a young businessman who bought 10 top-of-the-range cars from Covid funds? What about billions of rand spent on stadiums to host the World cup in 2010?
    Deal with corruption, Xenophobia, Maladministration and Racism first before you start speaking rubbish.

  13. We killed millions of our own Africans, more than the colonial powers did. Really go back to school so you can learn how to count then you will see how many Africans died under European settlers.

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