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Queen Elizabeth died:Her empire brutally killed Africans


By Dr Canisius Banda

Queen Elizabeth died. But British overbearingness, sense of entitlement and advantage has NOT. Rishi SUNAK thought that Britain had changed. Now he knows.

Elizabeth was a mother, a grandmother. For that, we salute her.

Her empire brutally killed Africans. Unfeelingly left them without their mothers, a continent desecrated. That people are shocked at her passing is itself shocking.

Our tears only flow at the atrocities her monarchy perpetuated. Atrocities that Megan MARKLE continues to grapple with. Prince Harry now viewed mentally deranged by British exceptionalism, lost his Britishness for his mere efforts at being human.

Laudable, Elizabeth belonged to the Church of England. Many other people also belong to their own churches, so freedom maintains. Her reign plundered Africa.

Her progeny daringly appropriated vast tracts of land, even naming them after themselves, as the sorry case of Rhodesia illustrates. Men are wont to deify themselves, it is cultural. This then is today’s fate for Elizabeth, a mere woman called Mary Alexandra.

Africa mourns. Not Elizabeth, but the history of her reign, which is replete with bloodshed, plunder and subjugation.

Africa celebrates Elizabeth. For merely being grandmother to Harry, a mutant, a bridge across a timeless canyon, the required existential spirit. Her own liberty gave her a long life. The liberty denied others which condition explains their grief and poverty to this day. Now King, the death of his beloved mother is a cause for much sadness to Charles.

This is indeed an expected and understandable condition for a bereaved son, quite human really. But that the rest of the world, more so Africa, should express sadness at her passing is itself sad.

It is never a joy to see anyone die, but Elizabeth was old, her life of advantage was lived to the full and was spent, and truth be told, whether King or Queen, this is just how it all ends.

Normal.Expected. It starts. And it ends, we all saw it coming. So then what next for you, dear reader?

Mind your own time now, for your passing is also coming, and when yours comes, trust me, no one will even notice. It won’t be on the BBC.
So then mourn now. For your own wretched condition today.


  1. For any African leader/citizen to honour the Queen and the Royal Institution is not only morally wrong but insulting to the very core of being African.
    Surely, the painful treatment over millennia, the de-humanization of black peoples, and the racism to mention painfully but a few wrongs inflicted on Africans by the Queen and the very Institution she headed is unforgivable. Surely, if there is a God out there, such people shouldn’t enter the heaven Realms!!

  2. Has CB joined cde Membe in the socialist party ???

    He should if he hasn’t…………

    Those two would make a good pair fighting for independence, 50 years too late…………

    • When you go to Livingston, you find a statue erected by the English, to honour their soldiers, for fighting Hitler. The English could have taken out an ad in the newspaper on 8 May 1945 when Germany was defeated and congruatulated those soldiers, but that would have been forgotten. So in Zambia, and everywhere else in the world, they erected statues made out of stone and brass, to memorialise the event, so that history never forget it. What you are saying here is that we should forget our history of suffering, dispossession and exploitation at the hands of history. You are saying this precisely because the English made clear that you did not learn that history. They did not want that history because they know when history is ignored or forgotten, it can be repeated..to be continued…

    • The reason why they do not want to know the history is that in intent, the policy of the English was exactly the same of Hitler in the USSR. The Germans went to the East in search of Lebensraum, or living space. The Slavic population were to be removed of the land and eliminated. The same was the policy of the English in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. There is a reason why the English never gave a single African a birth certificated. Some of you may have arrived from DRC to Zambia shortly before the British did, by the Tonga people of my father have been in Southern Province from between the 5th to the 10the century, according the archeological record. The English arrived and declared them non-citizens. To visit the towns, they were required to have passports (passes- situpa)– to be…

    • Those passports had to have visas endorsed in them saying where you could visit in the city, failure to which you would be arrested as the illegal immigrant you are. In the places where the policy was more advanced, Africans were already interned in concentration camps such as the native reserve areas of Zimbabwe, the Bantustans of South Africa, and pure concentration camps of the Kenya, 25 year old Elizabeth was visiting when in 1952, when her father kicked the bucket, and she had to return to England to take his throne. The English had a plan to repopulate Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe with 500 000 white men by 1980. That plan did not include Africans, but an Indian or Pakistan arriving in that country, could become a citizen after 13 months of residence. …


    • “The Queen”? Chief Monze does not have a queen? Chief Mukuni does not have a queen? Litunga does not have a queen? Chitimukulu, Mupezeni and other traditional rulers in Zambia do not have queens? There is “The Queen” in England? Your problem is that you have been brainwashed to worship that crusty and craven English had whose family and country did so much harm and damage to Africa, that you become offended when someone attacks her. The problem is you, not us. There is no African who has ever gone to England to take the land of the English, take their natural resources, deprive them of English citizenship and make them die in his wars. Elizabeth’s England did that, and for that reason may she rot in hell.

  4. Let’s also acknowledge we brutally killed each other as Africans based on tribe. Today we only see each other as brothers and sisters because we’re black and as enemies because of tribe or country of origin. We have a decision to make, keep blaming others for eternity and never move forward or consider how to get ourselves out of poverty. I for one would like us Africans to learn to acknowledge our own and others’ atrocities, remember history and move on to better ourselves. No thief will willingly return all your possessions because of feeling sorry for what he or she did. Even if they did, will you forget? Enough of all this history, we all know and can read about it ourselves. The Queen is gone, nothing we say or do will ever change history. Change comes from within and not the…

  5. History is History from the Tribal wars to the Arabs and Romans using slaves to build the Pyramids and Rome to the French, Portuguese, Germans, Dutch along with the British being in Africa.The Chinese have a strong hold in Zambia and other parts of Africa what’s being said to them with their poor humanitarian history. Don’t blame The Queen, Independence was given to a lot of countries who still rely on the British, The Commonwealth is to be treasured and history will not be forgotten it’s a part of our lives so is Geography, Maths and a whole lot of Education we need. There is only One God and we are all his servants.

    • History does not include African using European slaves to build anything for Africa. History does not include Africans enslaving Europeans in the name of any African queen or king. History does not include Africa invading Europe, killing Europeans by the tens of thousands, stealing their land, cattle and minerals in the name of any African king. History does not include Africans forcing Europeans to fight in Africans wars on behalf on any African queen or King.. All these things are true about about Elizabeth Windsor and her family. Secondly do not try to claim credit for our independence, we fought for it and people died at the hands of the English. The English did not help us. They looted our country and continue to loot us… to be continued

    • ,,, Everything we have in Zambia was created by us Zambians. The schools, the hospitals, the 50 universities. When the English left, our country was backward and almost 100% illiterate. We had to start from scratch, and the English did everything to frustrate our effort. Where they pretended to help, such as by sending a lecturer to teach at university, it was to make sure that education we learnt did not expose how evil they are, and how they are still looting our country. The English have never left. They simply relocated to their tax havens in Guernsey, Jersey, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman, that enclave withinin London, that is run by unregulated banks, called the City of London. The English are laundering trillions in illicit African wealth. …..

    • You are a typical English man engaged with us trying to obfuscate history, and promote the fiction that the English are not evil. Somehow, history is not just history, and therefore even in wars that do not concern us, although you forced us to fight in them on your behalf, you must erect statues in our country, listing every English soldier in our country who fought, and none of the far more numerous Zambians forced at gun point to do the actual shooting, lifting. You do not want your history to be forgotten, but you want to forget ours. NO!! You the English and your German cousins are not different from each other. Hitler said the Slavs in Eastern Europe were subhuman, you said the same thing about us. Hitler slaughtered the Slavs and tried to take away their land; you did the same…

  6. I didn’t know Cecil Rhodes was Elizabeth’s progeny. Or that she was several hundreds of years old, these new revelations are most welcome, I am now enlightened

    • Cecil Rhodes did what he did in the name of England. Cecil Rhodes was protected by England, and when his agents swindled Lobengula and other Africans, their fictitious contracts were take to England and held as proof that they had been given what they claimed. There is a reason why Litunga wears the uniform of an English navy admiral at Kuomboka. It is because when he signed away all Western Province, Southern Province, Central Province, Lusaka Province, Copperbelt and Northwestern Province, the English government and monarchy rewarded him not only with a small financial emolument, but an honorary commission in the English navy. The looting, the plunder, the dispossession were all done for Engand and its royal family.

  7. By the time the Queen ascended to the throne most African nations were looking at self rule which eventually with the full support of the Queen we got. Never did the Queen ever preside or wish for us Africans to be slaughtered. Many of us attained education thanks to the Queen’s love of the Commonwealth and it’s people, many of you who are in the UK as Zambians managed to be there because you are Commonwealth citizens and can even vote in the UK because of that very status. Do your research guys and don’t just bark like mindless dogs.

    • So your education is Lilly white? Do you know who, you really are? Learn to know who are exactly, don’t be blinded by western education… it is no superior to our African/native education

    • Stop speaking nonsense. She was Queen of Britain from 1952. The mau mau were to be killed by British forces until 1960. So you were her spiritual guide and you knew that she never wished for us Africans to be slaughtered? Its better to just shut up

    • The English did not support our freedom. We fought for it. The English queen did not support the freedom or independence in a single colony or country. The reason why we were able to be free is because the world had changed. The Soviet Union has a seat at the UN and from its inception, it took the uncompromising stance that no man could colonise another. The Soviet Union actively supported the same forces for freedom which had fought the English wars that raged for hundreds of years in South Africa, in Zimbabwe, Ghana etc etc. I blame the ignorance of all of you who are now spouting the notion that the English queen supported your freedom on the miseducation you got. The English made sure that they controlled the education of Zambia, to the extent that our exams had to be graded at…

  8. Condolences are in order for any human beings.
    unlike her predecessors through the settlers grabbed our resources to this day.
    Credit to Queen, she presided political independence of the continent despite some remaining sticky in Southern Africa.

    Well come back Doc CB. It always refreshing to read your thoughts-literary work.

    • Elizabeth did not preside over the independence of any African country. We fought for our independence. People died in order for Zambia to become free. Some of you fools know nothing about Chachacha; how the likes of Kaunda went to jail for 1 year because of fighting for independence. Elizabeth never raised a finger when Ian Smith declared UDI and spent 15 years killing Africans. Elizabeth was queen of England when English men killed 1000 at Chikumbi, and slaughtered countless others in incursions in to Southern Province, some of whose corpses I saw with my own eyes. Elizabeth never lifted a finger while the Boers killed 1.4 million Angolans to prevent South Africa and Namibia from being free. Elizabeth never lifted a finger while apartheid raged

    • Stupid fool, how can you copy and paste facts? Dr Banda and Malema are both saying the same truth. Only uneducated *****s discuss other people. Go and cut off that stupid hair from your head and stop trying to copy the fashion of white people, unless you are white yourself.


    • That did not and does not give them the right to enslave Zambians. What happened between them and the Romans is their damn business. It is really sad that you know, and exalt, their history but are ignorant of and deny your own. The English have transmitted their grievance against Roman occupation for 1600 years ago, and yet, you want to defend them against what they did to us as recently as 60 years ago; in fact, if you want to get analytical enough, even up to today since they are still looting our resource by tax evasion and money laundering.

  10. So you have nothing to say about HH and upnd today so you have decided to target a dead person. Pilgrim you can really be funny sometimes.

  11. Yes history is history. In thee past tribes foûght and brutally killed each other. The weaker ones were enslaved and sold to to foreigners like ptugues. And arabs . yes that was the pattern of life but people must think and live to the new life or age. The ngoni or nguni wit their king shaka were the most brutal group in the sub sahara. And people should understand that Canicius and malema are brothers to each other and are grandsons of shaka who killed millions of his fellow africans. So forgive canicius and malema for all the rubish the two have over the commonwealth queen The people fought lozis, bemba tonga are no longer but aken as frinds or tradition sousins.’Only *****s can continue worshippine the evis of the past. today we are talking of global village and not the concepts…

  12. The English did a number on their numb minds. The English ensured that the education of Zambians was zero when they were in power. As soon as Kaunda came to power and embarked on a massive and expensive campaign to educate the country, they made sure to control that education. As you know, the English sent people to design our curriculum. For many years, including when I went to school, our exams we set and graded in England. They made sure that the history we learned did not hold them to account for all the evil they did. That is why you have fools here defending them and blaming the freedom fighters.

    • So why not complain directly to the British Embassy in Lusaka instead of complaining about a dead person? Could it be that you are too much of a coward to face living people

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