ICTAZ warns general public against fraudsters


The Information and Communications Technology Association of Zambia (ICTAZ) has warned the public to be cautious of fraudsters purporting to be agents for ICTAZ.

ICTAZ president Clement Sinyangwe says it is unfortunate that some criminal elements are taking advantage of the regulation of Information and Communications Technology ( ICT ) professionals to dupe unsuspecting persons into paying an ‘agent fee’ for ICTAZ membership.

“Most ICT professionals know that they must subscribe to ICTAZ and unfortunately we are receiving reports that some criminal elements are presenting themselves as ICTAZ agents and demanding payment to facilitate the process,” Mr. Sinyangwe said.

Mr. Sinyangwe has advised that the process of ICTAZ membership is done securely online and allows for membership subscription to be paid to an ICTAZ bank account or via mobile money by any individual who has access to the internet.

He added that even the ICTAZ student chapters were able to facilitate the process of students becoming ICTAZ members adding that this is done at no charge.

He noted that in a bid to promote innovative, responsible and reputable ICT professionals, it is envisioned that all IT practitioners, IT firms and IT-related service providers will adhere to the provisions of the ICTAZ Act No.7 of 2018.

The ICT Association of Zambia is legally mandated to undertake regulation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) profession and promotion of professional conduct in the ICT sector.


  1. This is a very important association whose mandate and role should be promoted widely. Technology is meant to be an enabler but it is sad and unfortunate to see the opposite. i have always looked for such a platform that will communicate the positive and beneficial side of ICT

    • Man this used to be called Computer Society of Zambia(CSZ) before it became an act of parliament. The association has been around since 2000’s.

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