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HH Challenged to State if He wants to Change the Law on Homosexuality in Zambia


By Chishala Kateka

The continued silence of President Hakainde Hichilema and his Ministers on the recently held LGBTQ event in Lusaka is a serious betrayal of our constitution’s provisions.

The LGBTQ issue has been very topical recently, brought to the fore by the holding of the recently held Lusaka July ‘fashion’ event. The event which had a very high presence of people from the LGBTQ community was characterized by almost nude females while most of the males, the men (?)folk projected themselves as transgender-ites by dressing and making themselves up as women!

It is very cardinal that we discuss this issue as a nation. We as a people are beset with all manner of problems and can not continue to ‘mention’ and then skirt around some of these issues that can in fact be dealt with decisively. Let us face and deal with this issue as a people and move on to other pressing problems facing this nation.
The arguments both for and against the blatant promotion of homosexuality and Gay rights have been wide and varied. Surprisingly, politicians (ruling or opposition), our traditional leaders, NGOs and to a certain extent, the Church, have not spoken adequately strongly nor loudly, against this open display of what our constitution terms “Unnatural sexual orientation”.

Having listened to the various arguments, it is quite clear that Zambians are not in agreement with the whole LGBTQ agenda, and understandably so, because it is not only against our constitution, but is also against our cultural and religious beliefs as a Christian nation. Those pushing this agenda should be aware that as a nation, we have not reached the point where we should try and force the issue of LGBTQ upon our society. To try and force this upon the general populace is a form of violation – violating the general citizenry that is.

We believe this is yet another situation where the UPND government is putting the wishes of the international community before the wishes of Zambians. LGBTQ is taboo in our culture and it is very important for us to respect that.

In fact, we’d like to take this opportunity to advise the UPND Government to tone down on impressing the international community at the expense of Zambians and our country.
We at the New Heritage Party are speaking loudly about this and remind the UPND Government that in fact, it has a constitutional duty to defend our constitution.

Our constitution is very categorical on LGBTQ issues and the UPND Government should respect that. They cannot turn a blind eye to the happenings at Lusaka July, which the promoters clearly stated happened with the blessings of Government. The UPND Government should also not hide behind the police whilst arresting members of the public that stand up to protest this affront to our society. LGBTQ is not acceptable in our society.

The New Heritage Party challenges the UPND Government that if they want to legalize homosexuality, let them come out, say so and take a bill to Parliament in order to enact appropriate legislature.

To all Zambians – you can not afford to stay quiet!! Speak out please. Traditional Leaders, the Church, parents, speak out! Our nation is under attack.
Our nation may benefit (or may have benefitted) financially from those pushing this agenda, but what will be the point of a well funded but degenerate society?
Let us defend our heritage.


  1. According to our President these are petty issues, didn’t to hear him say that? You’re knocking on a closed door. The UPND is a homo party

  2. Indeed………..

    The laws of zambia are clear regarding homosexuality…………

    As the president says , laws are there , while the country has more pressing needs to deal with…………

    Madam Kateka, ……… you always seem dwelling on issues that have no bearing to the pressing needs the country is facing……….

  3. The President has more impotent things to deal with.
    is hating on gay people going to alleviate poverty and Zambia’s huge debt.
    Politicians like this woman should telling the President he should be preaching hatred.

  4. We have many peeping Toms in Zambia. Unclean minds preoccupied with what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms.

    What child in Zambia is going to have food because we arrested this or that gay person? What pothole will be mended because such a person has been removed from the street because of perceived moral failings?

    We don’t have the luxury to make problems of the Christian Right in the west become a full time pre-occupation.

    What does Chishala Kateka know about block chain technology?
    What does Chishala Kateka know about the major hurdles slowing down development of renewable energy?
    etc, etc

    Such things should be our focus. Not distractions that are nothing but emotional subjects.

  5. Has it occurred to people that the rise in gay casesmay be due to the vigilance of the police now? Homosexuality in Zambia is not new. Girls and boys at boarding schools did it. Some of these people who are talking loudest were themselves participants. They are trying to shield themselves from the gay and lesbian feelings they have.

  6. What Zambians should do first, is ask the UPND government to publicly make available the terms and conditions of the IMF deal.

    Therein lies a controversial clause. “respect of people’s right to choose their sexual orientation” and this UPND government signed up to that…

    Praise singers, ati this IMF is different, the IMF has changed…

    Malabishi bati these Western institutions are interlinked with HOMOS RIGHTS.

    I would rather have the church and Chinese loans/investments than this IMF malabishi.

  7. Well said, ba Chishala Kateka. HH and his UPND are passively endorsing this LGBTQ agenda. They’ve been caught in a trap, by their begging for funding from the West. Golden opportunity for the Westerners, as they tie aid or loans to the decadent Gay agenda. UPND need to disclose the conditions in the IMF loan. Moral sellouts, HH and his UPND are. They’re betraying this Christian country’s morality. We reject the gay agenda in our country.

  8. Has a bill been introduced in parliament? If yes, lobby against it. If no, deal with the reported incidents according to your constitution. Do not waste our time playing politics.

  9. Leviticus 18 and 20
    “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Chapter 18 verse 22. “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” SINCE ZAMBIA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION THE LAWS OF OUR CREATOR GOD OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN SET IT CLEAR. no two ways about it been gay or homo, i call them batty bwoys is unclean and a sin.

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