Schools urged revive social clubs and sports discipline activities.


Government has advised school managements across the country to ensure that they revive social clubs and sports discipline activities.

Education permanent secretary Joel Kamoko says as the COVID- 19 pandemic is now over, schools should now return to their usual routine and resuscitate social clubs such as Girl Guide, and scout, among others.

He explains that social clubs are important in educating a child as they help shape up the pupil as well as acquire different life-skills that will help them become meaningful citizens in adulthood.

ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary said this today when he featured on ZNBC TV1 live program called Keeping Girls in School Initiative program which is funded by the World Bank and is so far being implemented in 49 districts across the country.

“ You know when you are young you do need extracurricular activities so that they acquire soft skills such as assertiveness, self-esteem and the ability to survive and they will begin to learn that if you have the skills you are able to cope up with any pressure, “ Mr Kamoko said.

Mr Kamoko added that teachers should not just make pupils’ memories’ every day, but that they should activate social clubs adding that talents are also being discovered from such activities.

Values and morals are being shared through such gatherings, emphasised the Permanent Secretary adding that the government will make sure that these are implemented so that children as they grow they should become self-reliant.