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Zambian chiefdoms urged to emulate UK monarch succession plan


The Mansa Freedom Fighters Association has urged traditional leaders in Zambia to emulate the United Kingdom (UK) monarchy’s way of ascension to the throne.

Association Chairperson, Cyprian Mulonda told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Mansa today that traditional leaders in the country can learn from the UK system and plan their succession to avoid wrangles.

Mr. Mulonda observed that under the UK system, one’s succession to the throne is already known from birth as has been witnessed following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been succeeded by Prince Charles III.

He advised royal families against fighting for succession, citing an example of Luapula Province where a few chiefdoms have been vacant for a long time as a result alleged succession wrangles.

“I urge all African Kingdoms, especially here in Zambia, to emulate the UK Monarch succession plan to the throne. As you can see there is no confusion or any kind of wrangle as to who should be the next monarch,” he said.

He noted that development can only take place where everyone is willing to work hard and follow the rule of the land.

Three chiefdoms in Luapula province currently have no chiefs because of  succession wrangles.

The three chiefdoms include Milambo of the Ushi people in Mansa district, which has been vacant since 2016, Mwenda of the Chishinga people in Chipili district and chief Nshimba of the Shila people on Kilwa Island in Nchelenge district.


  1. Who is this Mulonda who doesn’t know his own traditions?
    Why should Africans imitate every little act from their colonial masters? You imitate their food, their dress, their music, their accents, their politics, their everything, what have you come to do on earth?
    In many African monarchs people know from birth who is supposed to be the heir to the throne. In any case why do you want to copy a dying custom? Who wants to be ruled by a monarch in this day and age?
    Maiko Zulu contact me I can write you a song about this, yeah about Africans dying to be copycats.

  2. You have to look at the Lozi succession system. A council meets and looks at all the qualifying heirs; then looks at things like education, statesmanship and the line of thrown. EG if the past Litunga was a Yeta, then the next should Imwiko, then Mwanawina, then Mbikusita.

    • So many idyots here… but that’s what that fuul in Luapula is saying is what you are telling about those lazy Lozi. How can men in female attire think…

    • You missed the critics’ point. Why do you want to emulate bazungu and never yourselves? If you read Steve Biko he expounds that its because the whites have brainwashed you into hating everything black so you cant copy from Lozis or Ngonis or Luos but only from people thousands of miles away in Britain. Why?

  3. Ngumbo. He is the one who has missed the point…in that our traditions are completely different from that of English. For them the chiefdom solely belongs to the members of the immediate family where as ours it’s owned by the entire clan with exception of a few tribes.

  4. The succession of the the Mwenda and Milambo chiefdom is by nephews and the reasons are that 1) They’re matrilineal
    2) Only a woman’s child can be confirmed as hers.
    So should we change our traditions to be like the English? Why can’t the English copy from us?

  5. Why would the English copy from us? our system is broke not theirs . not having a chief for 7 years means the system is not working, if fact in those 7 years the chiefdom has managed without a chief so maybe better to not have one at all.

  6. @nostradamus What has a stepfather got to do with this you scatterbrain?
    Anyone can clearly see who is an ***** here. Because you have never been to school you cant see that I deliberately mentioned the Baganda-in East-Central Africa, and the Ashanti in West Africa to make the point that there are IN AFRICA notable kingdoms. These are fellow African kingdoms your likes and Mulonda’s ilk want to ignore by trying to copy Europeans. Because you have a mind the size of a pigeon’s you cant see that I have mentioned the Lozi kingdom from my homeland.

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