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Increased number of youths abusing alcohol, drugs irks civic leader


A Civic leader in Zimba district, Southern Province has expressed concern at the increased number of youths abusing alcohol and drugs in his area.

UPND Kanyanga Ward Councillor Lweendo Syabasimbi says the vice has the potential to lead to dysfunctional homes and society if left unchecked.

Mr. Syabasimbi bemoaned that if the abuse is not curbed, it will negatively affect Zimba district in particular and the country’s productivity as a whole.

The Civic leader told ZANIS in an interview today that he would table this concern to the full Zimba Town Council meeting so that local authority is made aware of the vice.

“Alcohol and substance abuse remains a serious concern in my Ward. If left unchecked, it can lead to dysfunctional homes and society. Furthermore, productivity in the nation suffers,” Mr. Syabasimbi said.

He called for vigorous sensitization meetings, trainings and rehabilitation programmes across the district.

“To address this problem, government, together with various partners, should be implementing sensitisation, training and rehabilitation programmes across Zimba district,” the Councilor said.

According to Mr. Syabasimbi local brewed beer locally known as ‘Kachasu’ is rampantly consumed by young people in his area.

He said bars and taverns open very early around 06-00 hours in the morning and close to about midnight thereby youths are allegedly not productive at all.

“Youths don’t have time to make themselves busy but just have time drinking beer and smoking cigarettes,” Mr. Syabasimbi stated.

The Kanyanga Civic leader however assured the young people that the new dawn government of President Hakainde Hichilema has put in place ambitious empowerment programmes such as Constituency Development Funds among others where they could apply and contribute to building Zambia’s economy.

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