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Government urged to include Mporokoso-Kaputa road in the 2023 national budget.


Some motorists in Nsama district have asked the government to consider including the Mporokoso-Kaputa road in the 2023 national budget.

One of the motorists, James Mulenga, said government should consider budgeting for the road to lessen the challenges transporters face accessing Nsama and Kaputa Towns.

Mr. Mulenga said the people of Nsama and Kaputa districts are expecting that government would budget for the tarring of the road.

In an interview with ZANIS in Kasama on Tuesday, day. Mr. Mulenga said he expects the new dawn government’s second budget to cater for most of the campaign promises which among them includes the upgrading of the road from gravel to bituminous standard.

“We in the transport sector are excited as and looking forward to the inclusion of the tarring of the Mporokoso/Kaputa via Nsama road in next year’s budget, he said.

The transport sector has for many years faced different challenges among them tear and wear, long travelling hours and accidents due to the bad state of the road especially during the rainy season.

His counterpart, Davison Lukwesa said his expectation is to see the opening of the area through the construction of a better road.

“The move will not only open the area to new investments especially in tourism and agriculture sectors but also boost the economic status of the two districts. “Mr. Lukwesa noted”.

He said the tarring of the long awaited road would also help to attract would be investors to set up industries such as rice mills and refrigeration in the two areas resulting in job creation.

Government is this Friday expected to announce its second national budget since assuming office in 2021.

Meanwhile, The stalled works on selected township roads in Chinsali Town, in Muchinga Province have resumed.

The development has elated residents who have expressed happiness over the matter.

Some of the residents in separate interviews on Tuesday, said that the two roads under construction were in a deplorable state for years now.

One of the residents Agness Banda thanked the new dawn government for working on the roads.

Ms. Banda said like other residents that have welcomed the development , she too is grateful to government for the “ miracle “ never imagined will happen in the area.

” We used to find it difficult to gain access to our yards as vehicles including taxis had stopped using this road,” she said.

She lamented that taxi fees to their area were hiked because of the road being in a dilapidated condition.

Another resident Exildah Chungu explained that her house used to be flooding during the rainy season, due to bad roads.

Ms. Chungu added that as a result some portion of her house like the veranda developed some cracks.

“Even my garden was always affected when I plant some crops they would be washed away due rainy water from the impassable road flooding my yard, “ she said.

The three selected roads in rural and FTC areas being worked on are part of the 29.5 kilometer Chinsali township roads.


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