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Motorbike riders kill suspected thief in Nakonde


An unidentified man has been beaten to death in Mwanga village of Nakonde district in Muchinga province.

Muchinga Police Deputy Commanding Officer, Lucky Munkondya, said the deceased was allegedly killed by a group of motorbike riders from Nakonde town who accused him of stealing a motorbike.

Ms. Munkondya, who confirmed the incident to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Nakonde today, stated that the incident happened on September 29, 2022 around 16:00 hours near Mwanga primary school.

“A group of people believed to be Nakonde residents went with motorbikes in the village and got the now deceased from where he was hiding and started beating him,” she said.

She said it is believed that the victim fled to Mwanga village to seek refuge after allegedly stealing a motorbike.
Ms. Munkondya disclosed that the offenders used sticks, iron bars and stones in the act.

“After catching him, the mob took the now deceased away and along the road leading to Mwanga primary school. They started beating him with sticks, iron bars and stones until he died. Thereafter they jumped onto their motorcycles and rodaway,” she said.

She added that the matter was later reported to Nakonde Police Station by Matthews Chansa, a teacher at Mwanga primary school.

Ms. Munkondya revealed that the police officers who visited the scene found the body lying facing down with several body injuries and tied hands.

She said the body has since been deposited at Nakonde district hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem and identification while investigations are underway.

“The docket has since been opened and no arrests have been made yet. Efforts are being made to bring the culprits to book, she said.


  1. People in govts who are stolen millions from these people like Chitotela, Dr Chilufya, Bowman etc get hugs from these people but this poor motorbike thief gets instant mob justice dished out to him on the spot. The rich thieves even laugh in your faces.

  2. Snuffing out human life as retribution for stealing a piece of equipment, is cruelty of the worst kind. The person has not learnt a lesson, he’s dead – that’s final. This is not good. It’s the embodiment of law and order gone wrong! People feeling entitled to act outside the law, must present a worry for all.

  3. These Mobsters need to be found and arrested, before many more people die at their hands. They’re thugs who disregard the law and think they can kill people as they wish. They should’ve handed the bike thief to the police instead of taking matters into their own hands. Find this lynch mob and cage them, before they snuff out another life. Barbarians.

  4. Those are monsters. They need to be arrested and sentenced to death. If the government fails, I will hunt them down with my AK-47 and kill them

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