Copperbelt-based senior clergy Criticise Churches Protesting against homosexuality and the promotion of LGBTQ rights

What are the reasons for the dramatic decline in anti-gay bias in the United States? Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Copperbelt-based senior clergy Bishop Joseph Kazhila has criticized some sections of the Church that are protesting against homosexuality and the promotion of LGBTQ rights. The recently held fashion festival called Lusaka-July has sparked debate on homosexuality in Zambia.

Bishop Kazhila, the Life Gospel Fellowship International General Overseer, said issues of homosexuality in Zambia have not reached a stage where also the Church can join some politicians in protesting against the practice.

The ZNBC Board Member said the best way the Church can do is to seek the face of God through prayers for His direction and guidance. He said the Church knows very well that LGBTQ issues are first spiritual in nature before becoming moral and physical.

Bishop Kazhila said the LGBTQ battle need heightened prayers and preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ and not protests.

“Church Protests against LGBTQ? Just wondering if issues have real come to that stage where also the Church can join some politicians in protesting against LGBTQ!I thought the best we should do is first to seek the face of the almighty God through prayers for His direction and guidance.A bible vested Church knows very well that LGBTQ issues are first spiritual in nature before becoming moral and physical, for behind them are evil spirits which entice humans to be stubborn and rebellious against God and his ordained nature.Remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities etc.To win this LGBTQ battle we need heightened prayers and preaching the true gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and not protests,” Bishop Kazhila said.

Bishop Kazhila questioned why sections of the Church have resorted to protests against homosexuality.

‘What is therefore causing some sections of the Church to resort to protests?Truth be told! There could probably some sections which in the past decade or so depended and prospered on government handouts and hence are now failing to adapt to the “no more” handouts in the Bally led administration.So that failure to adapt has incensed some Church leadership to resort to misleading, inciting and driving unsuspecting Church members and the public into believing that the HH led government is satanic hence hidenly promoting LGBTQ,” he said.

Bishop Kazhila added that President Hakainde Hichilema and the New Dawn should not be accused of being unconcerned over the issues of homosexuality.

He said the Government does not support homosexuality.

“God and not humans knows our hearts. This government like the past one, as echoed by both former republican president Mr. Edgar C Lungu and the current sitting republican president Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, on several occasions emphatically stated their opposition to LGBTQ.Is LGBTQ practiced at state house or police stations for anyone to allege that they are not proactive? I thought LGBTQ activities are done in our communities where we live. To a large extent it’s community (Church included) which fairly knows those weird characters involved in LGBTQ yet none or few make reports to police for fear or stigma.Do we expect them to be going around in our homes asking if we knew peoples involved in LGBTQ so that they arrest them?My view is that the only time Church should join in protesting is when government takes a position that its now supporting LGBTQ..then we shall all rise to resist it,” Bishop Kazhila said.

He said away from homosexuality Churches should protest against corruption, gassing, witchcraft, devil worship, regionalism and other vices.

“Meanwhile suffice to mention that every government has a peculiar way it governs. The era of handouts to Churches and communities, in as much as they benefitted some people and organisations including some Churches, are possibly forever gone.Handouts to some extent created acrimony and divided the Church for only a few benefitted.Its now time for work and work and work in order to eat. We are all being taught how to catch fish as opposed to being given fish by some benefactors.So Churches protesting may not be up to anything good or godly.Why not also protest against corruption, gassing, witchcraft, devil worship, ethinism, regionalism and other vices?
We should instead be praying and encouraging for the peace, reconciliation and unity of our nation so that it prospers.Zambia shall surely proper as we unite in God for a one Zambia- One Nation,” Bishop Kazhila said.

The Catholic Church has in the recent past spoken against homosexuality in Zambia and the rising cases of sodomy.

Lusaka Archbishop Alick Banda recently released a pastoral statement in which he noted increased promotion of gay rights and rising cases of sodomy in zambia in the last one year.

Archbishop Banda said President Hakainde Hichilema and the law enforcement agencies seem to be paying a blind eye to the rising incidents related to homosexuality in Zambia.

The Lusaka Archbishop said homosexuality and promotion of gay rights is slowly taking root in the Zambian society, albeit complacency from the state and the law enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) had repeated that acts of homosexuality are contrary to the natural law and under no circumstances can they be approved.

ZCCB Secretary General Fr. Francis Mukosa last week issued a statement saying tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered as they close the sexual act to the gift of life and do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarily.

Fr. Mukosa said in this regard, the Church is called to provide appropriate assistance and accompaniment to all her erring children, including those with homosexual tendencies, so that they may learn to do what is right before God and men.

Howerve, Church of God Bishop John Mambo opposed suggestions that President Hakainde Hichilema and the law enforcement agencies seem to be paying a blind eye to the rising incidents related to homosexuality in Zambia.


  1. We see it, we will protest, why wait till it reaches the roof? Bottom line we don’t want it to be seen as normal by our young ones who might take it as fashion. Nip it in its bud.

    • You are talking nonsense. The “church” is the reason for the introduction of homosexuality into Africa. Now, Lebanese have come in and made the problem worse. If the Church is not going to fight against social ills, what is it there for?

  2. Some bishop if you have been given ka brown shut up, by the way prayer is accompanied by action therefore when we pray the next thing is protest get used to that.

  3. This LGBTQ evil must be resisted on all fronts. Prayer, protests are all part of those efforts. It is a very distractive vice

  4. When Mobutu decided to take a 2nd wife, the wedding ceremony was graced by a Catholic Bishop against the Church’s teaching on polygamy. So the church, especially the Pentecost, is fraud that tries to impose some doctrines whenever it suits it. UNPD subscribes to the promoters of this vice, it’s the reason we’ve seen an upsurge in open manifests like ndevu pa ndevu that we saw. They’re receptive to the practice, just like Kazhila is receptive to the UPND. He’ll twist the scripture to suit HH because he’s been drawn closer through these appointments just like John Mambo. When Govt becomes receptive to thieves people will protest, similarly, UPND is receptive to this vice so people have a right to protest. Instead of pretending the UPND can move and amend the Law

    • This is a very compromised bishop. Do you have to wait for someone to die for you to give him medicine? Do you wait for your daughter to get pregnant for you to warn her of the dangers of sex.

  5. With all due respect, I disagree with the Bishop. . You don’t wait until the tide is up to your neck before thinking about swimming out to safety. The homosexual moral decadence from the West is a rising tide that needs to be dealt with from inception. Nip it in the bud. So yes the church has to protest from the start. Pray and protest is the effective strategy. That’s being preemptive, and proactive instead of being reactive. So let the church protest and do not hinder.


    • This is European culture, not human rights. The freeing of Africans from European tyranny was the fight for human rights. This fight to entrench the desires of European homosexuals has nothing to do with human rights. No European homosexual participated in the freeing of Southern Africa. Homosexuality has been the way of Europeans going back way before Alexander who was a bisexual was born, more than 300 years before Jesus. There is nothing new or good about the practise. It is backward and deleterious. These Europeans fight our natural instinct to be polygamous and try to substitute it with man marrying man.

  7. sitting on ZNBC baord another bootlicker who wants to keep his job. the easterners say konza manzi yakali mungokola you don’t wait till the water level is at roof top. same times when you don’t have anything to just stay zeee kulibe azakuonelamo

  8. KKKKKKK MAN OF God DONT compromise with the word of God this is very embarrasing to hear this from the Bishop.What kind of Bishops do we have no wonder people go to other countries for help from clergy men .So Dont entertain sin man of God, sin is sin please dont misled people.

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