Kamwala Ward 5 Councillor Mainda Simataa has expressed shock over the ordeals that happened to the 13 girls


Kamwala Ward 5 Councillor Mainda Simataa has expressed shock over the ordeals that happened to the 13 girls who were kidnapped, describing it as sad and unfortunate.

Mr Simataa noted that the kidnapping of the girls is something that has been going on for quite some time with the oldest victim being Pamela Chisumpe and Faith Miluti as their cases were the first to be reported to the Police and it struck the nation.

“Faith Miluti is the mother to the child who was hit on the head and left for dead in the street,” he said

Mr Simataa said that according to information availed by the victims, two people were killed, a young man and another young lady and it is believed that the two were buried at the same site where the 13 girls were found.

“The work for the Zambia Police is not yet done as we would want to know as to whether the bodies were buried at the same house or somewhere else,” he noted

Mr Simataa noted with sadness how the girls where repeatedly raped by the alleged kidnappers, in one of the houses in the yard which had all the windows sealed.

“Upon entering in the house, the first thing I saw where blood stains but not the kind of stains that indicate that someone was being hit and tortured but it was the kind of blood stains that portray sexual abuse,” he said

He added that a coffin with a red box inside and something that looked like a shrine and a laptop were found in the house, an indication that the kidnapped girls were being used for rituals by their alleged abductors.

Mr Simataa explained that the one of the victims managed to break free and escaped from the house where there were being held captive, after three of the alleged kidnappers left the house leaving one on guard, and she seeked help from the neighbours, hence being helped by a young man named Roby Chitambo with his friends.

Mr Simataa mentioned that the young man named Roby who helped with rescuing the girls from the house of their alleged abductors should be recognized and honor for his bravery because if it wasn’t for him, the girls wouldn’t have been rescued and it wasn’t going to be known that Pamela Chisupe and 12 other girls exists.

He added that the fortitude and strength which Roby exhibited warrants him to be awarded the next time President Hakainde Hichilema will be awarding heroes especially during the upcoming Independence Day.

“I think Roby above all others deserves this award,” he said

Mr Simataa mentioned that honoring Roby is not to say that the Zambia Police didn’t conduct their duty because for a very long the Police have been working undercover as they didn’t not share much on what they were doing for good reasons.

Mr Simataa stated that according to Roby, the alleged kidnappers on several occasions would go to the nearby shop to buy condoms and sanitary pads and it was surprising as to why men were the ones buying these things all the time which are used by women.

He explained that the Zambia Police also conducted a search in the same area and street where the kidnapped girls were found and there were very close to the house where the girls were being held captive but they missed the house by two to three from the place they were conducting the search from, some of the residents in the area where even questioned but after not getting the information they wanted they left.

Mr Simataa said that the Zambia Police working under very difficult circumstances have done their level best to keep on searching for the missing girls as reports kept on reaching them.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the suspected abductors who were on the run, Matthews Sikaonga and James Bwalya have been arrested in Kaoma Western Province as they wanted to cross into Angola, according to a video that has gone viral on various social media platforms.

One of the suspected abductors after being caught apologized to the family of the kidnapped girls for abducting and killing their relatives stating that the only thing that they wanted was money, as the money which they were supposed to get was a lot of money and they planned on leaving the country using the same money.

“With all due respect to the Inspector General of Police, but the Police didn’t do anything, it’s not an insult but they failed to catch us, the only way they have managed to catch us is because we left home and the girls screamed and the neighbours found out, we are kindly asking if you can sentence us to many years as you can and when we come out, please find something for us to do,” he said

“The only reason the Police have managed to catch us is because our faces have gone viral,” he said

“We were just the two of us in this act and the person arrested in Lusaka is innocent as he was just the landlord,” he added



  2. Robby is an automatic recipient at the investiture ceremony this month during Independence. For his bravery, that must be the gallant eagle

  3. Poorly written story as usual. Don’t just throw words at us. Narrate. Narrate either logically or chronologically. or tell the story rationally.
    “Faith Miluti is the mother to the child who was hit on the head and left for dead in the street,” he said
    Where, when, what street? This poor reporting reflects on all professionals in Zambia. Poor police, poor teachers, poor politicians


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