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Macron invites President Hichilema to France


French President, Emmanuel Macron has invited President Hakainde Hichilema to visit France in early 2023 in order for the two countries to strengthen their long standing bilateral relations.

And visiting French Minister of State for Development Francophone and International Partnership, Chrysoula Zacharopoulou has congratulated Zambia for managing to secure an International Monetary Fund (IMF) credit facility.

Dr Zacharopoulou was speaking at State House in Lusaka today, when she delivered a letter containing a special message from President Macron when she paid a courtesy call on President Hichilema.

She explained that France as the deputy Chairperson for the committee on the common framework for Zambia’s debt restructuring will continue to support all the efforts that Zambia is undertaking to successfully manage its debt.

“We wish to congratulate you on the excellent outcome of the approval of the IMF credit facilitation, and as France as part of the common framework committee will continue to support you going forward,” she said.

She also noted that while in Zambia, she has managed to meet the Ministers of Commerce, Trade and Industry, and Green Economy and Environment and a number of issues on how best the two countries can work together in improving the different sectors of economy were discussed.

Dr Zacharopoulou cited collaboration in forestry restoration, energy and trade and investment as some of the topics that have been covered.

She said to this effect France will make available loans that can be accessed by Zambians in these sectors, adding that the two Ministers have since been invited to visit France by the end of the year to further engage with French business persons.

She noted that her country is planning on organizing an investment and trade summit, which Zambia can take advantage of and explore its further investment opportunity within the French economy.

And President Hichilema has held the strong bilateral relations that Zambia and France have continued to enjoy as evidenced with an active role that France played to help Zambia secure an IMF bailout package.

President Hichilema explained that France, China and South Africa are an important part of Zambia’s debt restructuring process by virtue of them being key members of the committee of common framework on debt restructuring programme.

“We are happy that France supported us towards our debt resolution, it is extreme important for us to successfully manage to get a credit facility from IMF for our debt which will help us better the lives of our people,”

He explained that Zambia has embarked on a robust economic transformation agenda as enshrined in its Eight National Development Plan which is about building a resilient economy that supports growth.

He pointed out that to achieve this, Zambia is working with different stakeholders, including countries like France in order to grow its trade, investment and Foreign Indirect Investments.

President Hichilema further informed the French delegation that Zambia is committed to upholding the rule of law and respect for human rights.


  1. Very patronizing these colonisers. Monga ni garden boy wake.
    “Come inside and eat with us cos you can be promoted to house cook or even butler.
    Don’t go there HH. Ask him to come to Lusaka

    • That’s styupid, fcvk France, we don’t even have a football player in France. why can’t he go to Zambia?
      This is farming season, you can’t be disturbing a busy president.

    • Their ancestors did the homework see?
      So quit complaining, suck it up and start working to reverse the status for your descendants

    • The French are crude in the manner they deal with African leaders. This isn’t an invitation. HH has been summoned to receive instructions on some matters. He’ll go to France whether we like it or not

  2. He has spotted his chola boy. He can smell a muzungu anikonde type of black man from miles away. He knows he can be easily used to do his dirty colonial work for him. Look at what France is doing in Central and North Africa.

  3. This evil man Macron knows who to invite..they have been observing him he is the right candidate unfortunately and they are happy …he wouldnt invite the likes of Ghanan President Nana Akufo-Addo after he delivered an inspired lecture in 2020 to a stunned Macron in public on the history of migration, sustainability, self-sufficiency and Africa’s place in the world.

  4. Hey HH don’t go. Anyway since you won’t listen to me over Master Macron and the enticing presidential jet trip take a look at this:
    14 African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence!
    France has the first right to buy any natural resources found in its african excolonies.
    The first black country to gain independence was Haiti from France in 1804. The French then demanded for compensation for loss of revenue from slavery.
    The French government finally acknowledged the payment of 90 million francs in 1880 and over a period of about seventy years, Haiti paid 112 million francs to France, about US$560 million in 2022.
    We suspect you’re mentally colonised. If you go you will confirm these suspicions

  5. To do what in France imwe sure. Why always being invited? Why can’t we also invite President chakuti from Europe…

    France is a segregated country – please HH invite those black ghettos in the outskirts of Paris, and see how a person of colour is treated in France… and you are busy doing muzungu anikonde while fellow Africans rot in perpetual poverty ?

    Malabishi bati

  6. Oh no! please the French are Thieves that just know how to rape Africa. They are basically a broke country with African resources. A visit will be a slap in the face. look at every country they colonised. Total chaos, murder and wars to date. These are the worst of white skinned mammals on the planet. pls don’t go

    • There have been more coup d’etats in ex French colonies than anywhere. It tells you who orchestrates them. Ask Rwanda who was behind its last coup

  7. One who needs help knocks on the door, not the other way round. Let him come over . Another country so dependent on Africa’s resources n depriving its pple. Bally please bakanile,nibo pusa maningi bamambala abo. Osayenda Boss.

  8. mukamba mwaka the trip is on that is the many reason they west keep chaining AFRICANS in nkongole so that when they say dance is to dance weather the music is playing or not, since they guy is the one who wants to meet the other guy why cant he came over since his country is financially stable and zamias economy is not well to be wasting money on air tickets.

  9. But ba Pulezidenti bathu nabo!
    “Thank you for helping us get more nkongole” he tells France.
    Thank you for extending the yoke of financial enslavement !
    She congratulated Zambia for managing to secure an International Monetary Fund (IMF) credit facility. Ati welcome to the Nkongole club which includes 14 francophone afro countries

  10. Modern diplomacy prompts States with opposing ideologies to interact as dictated by norms of World Trade. Let HH accept Macron’s invitation to visit France, BUT keep/shelve his national needs under his sleeves. History has taught African leaders that the French instituted “OPERATION PERSIL” as a 1959 covert operation aimed at destabilising Sekou Toure’s post-independence Guineae. They dismantled vital infrastructures to punish Guineae. UK’s pull-out of the European Union is forcing France and other states to scramble for trade in Africa. But good Macron’s Presidency will end soon. The French behaviour in Rwanda prompted Kagame to pull out of the Franco community to join the British Commonwealth of Nations. In this regard HH’s French visit can merely open avenues for Zambia’s export of its…

  11. In this regard HH’s French visit can merely open avenues for Zambia’s export of its agricultural products to France– FULL STOP. Patriotic Zambians must assess the psychology of the French people and their attitudes to the welfare of Africans.

  12. Zambia’s friendly States have built TAZARA, built the Lusaka-Mongu Rd and a bridge across the Zambezi River, built the Tuta road across the Luapula River. Japan built a modern bridge at Chirundu with a pledge to fund the building of the Luangwa Bridge. India has modernised road systems in Lusaka. Other states can show-case their technological expertise to work with Zambians to build a rail line from Chipata to Serenje; build a bridge across Luapula R. near Mambilima; construct power stations on the Batoka Gorge, on Luapula R. and on Kalunwishi R. These are developments that auger well for the economy of Zambia and the SADC region.

    • You make it look like these “friendly” countries donated these infrastructure to us. Zambia had to pay and is still paying for Kazungula bridge, Tuta, Tazara, Tazama etc. We have to build the next infrastructure.
      As for Sekou Toure he was the sole african rebel against French neo-colonisation. He refused the arrangement where excolonies were forced to use the French franc and make a deposit with the french central bank.
      He told them he had rather live in poverty than to accept living in what imperialist France was touting as French community’ riches.

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