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PR GIRL MEDIA successfully hosts the 6th annual Beerville-Oktoberfest


PR Girl

Zambia’s trendy Lifestyle PR Agency, PR Girl Media hosted the Beerville-Oktoberfest on Saturday, 1 October 2022 at the Chita Lodge Gardens in Lusaka for the 6th consecutive year since 2017. The event was supported by Castle Lite under Zambian Breweries and Fruiticana, Vatra, Brothers of Big Tree Beverages Ltd among other brands. PR Girl Media has confirmed that the 2022 edition of the event was a success with over 3,000 people in attendance to experience the event that is presented as a beer garden.

When the Beerville -Oktoberfest was introduced in 2017, it was a solution for festival enthusiasts who prefer events that are conveniently located within Lusaka’s CBD and ever since, Chita Lodge Gardens has proven to be a personal favourite to many event goers in Lusaka. “Beerville feels like a backyard braii with a thousand people, the event has grown into a much-loved brand by Zambians and we are proud to have built an enjoyable environment where people feel comfortable to spend their time”, said Monde and Chishimba Nyambe, Managing Partners of PR Girl Media.

The Beerville-Okotberfest exclusively features DJs as the main entertainment with a single music performance by a leading Zambian artist. At the Beerville 2022; DJs Twizie, Superstar DJ Hussein, Luks, DJ My Boyfriend and many more DJs gave excellent performances to an ecstatic audience who were hosted by yet another superstar and musician, Roberto.

The Beerville 2022 was also a showcase of multiple pop up stalls serving unique food and drinks in the one-day event that is a celebration of the German tradition of Oktoberfest. The event is centred on an “Eat-Drink-Party” concept where Lusaka’s well-known restaurants and pubs create miniature versions of their venues within the beer garden. “Our sincerest thanks to our vendor partners who dedicated their time and effort into making this event a huge success. We value their great service and appreciate that all our event attendants were beautifully catered for, swiftly and with ease”, stated Chishimba and Monde Nyambe of PR Girl Media.

The Beerville-Oktoberfest seems to get better ever year and is certainly an event to look out for on the PR Girl Media calendar of events in 2023. Further details of the event can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #Beerville2022.


  1. It was the ancient wise King, Solomon, who once wrote “As no one is discharged in times of war, so wickedness will not release those that practice it”.

    Paul the apostle who wrote “bad men will grow from bad to worse” and of how they practice and invent evil and also encourage others who practice them.

    “PR girl” is a sad case of the wicked who are enslaved by wickedness, whose immorality goes from bad to worse and who encourage the rest of us who are also sinners to practice more wickedness. All of us remain guilty of evil, though to different degrees, and varying areas.
    Unless these people are freed from the clutches their wickedness, they cannot be free. As is the case for all.
    “If the Son(of God) shall set you free, you shall be free indeed”. Free from the guilt, power…

  2. “If the Son(of God) shall set you free, you shall be free indeed”. Free from the guilt, power and consequences of sin.
    And yes my words above also apply to those on this blog who hate reading our “religious ideas”, because they hate God and want to be free from being accountable to Him.

  3. Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Germans must be flattered indeed that some Africans are so ashamed of their own culture that they go to lengths promoting European culture! We got Christmas, Easter, Bonfire night, Halloween, Oktoberfest, St Patrick’s day, July 4th and soon we will have Hogmanay. Shame on us!

  4. It’s interesting to note Muslim businesses like Vatra, Fruiticana and Big Tree being a part of the haram festival. After all we’re all mere mortals that in ancient days Christ dared to cast the first stone had they not done what the accused stood accused of. We’re all sinners and we’ll all face the same judgement.

  5. This public relations firm is looking to relate differently after the general public tangled with their “July” show last September.
    Has the company repented?
    Who knows! Perhaps, the “Improving Lives” stance from Trade Kings in this Beerville October Fiesta has made it acceptably welcome.
    I think they have rebranded as they go on packaging and branding other firms’/peoples’ products.

    P/S: July 16 is world PR commemoration day.

  6. At least this time they have got the correct title. Oktoberfest in October which is good not lusaka July in September.

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