President Hichilema praises teachers for dedication to duty


President Hakainde Hichilema has paid glowing tribute to teachers for their dedication and commitment to duty.

President Hichilema said government was highly indebted to the teachers for their contribution in transforming the lives of the learners.

The President assured teachers who gathered at the Lusaka showgrounds to commemorate the International teacher’s day of government’s commitment to better and improve the learning environment for learners.

The Head of State disclosed that government has set aside adequate funds towards the education sector in the 2023 national budget.

He said government will complete all the structures that were not completed in a bid to increase learning space for pupils.

And President Hichilema used yesterday’s commemorations of the teacher’s day to salute teachers for their resilience during the COVID19 pandemic.

He said teachers continued to teach and offer their services despite the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Head of State noted that despite losing some teachers to COVID, teachers have soldier on where others left.

“You teachers went ahead using technology teaching our learners. Thank you for the resilience and dedication to duty.”

President Hichilema reiterated government’s commitment to improving the education sector.

He said in the one year of being in office, the government has shown its commitment to the education sector by employing over thirty thousand teachers.

President Hichilema disclosed that next year in the 2023 budget government will further employ an additional 4,500 teachers.

He said this aimed at improving the pupil teacher ratio in public schools across the country.

President Hichilema pointed out that government will upgrade and confirm teachers that have not been confirmed.

He also cited the provision of free education as part of the government’s commitment to ensure that every child has access to education.

The President said by the end of 2023 no child will be allowed to sit on the floor.

He wondered how a child can concentrate during lessons while sitting on the ground.

Mr Hichilema said for the first time the government has localised the paying of bursaries for vulnerable children.

In a related development, President Hichilema has directed Cabinet Office to conduct a review on how the exercise of uniting couples is fairing.

Speaking earlier at the same event, Minister of Education Douglas Syakalima thanked President Hakainde Hichilema for being the first Head of State to attend the teachers’ day.

Mr Syakalima noted that the teachers were honoured with the presence of the head of state.

He hinted that the Ministry of Education is making steady progress in restoring order in the teaching sector.

Mr Syakalima said in the last ten years order had collapsed in the education sector.

He recalled that some teachers involved themselves in partisan and political development which has since been stopped.

The Minister of Education said teachers are now operating freely without fear of being intimidated by politicians.

And speaking on behalf of Teacher Unions, National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia President Victor Muyumba praised the Teaching Service Commission for conducting a transparent teacher recruitment exercise.

Mr Muyumba said the unions were happy with the manner the recruitment exercise for the over thirty thousand teachers was conducted.

He charged that the recruitment exercise was done in a transparent manner.

Mr Muyumba said teachers were employed based on merit.

Meanwhile The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) says it won’t hesitate to withdraw appointment letters for teachers refusing to serve in rural areas.

TSC Chairperson Daphne Chimuka said the commission was concerned with emerging reports of teachers leaving rural schools on unauthorised transfers.

Mrs Chimuka explained that the deployment of teachers in rural areas is meant to promote equity and ensure learners have the same learning opportunities as learners in urban schools.

She has since appealed to parents, traditional and civic leaders to support the equitable distribution of teachers by embracing them.

“Stop intimidating District Education Board Secretaries to transfer their relatives to urban areas.”

Mrs Chimuka said the commission will charge any officer found going against the directive of deploying teachers in rural areas.

And UN Resident Coordinator, Beatrice Mutali says there is a need for governments to invest in the development of teachers.

Ms Mutali said this will help teachers to transform and implant the lives of learners positively.

She emphasized that teachers are cardinal in enhancing development hence the call to invest in teacher development.

Ms Mutali said the teachers day should be used to reflect on the contributions teachers make to building a better society.

She urged teachers to be role models and inspire learners to emulate them.


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