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President arrives in Monze for Samu lya Moomba ceremony


President Hakainde Hichilema has arrived in Monze district, in Southern province to attend the Samu lya moomba National Heritage ceremony in Bweengwa area in Chief Choongo’s chiefdom.

The President, arrived in Monze at 09:30 hours this morning, at the Samu Lya Moomba National Heritage grounds, aboard the presidential chopper.

The Head of State was received by Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa, Bweengwa Member of Parliament Michelo Kasauta, Minister of Defence Ambrose Lufuma, Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Gary Nkombo, Minister of Tourism Rodney Sikumba and Minister of Home Affairs Jack Mwiimbu.

Others were United Party for National Development UPND Provincial Chairperson Billiard Makwembo, Southern Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Namani  Monze and other senior government and party officials.

Upon arrival the President proceeded to pay a courtesy call on Chief Choongo, before heading to tour the Exhibition mounted by Choma Museum and crafts centre as well as the National Heritage Conservation Commissioner.

President Hichilema is later this afternoon expected to officiate at the 2022 Samu Lya Moomba National Heritage ceremony.

The Samu Lya Moomba National Heritage celebration is an annual National event celebrated by not only the Tonga People of Bweengwa but Nation at large owing to its role played between the years 1951 to 1962.

It was chosen by as an ideal place for Political meetings for African National Congress (ANC) to strategize on how to liberate the country from the colonial masters.

The Samu Lya Moomba denoting ” the tree of the Southern ground hornbill bird” was also a place where donations from across the country where brought to allow the leaders travel to Lancaster house in England for the negotiations of the Zambia’s independence.

800 Great British Pound is said to have been contributed by the people of Southern Province while the 200 pounds came from elsewhere, this was to make the total budget of 1000 pounds.

The President is expected to return to Lusaka after concluding his official programme in the district.


  1. Instead of dealing with the security crisis in the country he is going to monze to dance around. Can we be serious sir! Just because you voluntarily give up your salary as president dies not mean that you are free to perform your duties in a mediocre way

    • Kaizer Zulu. how can HH miss such an important ceremony, especially because it is held in his home village of Bweengw? If we in the South did not sell 10, 000 cows to send Kaunda and his kind to England to talk to the English, Zambia, and therefore Zimbabwe and South Africa might still be under racist colonialism. While your ancestors were catching and selling other Africans to Arab slave during the slave trade, our ancestors never sold anyone to anyone else; our latter ones sold their precious and hard raised cows to facilitate your independence and freedom. The current one is embroiled in an economic war to rescue the Africans of this generation from the debt slavery, to the tune of US $31 billion, that you and your kind have sold them into. So shut up.

    • You are just a tribalist. You should be ashamed of yourself. We don’t need people like you here. Lusaka times you let upnd tribalists blog here and yet ban sensible people from pf

    • We are based in the UK but don’t understand why you coin us trolls ba orange. It seems our posts cause you sleepless nights. Sorry if that’s the case but there is nothing we can do for you sir. We wish well.

    • You people sold this and future generations into debt slavery for US $31 billion debt, that the country may never be able to pay. You then, as your nature, looted the money and put it in your personal bank account. The children of Zambia and their children and the children of their children, and so on and so forth are forever indebted, and bonded to this debt. Basically you have sold our people again. Levi Mwanawassa and Ng’andu Magande resolved the first sale. Rupiah Banda immediately began to sell off parts of the country. Michael Satan, followed by his nephew, sold off what they could of what remained, and then also sold the future of the country. This is why you people are not fit to rule.

  2. Now the Tongas are inventing ceremonies that we have never heard of. Just to celebrate their subject’s rise to the presidency

    • If it was not for us Kaunda and his penniless friends would never have been able to make it to that meeting to talk to the English. Independence Day is an invented ceremony; Heroes and Unity Day is an invented Ceremony. Christmas and New Year are invented ceremonies. Why should we not commemorate great deeds that we achieved? Zimbabwe and South Africa owe us. We took the brunt of the violence visited on Zambia by the Boers during the Rhodesian war and South Africa liberation struggle. I personally saw the bodies of 14 Tonga villagers covered in white sheets, who had been killed by terrorist soldiers of Ian Smith, as they were coming from a funeral in truck, in Gwembe District. So please just shut up.

    • Inferiority to whom? We have fed you for 58 years. We have supplied you free electricity, beef, coal, maize, sugar etc and tourist dollars for more than 50 years, what have you given us? Why would we feel inferior to you. Tell me one thing we would be without if we did not know you

  3. Other ceremonies it’s speech read on his behalf by District Commissioner. In Southern Province, he makes sure that he is there in person!

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