PR Girl media takes on megacity Kinshasa with penthouse party 2022

Kinshasa City
PR Girl media takes on megacity Kinshasa with penthouse party 2022
Kinshasa City

PR Girl Media aims to expand its events across Africa in the next few years

PR Girl Media is Zambia’s leading Lifestyle PR Agency specialised in event planning and publicity management since its inception in May 2016. Founded by the sister-duo Monde and Chishimba Nyambe, the agency has consistently presented premium experiences for Zambia’s cosmopolitan audiences with social events such as the Champagne Safari Picnic, Lusaka July, Beerville-Oktoberfest and the Penthouse Party. PR Girl Media has announced its newest venture into Kinshasa, a city with the second largest population in Africa with a population of over 15 million, and is the 2nd largest French-speaking city in the world behind Paris. Kinshasa is also a haven for creatives; having a long-standing history of music, fashion and art – the city is indeed the promised land for entrepreneurs in modern arts and entertainment.

Although not classified as a typical tourist destination, “Kin” as Kinshasha is popularly known by its residents, is a city that is well known for the eclectic fashion sense of its people and their high energy party culture; a perfect fit with the Penthouse Party which is an event that blends fashion with nightlife. “Kinshasa is a vibrant city; we couldn’t have selected a better place for the Penthouse Party 2022. We have been eyeing this market for a while now and it is exciting to finally announce this significant move as it represents a growth in our business; to engage with more audiences across Africa and continue to highlight African luxury through our events on a much larger scale.” said Chishimba and Monde Nyambe, Managing Partners of PR Girl Media.

Following the suppression of the Covid-19 pandemic, PR Girl Media is set to venture into other cities across Africa in a mission to evolve into a business that caters to more consumers with a taste for sophisticated and multi-cultural experiences. PR Girl Media has confirmed that it has other cities of interest in Africa including Accra, the West-African hub of entertainment and Dar-Es-Salam, the dynamic capital of Tanzania. PR Girl Media has further added that the Lusaka July has garnered momentous attention from the Southern African region and will remain as a Zambian fashion magnet that attracts audiences specifically in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Further details of the Penthouse Party 2022 in Kinshasa can be found on PR Girl Media social pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #PRGirl2022 and #PHpartyKinshasa2022.




  1. They are spending money going to DRC to fund a venture, which in Zambia has been condemned for promoting homosexuality. Now they are taking the same nonsense to DRC. Who is really paying for this nonsense? Kinshasa has really been out of bounds to Zambian business. The reason is the distance and the language barrier.. Somehow, these characters are going to take their pro-homo nonsense to that country. I smell foreign homo organisation targetting DRC, and I hope Kabila does not tolerate that nonsense.

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