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Zambia alerted on four substandard medicinal products that can severe injury or death in Children


The World Health Organisation (WHO) products have alerted Zambia on four (4) substandard products, identified in the Gambia and reported to the global organisation.

The WHO has alerted Zambia, through Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) on four products namely promethazine oral solution, kofexalin baby cough syrup, Makoff baby cough syrup and Magrip N cold syrup which are manufactured by Maiden Pharmaceuticals limited (Haryana, India).

ZAMRA Acting Director General Makomani Siyanga says in a statement on Tuesday the above products are reported to contain unacceptable amounts of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol as contaminants.

These are unsafe and their use especially in Children may result in severe injury or death.

Mr Siyanga explained in the statement that despite the products having only been identified in the Gambia, they might have been distributed through informal markets to other countries or regions.

“The Authority wishes to inform healthcare professionals and the general public that Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited is not registered in Zambia, further the Authority has never authorised the importation of any medicines from this manufacturer,” he said.

Out of precaution, ZAMRA has intensified countrywide surveillance for the said products in case they may have been distributed using illegal markets to ensure that they are not in circulation through public notification and inspection of pharmaceutical outlets.

Mr Siyanga further said the Authority will continue monitoring the ongoing investigations through WHO and will keep the nation updated.

He also advised members of the public in an event that they are in possession of the above-mentioned products to return them to the nearest healthcare provider or supplier who should in turn notify ZAMRA.


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