HH hosts 13 GBV survivours at State House

HH with wife Mutinta attending Levy Mwanawasa’s memorial service
HH with wife Mutinta attending Levy Mwanawasa’s memorial service

President Hakainde Hichilema and first lady Mutinta Hichilema yesterday afternoon hosted a private luncheon for the thirteen gender-based violence ( GBV ) survivors who were accompanied to state house.

Others that accompanied the young women include immediate family members and members of a multi – sectoral team led by Minister of Heal Sylvia Masebo.

The President empathized with the survivours and has since tasked the Cabinet Office to constitute a high level, cross sectional committee on GBV as provided for in the Anti- gender based Act No.1 of 2011.

President Hichilema has also instructed the Cabinet Office to provide enhanced support to the Gender Division, in the development of a new 5 year national action plan on the prevention and response to Gender Based Violence.

Mr. Hichilema has further encouraged additional investment in mental health services to provide survivors with access to long term psychological care.

“Resources will be dedicated towards scaling up support services for survivors, particularly for those who are unable to return home” he said.

President Hichilema used the occasion to also thank all government and community members who played a role in securing the safety of the 13 women.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya.


    • Is it the 13 abductees? Where are the doctors? They need to advise the President. This cant be the right time to be putting more pressure on them. Its too soon. They need to recuperate first before politicians can start playing their political games on them. Right now they should be under 24 hour surveillance by doctors not attending ceremonies. Anyone who has done psychiatry would have advised the President to hold on with these hostings.

  1. This is embarrassing for this incompetent leadership under upnd. So hh failed to ensure the safety and security of these women but now he wants to act like their saviour? Why does he politicise everything.is he not the one who decided to ban police roadblocks and in process has made country unsafe

  2. It’s a pity that we have reduced the abduction of those ladies to GBV. There is more to this then what meets the eye. The level of internal insecurity due to unemployment is very high. Of course we can’t solve the issue of unemployment overnight , but at least we need to know what people are involved in, what’s behind and inside their wall fences and what’s taking place in factories and other work places. Some toll free emergency numbers need to be activated, we need to encourage community policing and good neighborhoods. The government need to only facilitate this but let citizens be empowerd with the responsibility of knowing what is going on.

  3. The World has been made to believe that IG Kajoba is the best professional & knowledgeable Head of Police since Zambia’s Independence. Apparently this wise and most intelligent Police Officer of out times forgot to include a very stressed Hatembo family into a group of 13 girls deserving recognition by the President – and who should have been invited to State House too. This was a serious oversight by the good IG Kajoba,

  4. GBV? You’re laundering the crime. This is worse in that government is just one of the crimes committed by these rogues

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