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Catholic church urges members to support day of national prayers


As the day of national prayers, repentance and reconciliation draws near, the Catholic Church in North-western Province has encouraged its members to support the event.

Solwezi Catholic Diocese Bishop, Charles Kasonde, told stakeholders during the Caritas annual general meeting in Solwezi today that the church is not against the day of national prayers, repentance and reconciliation.

Bishop Kasonde said the Catholic church was not consulted when the declaration was made about the day.

He was responding to the question on whether the Catholic Church recognises the day of national prayers, repentance and reconciliation.

He said the Catholic Church would have loved to see the three church mother bodies consulted when the declaration was done.

“As the Catholic Church, we were not consulted on the formulation of this day even though it is a day of prayer. We are fathers and mothers of prayer, we took it with a pinch of salt and we have not been participating officially but we have been collaborating with our brothers and sisters…and that is the mood because it is prayer,” he said.

Bishop Kasonde however said even though the Catholic Church was not consulted, it remains open to the day of national prayers, repentance and reconciliation.

He said the Catholic Church in Solwezi has accepted the request from North-western Province administration to host this year’s day of national prayers in its Cathedral because it values prayers.

“Two days ago, I was called upon by the provincial office to find out whether we can allow them to use the Cathedral as they did last time and the permission has been granted,” he said.

Bishop Kasonde has therefore encouraged all Catholic Christians to participate and welcome the people who will gather for prayers.


  1. Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca
    AD 69

  2. This day is another unnecessary holiday. People pray when they want some everyday, others every week etc. They don’t need a special day just to pray.

    • Iwe chikkala you have 3 days holiday every week.
      Tell me, what did Mutati and 10 other ministers do this week or Month? Absolutely nothing!!

  3. Do we expect any boycotts on this Day?

    Is it going to be changed to National & Reconciliation Day?

    Will our republican president grace the Day or he will delegate?

    How many ‘churches’ are invited?

    If this NW Province Catholic is uninvited, who is?

    Since Religious Affairs falls in the VP’s office, is Her Honour Mrs. W.K. Nalumango the matron of the event?

  4. I’m this day and age of Science. It is unbelievable that people hold on to ancient theology. Some things will never change and what I ask is this, what good does this do and what good comes out of it?

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