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High numbers of online car dealers’ scams worry Zambian Embassy in Berlin Germany


The Zambian Embassy in Berlin, Germany has expressed concern over the high number of Zambians being swindled by online scammers purporting to be Polish based motor vehicle and tractor dealers.

Charge d’ Affaires at the Zambian Embassy in Germany, Dorcas Chileshe has cautioned Zambians wishing to purchase motor vehicles and tractors online from Poland to verify the authenticity of the companies they are dealing with before making payments.

Ms Chileshe noted that most of the people who are swindled do not engage the Zambian Mission in Berlin or the Consulate of the Republic of Zambia in Poland and only report when they are swindled.

“Scammers usually purport to be selling tractors and motor vehicles in excellent condition at very low prices to attract unsuspecting buyers,” she said

Ms Chileshe has since encouraged Zambians to conduct due diligence on the companies they deal with and seek guidance from the Zambian Embassy in Germany or the Consulate in Poland, as the Zambian Embassy in Berlin covers Poland as a country of Extra accreditation.

In August this year, the government through the Ministry of Information and Media advised members of the public to be cautious when purchasing used motor vehicles from online dealers purporting to be operating in Japan and other countries.

The Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda who is also Chief Government Spokesperson stated that the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has received information regarding mounting complaints from Zambian citizens who have been swindled or shortchanged by unscrupulous individuals running websites purporting to sell used motor vehicles when in fact not.

Ms Kasanda added that the government has been notified of cases involving Zambians who have not had their vehicles delivered, despite having made the payment, while some have only received their motor vehicles after intervention by our mission in Tokyo, Japan.

She noted that in view of the foregoing, the Government wishes to advise all individuals wishing to purchase used motor vehicles from Japan to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Tokyo, Japan.

“For guidance on the legitimate sources to avoid loss of funds and personal inconvenience, members of the public are advised to contact the Zambian embassy in Tokyo, Japan on [email protected],” Ms Kasanda said

Ms Kasanda cited that alternatively, Zambians are advised to use the Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST), which has a signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with various car dealers in Japan, or to purchase their vehicles from companies with a physical presence in Zambia.

She has encouraged individuals to read online reviews of companies before engaging in business, as this will enable them to appreciate the experiences of other customers.

Ms Kasanda has since directed individuals who may prefer online purchases to deal with companies belonging to the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA), an association approved by the Government of Japan.


  1. The US and many other western countrires’ embassies produce data on the countrries where their embassies are. The data helps would be US investors to know who and what they are dealing with in the accredited country. This is what missions are for. The due dilligence is supposed to be done by the Zambian embassy in Germany. If you have had many people swindled, why haven’t you reported the swindlers to the Polish police and also publish a blacklist of the scounrels?

    • Apart from worrying, what else are you doing about it? Just trying to make some news to show your superiors in Zambia that you’re working?

  2. @1 The SAINT, Spot on! Western Embassy do real work, they are always giving counsellor services to their citizens when found in bad situations, they are always updating travel advisory on security situations in their countries including protecting their citizens from swindlers! Most Zambian Embassy staff feel being in foreign office job is for prestige and show off so they only talk, talk and sometimes talking down on Zambians instead of working for Zambians!

  3. The symptoms of suffering, poverty and desperation under upnd. Cases such as this one were rare under pf rule

  4. You find a 2020 benz with only 29000 mileage going at $5000 then you are excited to send him money. Who is the fool here.

  5. Every year this news pops up ever since MMD was in the ruling party and whats laughable is Zambian embassies give all these email addresses as if they would even respond I nean these guys dont even pick up their phones…..how are you going to verify a website in Europe

  6. The dirtiest swindlers are found in South Africain West Cape. They operate under the name of TRACKMANS HOLDINGS. They have very nice and inviting website. In Zambia they have a representative by the name of Cain Mbaale. One notorious scammer and criminal in Lusaka. He looks for customers and later to cheat them . Pretending to be selling tractors. Which are never delivered. Worldwide people have been cheated of millions. Both Interpol in Zambia and South Africa do nothing to stop these criminals. They are not even in Germany. But just operating from Zambia. With fake telephone numbers.

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