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Kapasa Makasa university students extol Government over meal allowances


Students at Kapasa Makasa University (KMU) in Chinsali district have joined their colleagues from other universities in appreciating government for re-introducing meal allowances under the students bursaries scheme.

KMU Union President, Godwin Mposhi, said the move by government to re-introduce meal allowances has been received with delight among the student populace.

Mr. Mposhi said meal allowances will help ease the financial pressure which many vulnerable students have been experiencing.

He told ZANIS in an interview today that President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration is fulfilling its promises of looking into the students’ plight.

He said it has been a challenge for Kapasa Makasa University students to survive without meal allowances.

Mr. Mposhi also explained that the rural location of the institution has made it difficult for students to access some important amenities.

“We are very disadvantaged here, especially that our institution is located over 20 kilometres away from the central business district of Chinsali,” he said.

And Deophister Mumba, a second year Animal Science student, stated that the re-introduction of the meal allowances will serve as a motivating factor for many vulnerable students to thrive in their studies.

Mrs. Mumba observed that it has been very difficult for students coming from distant places to live without any allowances after KMU was de-linked from the Copperbelt University (CBU).

She said President Hichilema’s government has shown commitment towards the tertiary education sector through the re-introduction of the meal allowances.

“We are very grateful to the President for this consideration,” she added.

Meanwhile, KMU Animal Science Society President, Lishuku Ng’onga, appealed to government to consider providing livestock at the institution for practical purposes.

Mr. Ng’onga said Animal Science students have been disadvantaged as they do not have practical tools and animals that can supplement their theoretical classes.

He stated that the university will be very grateful if the students’ appeal is urgently addressed.

Kapasa Makasa University recently commemorated its university open day since its establishment in 2016.


  1. Kapasa Makasa University (KMU) has long been regarded as a CBU campus. The same way Ridgeway to UNZA.
    Some students that enrolled at CBU were shunted to KMU to complete their 4/5 year term.

    • It is their university, which for reason we know very well, they built in their area, which they want the rest of the country to pay for. We want universities in our provinces too so we are going to spend the money on that undertaking, and not in feeding your students in your universities

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