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It’s provocation from the PF cadres that made our youths cause violence-UPND SG


Ruling UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda has condemned all sorts of violence by some youths yesterday in which UPND members are reported to have attacked PF members during the filing of nominations for the Lusangazi and Mkushi Council Chairperson by-elections.

Mr. Imenda, however, says that the Mkushi incident in Central Province was a result of provocation from the PF who after filing their nomination went straight to the UPND camp to provoke their colleagues, and at this point, UPND youths reacted.

He said that the party has witnessed high levels of political provocations by disgruntled opposition parties with intentions of testing the party’s tolerance as evidenced by numerous cases where some opposition members have been showing total disrespect for President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr, Imenda says the UPND was overwhelmingly voted into government on August 12th, 2021, to restore the rule of law, among other leadership commitments and it was on the basis of strict adherence to the rule of law that President Hichilema declared that there will be no caderism in public places.

He said that so far, the UPND is satisfied with the levels at which its members have embraced President Hichilema’s directive of nonviolence adding that the party has not deviated from this position, especially since they suffered extreme levels of political violence under the PF regime.

And All People’s Congress Leader Nason Msoni said the reported violence in Mkushi and Lusangazi in Central and Eastern Provinces respectively is regrettable, unfortunate and must be condemned regardless of who the perpetrators may be.

Mr. Msoni said violence undermines the rule of law and discourages the full participation of decent citizens.

UPND Cadres Fighting running battles with Zambia Police
UPND Cadres Fighting running battles with Zambia Police

Meanwhile, he Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Service-GEARS- Initiative Zambia has condemned the acts of violence experienced during the filing in of nominations for the Mkushi and Lusangazi District Council Chairperson by-elections yesterday.

GEARS Initiative Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has told Phoenix News that his organization strongly believes that political and electoral violence should have no room in the new government which suffered such fates while in opposition.

Mr. Chipenzi says though, majority of nomination processes that took place yesterday were generally conducted in a peaceful manner by the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ-, the ugly scenes of violence and confrontations witnessed in Mkushi and Lusangazi are extremely unfortunate and unacceptable.

And Mr. Chipenzi is concerned about the conduct of the police at Lusangazi nomination Centre where they blocked the PF candidate entry to the nomination Centre and later arrested him on account of inadequacies in his academic qualifications.

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front in Southern Province says their candidates that were scheduled to file for nominations in yesterday’s Bbondo and Chibuwe ward by elections in Gwembe District are nowhere to be seen after they were allegedly blocked from filing in the nominations by suspected UPND cadres.

Party Provincial Secretary Golden Nyambe tells Phoenix News that the party members yesterday scampered after they were chased by some known UPND officials who blocked them from contesting the by-elections.

But Gwembe District Electoral Officer Maliwa Machu says despite the PF complaining of being blocked from filing in the nominations, their members were not seen within the radius of the polling station.

And Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya has reiterated and reassured citizens, that president Hakainde Hichilema does not condone, promote or espouse the culture of violence in Zambian politics, in all its forms, regardless of who is involved.

Mr. Bwalya says the head of state will continue to urge citizens to exercise maximum civility in the course of enjoying their political freedoms, while encouraging the police to be bold, proactive and decisive in dealing with all forms of violence in Zambia’s politics and beyond, and ensure that perpetrators are held fully accountable and brought to justice.


  1. Accusing the victim for provocation – very much on par with abusive husband syndrome! “It’s my wife’s fault I regularly beat her..she provokes me”!

    Take responsibility for your own actions whether noble or disgraceful – you will be respected.

  2. Even here on this platform, these chaps from the PF gang of thugs, thieves and sworn tribalists are so annoying but lean to ignore them. There biggest archievement will be when you start behaving like them, when they were in power. So, just ignore them. They are the most useless party Zambia has ever had

    • You are a big mambala. Don’t disrespect our party. The video evidence shows just how violent you savages are in upnd

  3. Where are police ???

    Political violence is unacceptable in this new dawn GRZ………..

    We expect arrests…… …

    • Go ask your hh that. We told you that upnd only won elections because of violence. Now the truth comes out

  4. Already this is an admission of guilt from the ruling party by the youths’ leader for being violent and no one is going to bundle them ( for example) in police vehicle.

  5. Listen to this….inspite of complaining being blocked, the PF candidates were nowhere to be seen in the vicinity : Gwembe District Elections Office…F00l the purpose of blocking them is to ensure they are not within the vicinity.

    • Isn’t that a low blow?
      And there is no body to blow the whistle. Politics is a filthy game. We thought these guys have a broom to keep the house and game well kempt.

  6. Mr SG whether provoked or not what is not a acceptable is not acceptable. Why didn’t you involve the police? ALL the thugs involved must be arrested ALL, no 2 ways here. You must rebuke the acts and apologise to the nation as well.
    The words NEW DAWN are supposed to mean exactly what? NEW DAWN or NEW PF? Free advice.

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