Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Mundubile slams Attorney General and Solicitor General for putting UPND interest above National Duty


Leader of the opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile has expressed his displeasure with the decision by ECZ to reject the nomination of PF candidate in the Lusangazi council by election saying that it is a violation of the constitution.

Reacting to reports that the ECZ had rejected the nomination papers of PF candidate, Mr Mundubile slammed the Attorney General and the Solicitor General for allegedly conducting themselves unconstitutionally.

“When you are talking about Kabushi and Kwacha, you are talking about Lusangazi, you are talking about Luangwa, you are talking about Mkushi, there is this huge appetite by our friends in the UPND to cause an assault on our constitutional democracy,” he said.

“Office of the Attorney General and Solicitor General is supposed to be in charge of public interest. Now if you pick strong members, active members of the UPND, they will fail to differentiate between the interest of Zambians and those of the UPND. When you go to the JCC, the Commissioners of the JCC were active members of the UPND, the majority of them. We raised these concerns, we knew we were going to have a problem that we are having today.”

Hon Mundubile said the Attorney General and the Solicitor General are failing to differentiate between the said interests.

“Solicitor General and Attorney General, yours is to act for the Zambians and not for political parties. I want to call upon the Attorney General and the Solicitor General to realize that they are now civil servants. They can no longer continue to serve UPND interests,” he said.

“The drama we are seeing in the courts today it’s because Solicitor General and Attorney General have taken the interest of the UPND in this electoral process above the public interest. We have a problem even in the Judicial system because of who is sitting at the JCC. He called on the President to look at who is sitting in the AG office and the JCC. For us what it seems is it has been a long time scheme to try and manipulate the electoral system so that the UPND is the only participant in these elections.”

He also castigated the ECZ for disregarding the court order over the Kabushi and Kwacha by-elections.

The Lawmaker charged that the actions of the UPND is a constructive admission that Zambians are not happy with how they are governing the country. He added that it will be very difficult for the UPND to win an election going forward as he demanded that the drama at ECZ should be put to an end.

“The recent letter that ECZ sent ……..disregarding orders of the court, we all know who is doing that. On one hand, they are busy giving flowery reports about what they have done and how they have transformed this country,” he said.


  1. Courts, ECZ, JCC, ACC, DEC, police and all arms of Government do the right thing for the people of Zambia , and not for political scoles. we risk zambia to be on fire. we need peace for mother Zambia

  2. You fools. You backed a savage and a crook for candidates and now you are blaming others for your own short sightedness? You offered Kabushi and Kwacha candidates of questionable morals and a bad reputation. Thats what the courts said in the first place. Frankly, PF members should be up in arms against you all and remove all of you their leaders for lacking judgment and foresight to safeguard the party’s interest. You lost because you are dumb and terribly miscalculated your odds.

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