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New dawn govt administration in a hurry to deliver – Kambita


The government reiterated that it has a vision to grow the country’s economy in a positive way for the benefit of all Zambians.

Zambezi East member of Parliament Brian Kambita says as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Zambia in the previous regime was moving in a negative direction, the new dawn government is in a hurry to develop it in a positive direction by the end of this year.

Mr. Kambita explains that in order for the Country’s GDP to grow, all citizens irrespective of the social-economic status and political affiliation must participate in the activities of the economy.

The law maker said this on Saturday in Zambezi district when he handed over a check to cooperatives amounting to over K 1 million.

“ One way of encouraging citizens participation in the country’s economic activities is by empowering private and enterprising sectors such as those involved in rearing of chicken, pigs, goats among others, “ he said.

Government decided to empower co-operatives said Mr. Kambita adding the entities are not just part and parcel of growing the economy but also contributes to GDP.

53 co-operatives in Zambezi East have benefited from the 2022 CDF, giving the community an opportunity to venture into different business activities that will help them improve their livelihoods.

“ The new government has demonstrated the true devolution of power to communities themselves a decision he said will guarantee their participation in National development, “ said the lawmaker.

He however expressed concerns over administrative processes that are tied to CDF among them taking long thereby drawing back the implementation of community projects.

Mr. Kambita has since appealed to the central government to try and hasten the steps by improving the administrative process and bottle necks that are causing delays are improved.

And District Commissioner Simeon Machayi has commended President Hichilema for delivering what he promised the people of Zambezi to the country at large.

Mr.Machayi said that the UPND government is the only regime in the country’s history that has delivered on the promises it made during the campaigns.

“What we are witnessing today has never happened in the history of Zambia. This is the only government that has delivered on the promises made during the campaigns.

“ The President promised the people of Zambezi empowerment and improving their lives. Today as we speak it is happening ”, Mr Machayi added.

He. Has since appealed to beneficiaries to put the money to good use adding that those that will misuse the money will risk being deregistered as a cooperative and may not benefit in future.

Meanwhile CDF committee Chairperson Benson Mhafu has thanked President Hichilema for giving communities power to decide on how the money should be used.

Reverend. Mhafu said giving power to the community to decide which project should be worked on in their various areas, will help enhance stewardship and ownership towards the projects.

And speaking on behalf of other beneficiaries, Patrick Nkakoma thanked President Hichilema for the gesture saying that the change people voted for has started bearing fruits.

”We are happy that what the President promised us has started bearing fruits. We are very grateful to the new dawn government more especially the President for empowering us through CDF because in the previous governments we never used to receive this money and all we could just hear is the name of CDF but us the community could not see it, but today we have received the money”, Mr Nkakoma said.


  1. These are the same hand out you condemned. PF was also giving to women, churches, youths , marketeers and chiefs. You are doing just the same. PF started the tanker empowerment for youths .You are doing the same.These are political appeasements with no long term sustainability. .This will not work. What is the upnd startegy? .There is no capacity in the communities to use CDF . Soon you will realise that its money thrown in the drains.

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