Zambia is ready to respond to any disease outbreak-Masebo


Health Minister, Sylvia Masebo says Zambia stands ready to respond to any disease outbreak.

Ms. Masebo says this is Zambia has a fixed standing committee on disease preparedness under the office of the Vice President.

The committee is a multi-sectoral one whose button is always pressed whenever there is an outbreak of any disease and systems begin to respond.

ZANIS reports that the minister was responding to the question on how prepared the country is to respond to any possible outbreak of Ebola following reports on the outbreak of the disease in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC ).

“We are always prepared whether its cholera, its Ebola, COVID, I think Zambia generally in comparison, I think we are not bad, ” Ms. Masebo.

And Ms. Masebo said despite having the competent response team in place, there is need to build capacity at district level.

Zambia has in place various programmes for emergencies among them being the National Health Strategic Plan (NHSP) in line with the National Vision 2030 which expresses the Zambian people’s aspiration “to become a prosperous middle-income nation by 2030.” This plan envisions a prosperous country where all Zambians have access to quality health services.

The plan identifies strategies and programs which will ensure that people of Zambia are healthy and able to contribute to economic development as articulated in the National Vision 2030

Meanwhile, the minister has directed the Ndola District Health office to ensure that there is water at Kabushi clinic where she learnt that there is a bore hole is not functional because of non-availability of the water pump.


  1. If you’re unable to respond to illnesses as simple as headache because you can’t provide paracetamol, how can you be ready for serious epidemics? Sylvia stop lying. There are no medicines in government clinics and hospitals

  2. An international supplier and contractor, TFM Holdings has reported corruption involving Zambia’s Minister of Health Silvia Masebo.

    The Ministry of Health had put up a tender for the proposed construction and supply of equipment under reference MOH/SP/SP/W/005/20 for a 150 bed capacity infectious diseases hospital.

    In a letter dated 15th May 2022 written to Jim Belemu, the Executive Director, Mahogany Air, TFM stated that the request to purchase a vehicle and facilitation fees for Masebo for the tender to be succesful, was irregular.

    Chairman of TFM Holdings Mcebisi Nlozi directed Belemu to make the letter public which to show that Masebo solicited for bribes and a luxury motor vehicle.

    The Group companies specialise in the importation, manufacturing, supply and support of…

  3. The Group companies specialise in the importation, manufacturing, supply and support of specialist truck bodies, primarily for the transport, construction, forestry, cargo body, waste and environmental transport industries.

    TFM was established in 1966. Today, it is comprised of 11 different companies around South Africa with a National footprint providing sales, service, parts and manufacturing capabilities.

    Few months ago President Hakainde Hichilema fired Health Minister Permanent Secretary George Magwende over the case involving corruption in the $100million isolation hospital.

  4. i strongly believe what the minister of health was saying is very misleading, zambia will never going to be ready for such. on the 23 oct 2022 i took my grandson to m’tendere clinic the boy had high temperature a cough and chest pains only to find the had no drugs including panado syrup for all the drugs i was given a prescription and here is a minister saying that zambia stands ready, ready for what?

  5. Go and speak to the mayor of Lusaka, she needs your help with mosquitoes. Ladies you are letting us down with your half baked announcements. You cannot run a country in the same way you deal with issues in your own homes. Running a country is not about husband and wife affairs, it’s about looking after your children.

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