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CB Minister Elisha Matambo urges youths to form cooperatives in order to access Government empowerment


Copperbelt Province Minister Elisha Matambo is encouraging more youths to form cooperatives in order to access Government empowerment aimed at improving the local economy.

Mr. Matambo said access Government empowerment is key to business establishment and expansion.

He said the New Dawn government has allocated funds for youth empowerment through Constituency Development Fund

Mr. Matambo was speaking when Prison Fellowship Zambia empowered newly trained tailors with 50 sewing machines during their graduation at Kawama Catholic Church in Ndola on the Copperbelt Province.

The Copperbelt Minister, who officiated at the graduation as guest of honour, highlighted the importance of skills development.

“It is an honor and privilege for me to be the guest of honour at this graduation ceremony where fifty (50) graduands who have gone through the required skills training to achieve this milestone where you are being awarded with certificates today.I am informed that though this is the 1st graduation ceremony, prison fellowship vocation training centre has graduated over 1000 graduates since 2003. It is also gratifying to note that those graduating today are also being empowered with sewing machine each from Prison Fellowship Zambia revolving fund in order for them to immediately venture into entrepreneurial journey of a lifetime.Greatness can be seen even before it manifests. I see before me graduands full of smiles, joy and ambition. It is my hope that this joy is not merely premised upon acquiring a certificate but actually getting set to make this world a better place.You have been trained in tailoring and designing, that’s why you are graduating today. As I observe you;I see the next fashion designer who will make Zambia proud. I see someone launch a new brand of garments that is proudly Zambian and African.l see all possibilities plastered on your faces,” Mr. Matambo said.

“To the graduating students today. We all have a natural admiration for entrepreneurs, especially those that have made it big, but none of us is usually ready for the true story of their journey. This story is premised on some key pillars which I shall quickly share with you.First – is discipline. Today’s youth are short of this. You want to wake up at your convenience, get to work at your convenience, earn big, spend like a multi-billionaire, be popular and have the world at your feet. Discipline is what makes you retain customers for your business simply because you always deliver as promised. Discipline is what allows your capital to grow because you prioritize it adequately.Second – is vision. This is a word spoken by many but utilized by few. As you embark upon your journey, I am sure you have a vision deep inside of you. That vision is one you should never give up on. Work towards it. Third – is commitment. Without commitment, there’s no success. Everyone basking in glory today has shown a high level of commitment to what they do. It doesn’t matter whether your success is overnight or not, commitment is the constant.Fourth – is bandwagon. Society has made us always desire the approval of others. Even a business idea we have come up with, is always subjected to the approval of those around us. While in some cases it is a good thing, I tell you here and now that most times it’s not good for entrepreneurs,” he said.

Mr. Matambo added:”There will always be challenges in your entrepreneurship journey and this may not be the time to delve into the details. However, I want your attitude towards challenges to change. Challenges are opportunities in waiting.Sixth – is time. Today’s generation of youths is the fastest generation. You want to get money, that house, a car, a lovely wife or husband, promotion, big sales all in a flash. That is not how good and lasting things come your way. That business you start today might take 3, 5, 10 or even 15 years to blossom. You just need to give it time and remain committed to it.Seventh – is failure. Failure is one thing that is demonized nearly everywhere, especially in the education system. For sure, no one wants to hear that this and that has failed. It gets so bad that most of us live life avoiding failure and this has killed our creativity. Failure is a steppingstone to success. Do not look at it with contempt.Eighth – is success. This is what drives us. Unfortunately, many look at it as an end point yet in reality, success is a journey. You aren’t successful because you have bought a car or acquired a house. Be careful about success that comes quickly, it is most likely no different from a house built on sand. This is the kind of success that makes one go into oblivion as fast as they came onto the scene.To the parents and guardians gathered here today, your generation believed in seeking employment from government and probably investing in real estate.”

In this new era, government jobs are as scarce as the white rhino, sit down with your children, and promote their talents by investing in their business ideas. You just might be surprised that the next big cloth factory business is in the mind of your child that is graduating today.The new dawn government through the leadership of his Excellence the Republican President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has allocated funds for youth empowerment through the CDF. I am encouraging you to form cooperatives so you can access these funds for your business establishment and expansion.In conclusion, may I express my profound gratitude for being invited to officiate at the 1st graduation ceremony, I will be failing in my duties if I don’t extend my appreciation to Prison Fellowship Zambia Management and staff who have made it possible for these young men and women to have their trades,” Mr. Matambo concluded.

Prison Fellowship Zambia Executive Director Teddy Mweetwa said the training is aimed at empowering inmates, ex-inmates, families and the vulnerable in society.

“Prison fellowship Zambia is currently providing skills training programs in the Correctional facilities and communities, in tailoring and computer skills.Prison Fellowship Zambia with financial support from hope bearer foundation is running tailoring project at Kansenshi, Luanshya Correctional facilities, Mushili and Kawama Catholic Parish.These trainings are meant to equip inmates, ex-inmates, their spouses and their families to basically acquire skills which will help them to continue earning a living even when the bread-winner is incarcerated in the correctional facilities.The training is meant to empower them with knowledge and skills for survival purposes.Ladies and gentlemen, I want to remind you, in case you didn’t know, that tailoring skill is a life skill – meaning for life. – Ladies and gentlemen, I want to make mention that Prison Fellowship Zambia believes that inmates, ex-inmates like everyone else has the potential to do wonders if well supported.To graduating students, you are graduating today; you are receiving your beautiful certificates this morning. It’s your precious moment and time of joy for you all. Please go and make use of the knowledge which you have acquired here. You have completed your race and you ran it successfully,” Mr. Mweetwa said.

He told the tailors to be honest in their dealings.

“As you go to serve the people out there, please attend to your clients and customers in good time and in a faithful manner, I know tailors, Radio and TV repairs are always put in the same whatsapp group. The reason is that they delay in completing the task, please be different yourselves. You have been trained as specialized tailors so take care of your families, be of service to the people out there.Master of Ceremony sir, may I take this opportunity to thank the trainer and all staff for Prison Fellowship Zambia for their capability and Management for ensuring that the training was done successfully.Master of ceremony; allow me now to appreciate the guest of honour for dedicating his precious time to come to officiate at this important graduation today.To Prison Fellowship Zambia Management; staff May I simply say well done for facilitating this 1st Graduating ceremony. I know it was not an easy task.4 May, I thank our donor (Hope Bearer Foundation) for providing the much needed resources which enabled this training to be completed and the graduation which we are witnessing today,” Mr. Mweetwa said.

He concluded:”As Prison Fellowship Zambia we spent a good amount of money to train you, purchase these sewing machines which we giving you today.Today we are giving them to you so you can start doing tailoring projects in your home, markets etc. I want to state categorically that these machines were bought from revolving fund from Prison Fellowship Zambia. As you are all aware that you will need to repay back the amount of money which we bought them. Once you pay back the money we shall plough it back and buy more sewing machines to enable the class of 2022 intake to also receive sewing machines at the next graduation next year. The same way we have given you today.”

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