Government has funded all schools this term – Kawana

the Ministry of Information and Media Director of Media Thabo Kawana
the Ministry of Information and Media Director of Media Thabo Kawana

Ministry of Information and Media, Director-Spokesperson Thabo Kawana has dismissed assertions that the government has failed to release grants for secondary and primary schools for term three.

Mr Kawana said contrary to PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza’s assertions, all government schools have been fully funded. He said it is wrong for the opposition PF to insinuate that the government has failed to fund schools when all secondary and primary schools have been fully funded.

Reacting to the PF Media Director’s assertions that government has no money to fund schools, Mr Kawana said to the contrary schools were funded even before they opened for term three.

Mr Kawana further disclosed that the government deposited funds in school accounts across the country before the opening of term three.

“We want to make clear that all schools in Zambia have been funded grants for term three as matter-of-fact grants were in school accounts before term three opened,” he said.

The government is currently disbursing grants to schools for quarter four which begins in October.

Mr Kawana said the government was aware when it asked its people not to pay for exam fees that it was going to pay on behalf of its people.

And commenting on examinations, Mr Kawana said school grants have nothing to do with the managing of examinations.

He pointed out that examinations are run by the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) and not what has been reported by the opposition PF.

Mr Kawana disclosed during the same briefing that the ECZ has been funded fully so as to ensure that exams run smoothly.

ECZ is ready to conduct exams as it has been funded in full, he said.

Mr Kawana further indicated that for the first time ECZ has disbursed to every district K 40, 000 for the purpose of monitoring and conducting examinations.

Provinces have also been given a sum of K 80, 000 for monitoring and conducting exams.

” The insinuation by PF that the government has failed to administer exams is baseless as it lacks substance and truth.

” The statement issued by PF is as a result of the post-stress disorder after losing the August 12, 2021, general elections, ” said Mr. Kawana.

Mr Kawana wondered why PF has continued to hallucinate things which are not in existence.

And commenting on news that went viral over the weekend alleging that government has sold tollgates, Mr Kawana said it was not true that government has sold tollgates.

Mr Kawana said the statement of tollgates being sold can only be made by a person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


  1. What is this moron doing in the Ministry of Information? This man should be in UPND media team at their H/q …I mean why did you just nominiate him Minister and got rid of the one there instead of putting him on taxpayers payroll

    • PF was a total disaster in government. The worst government in both pre and post colonial times. Guiness book of record should acknowledge this fact.

  2. Why do you waste time responding to pfools who always speak ninshi nabakaka imputy? you have work to do please. . . . . .

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