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National Day of Prayer should inspire us to uphold national values, principles – President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema says the National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation inspires all Zambians to uphold the national values and principles as enshrined in the constitution and in line with the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation.

President Hichilema in a speech on his behalf by Vice President Mutale Nalumango during the observation of the National Day of Prayer, fasting, repentance and reconciliation at Lusaka’s Showground noted that the day provides all with an opportunity to reconcile with God and with one another, and say no to all forms of bad vices such as corruption, gender-based violence, alcohol and substance abuse.

‘’We must say no to corruption the cancer that robbers our nation with much needed resources for development, we must say no to gender based violence a real threat to the existence of the family and stability of the nation, we must say no alcohol and substance abuse a danger to one’s health,’’ stated President Hichilema.

He observed that the theme: Promoting national unity, Peace and Integration for A Prosperous Zambia through Hard work, is a reminder to all to come together in promoting national unity and peace regardless of one’s political affiliation and belief.

The President also commended the church for its relentless efforts in promoting peace and unity in the nation through prayer.

“I urge the church to continue praying for our nation, our citizens and everyone in leadership. The church has an obligation to continue unifying our nation at all times. As a government we will continue to work with the church to stir our nation in the right direction,’’ he said.

The Head of State further urged all Zambians to treasure and to uphold the national motto of One Zambia One National which is a statement of unity and oneness.

And National Day of Prayer Organizing Committee Chairperson, Esther Jani said that the day is a reminder to all Zambians to continually seek God and acknowledge Him as the God of the Zambian country which is a Christian nation.

Prophetess Jani stated that this year’s National Day of Prayer’s theme is a call to all to place handwork and integration at the center of the developmental agenda of transforming Zambia into a better country.

She said that every citizen must put aside their selfish ambition and focus on God in being each other’s source of strength and encouragement.

‘’We must release that prayer is not a substitute of hard work but a reminder to work extra hard as we trust in God to help us transform our nation,’’ said Prophetess Jani.

Meanwhile, Evangelical Fellowship of Board Chairperson, Bishop Paul Mususu in his sermon urged political leaders to cease from giving handouts to people but instead focus on empowering the nation with skills that can help them to sustain themselves.

Bishop Mususu noted that giving handouts cannot help the people to sustain themselves in the long run but it is temporary and promotes laziness.

He also noted that peace and prosperity is centered on hard work and each citizen of Zambia must play their part in hard work in order to promote prosperity in the country.

‘’I call up on my fellow members of the clergy to preach the gospel of grace and encourage their members to work hard and avoid the gospel of prosperity that only promotes laziness.

Clergymen should avoid preaching about miracle money but encourage their congregants to work hard because hard work brings profit,’’ said Bishop Mususu.

The event which was characterised with songs of worship and praise by various choirs was also attended by Cabinet ministers, former first lady Esther Lungu, former vice president Inonge Wina and opposition political party leaders.


    • The president was no where to be seen on this day. Was he hiding from from GOD? Only Nalumango and her husband where at the show grounds. Ofcourse with a bunch of ministers who did not know why they were there. UPND does not believe in this day. They must just own up.

  1. After shunning the prayers under pf, this scumbag is now attending prayers. An evil man attending prayers just curses the nation.

    • The Synagogues were full of corrupt individuals in sheeps clothing during PF times. That’ why Bally did not attend.

  2. How things change when you get in power and you are responsible for uniting 18+ million of people. Even things/programs you thought were s!!ly when your predecessors implemented them now appear like a wise thing to do. Who remembers how HH and his UPND treated the DAY OF PRAYER when ECL/PF came up with this idea? I maybe mistaken, but can anybody remember HH/UPND attending prayers on this day when he was in opposition? But again, HYPOCRISY matters not to certain people. Strange, isn’t it?

    Nonetheless, God bless Zambia as the whole country is engaged in prayer and contemplation.

    • This is another lie with a straight face, all of a sudden national issues have become more important now to UPND than when he was in opposition. Very very sad reading. Your leadership qualities Mr president come all the way from your opposition times. Ba Shi Anderson junior, Zambians have some form of memory to remember your statements and actions while I. Opposition. Moral issues begins with you.

  3. I commend HH for shunning those hypocritical gatherings. However, I’m disappointed that he’s continued to be a coward by not publicly stating his position. I urge him to state publicly that he doesn’t subscribe to such things even if he loses the Pentecostal vote. Real men don’t stay mute on important matters. Tell tem so that they don’t expect you at the next gathering. You can’t pretend to be busy whenever you’re called upon to lead the nation in those hypocritical prayers

  4. Where were you Mr, President? Are you really serious about 18th October? Your information Minister was on tv loudly saying you will grace the prayer day at the show grounds. you even invited His Excellence Edgar Lungu. Kanshi you were just bluffing Sir….

  5. Good show of maturity on the part of PF, don’t follow the under five behaviour of shunning national events. It is always good to separate petty politics CD-ROM the real national important events.

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