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Ballot papers for By-Kabushi Elections have arrived in Ndola


Ballot Papers for the Kabushi constituency parliamentary by-elections have arrived in Ndola. The truck carrying the ballot Papers arrived at Ndola’s Civic Centre at 19 : 25 hours under tight security.

Stakeholders, among them political party representatives witnessed the arrival of the ballot papers.

Those that witnessed the arrival of the ballot papers include Leadership Movement, represented by Davies Chiwala, ruling United Party for National Development which was represented by Mubita Ikashakala and Rejoice Mazwanga and Winstone Njebe a representative of Richard Kalasa an independent candidate.

The stakeholders have agreed that the ballot papers will be verified tomorrow at 07 hours before they are handed over to the presiding officers.

The stakeholders have also agreed that the truck carrying the ballot papers will be parked at Ndola Central Police station.

Kabushi constituency has 77 polling stations, and Ndola Town Clerk, Sheila Songolo who confirmed receipt of the ballot papers says all is set for the polls.

Ms Songolo said all the poll staff and other officers to handle the Kabushi election have been prepared.

She has thanked stakeholders for the calmness exhibited from the time the Electoral Commission of Zambia opened campaigns in the constituency.

The ECZ has set Friday, October 21,2022 as the poll date for the Kabushi and Kwacha parliamentary by-elections.

Meanwhile, Lawyers for Joseph Malanji and Bowman Lusambo have warned Commissioners of the Electoral Commission of Zambia not to proceed with Kabushi and Kwacha parliamentary by-elections.

The High Court on 13th September 2022 granted the duo an application to halt elections until the matter was resolved.

Makebi Zulu Advocates have warned Commissioners; Mr Ali Simwiinga, Maj. Gen. Vincent Mukanda and Amb. Ndiyoyi M. Mutiti that they stand in contempt if ECZ proceed with the elections.

“As you are aware, there is a matter before Court pertaining to the Elections in Kwacha and Kabushi constituencies. You are also aware that there is a stay/suspension of the election in the said constituencies”. he said

The lawyers noted with concern that despite a court order stopping the elections, ECZ was making frantic efforts to hold the elections, stating that the High Court Order has not been discharged by the court or any other higher court and that the ECZ Commissioners will face contempt of court charges

“We note with concern that you have proceeded to set up for elections in blatant disregard of the Court Order issued on 13th September 2022.

“In view of the above, we write to request you to abide by the Court Order suspending the elections in the said constituencies until the matter is disposed of by the High Court

“If you don’t comply with the order of court within 24hrs of receipt of the letter, we shall commence committal proceedings against the Electoral Commission of Zambia and every Commissioner as contempt is personal in nature, as your actions are clear contempt of court.


  1. There will either be a showdown or an embarrassment. We expend time and resources trying to outdo ourselves. It’s not necessary. Is it difficult to do the right thing?

  2. if the matter before Court pertaining to the Elections in Kwacha and Kabushi constituencies which the ECZ know every well in black and white then why is the ECZ so much in a harry to hold these two by elections why cant they wait for the court to conclude, why print the ballot papers before the whole issue is concluded what if the court call for fresh nominations meaning ECZ will need to print new ballot papers a waste of tax payers

  3. Ali Simwinga will go to jail at some point. HH has only given verbal orders for the election to go ahead. He won’t be implicated. But all minions at ECZ will dance to the music. Just wait.

  4. Either ZIALE results are confirming something about our laws, or our laws are so convoluted for nothing that they need simplification for the layperson. The fact ECZ seems to be charging full-steam could mean that there is something of a “loophole” that is legal and will stand even after they have conducted what appears to be a sham election.

  5. If you can do this at parliamentary level, will you accept to leave Government in 2026? Ba UPND you are showing undemocratic tactics unheard of in the history of Zambia. You are driving us back to one part state which we will not allow.

  6. hichilema, upnd and ecz are above the law. They is nothing that can stop them, A liar is more dangerous than a thief.

  7. Never think that just because you’re friends with the cruel that they won’t turn on you in a heartbeat if it’s to their advantage to do so.

  8. Ummm! These UPND lot are so desperate for a Kopala support!

    Better thief than a lier. Kaili thief we all know his/her tactics. But these UPND liers, awe sure.

  9. Before he became president I thought HH was above board but little did I know that he was just a sly scared crafty little man just like his predecessors of course with the exception of Kenneth Kaunda and Levy Mwanawasa.

  10. This how are they dribbled. to score.

    When the High Court halted those two elections, the justice ministry and the AG, sensing impending defeat, ran to the Court of Appeals to “neutralise” those stayed elections.

    The minister and the AG have abandoned their offices for 3 days to a seminar so that all court petitions can only be attended to after the 21st elections.

    By that time, 2 UPND candidates would have been duly elected MP’s.

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