Kabwe water blues irks residents


Kabwe has been hit by erratic water supply, a situation that has forced the residents to go for over two months without life’s most essential commodity.

A check by ZANIS in areas such as Highridge, Railways, Pollen, Lukanga, Nkrumah Extension, town center and other affected areas, has revealed that consumers have not had adequate water supply since September, this year.

The residents have told ZANIS that they are badly affected by the continued water shortages because they can only access piped water between 05:00hrs and 10:00hrs in the mornings.

Emmanuel Mutelo from Pollen area says he has been hugely affected by the water shortages in his area because he runs a vegetable gardening business that largely depends on constant and adequate water supply.

Mr Mutelo said he has been forced to diversify into another business the last two months because the vegetable business was not doing fine due to lack of water.

“I’ve had to switch to a mobile money business because of the inadequate water supply although I must say that I’m just doing it to sustain my family otherwise, my preferred business is fresh vegetables,” he complained.

And Mike Munthali from Nkrumah Extension says he is in the dark regarding the water situation, as there has not been any tangible explanation from the water company regarding the water shortages.

Mr Munthali has since demanded for an explanation from Lukanga Water saying there is need for the company to explain the inconvenience especially that the water bills are still being served to consumers.

“For me, I’ve just been seeing the excessive rationing without any explanations and I feel this is unprofessional on the part of the water company because as consumers, we need to be told on what is really happening especially that the situation has continued for some months,” he stated.

But Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited, Public Relations Manager, Siwa Mwene, says the erratic water supply is as a result of the two major pipe bursts that the company recorded on the 900mm water transmission line which ferries water from Mulungushi water treatment plant at Brunelli Dam to Kabwe’s major water distribution center in Highridge.

Ms Mwene said the burst which occurred on 9th September, 2022 and has resulted into reduced water volumes as the pipe carries about 500 cubic meters of water per hour and contributes 30 per cent of water supply to most areas in Kabwe, while 70 per cent is dependent on the underground water sources.

She says the company has since incorporated AmiBl, a European based organization to develop and manufacture special pipe components to be used in the repair works on the affected pipe.

She added that the company has further partnered with the Dutch Water Operators Partnership (VEI) to support in sourcing the special components, engagement of supervising experts and other logistics at an estimated Ten Thousand Euros.


  1. Incredible dont we have engineers in Zambia to improvise so that we stop exporting our kwacha.

    Float the tender you *****s

  2. But mu Zambia namo, Even simple water that you can sink a borehole for or connect pipes to the nearby many rivers that we have, a Gov employed official still expects this to be done by a European project and a Dutch- NO! pls, this pure foolishness and inferior mindset. Colonizing your own selves belieiving only a white man can do a good job. What material will those Dutch companies use since they have no raw materials in Europe? This is too much of our people – going too far now! Even a borehole you ve to get funding from the EU for it? What then are you capable of doing yourselves? Both included , the Officials and the People of Kabwe themselves-you mean to say you guys have just been sitting around , and waiting for the whiteman?

  3. Surely sitting on your asses for the whole two months without tap water yet you still walk your cattle to the rivers for water , yet when dig as your build your own pit latrine , the first thing that stops digging further is water itself. But still continue to wait a Dutch white man from Holland to come and weld a pipe for you? Waiting for the EU to come and sink a borehole for _ didint you just make your borehole the other day that you were digging to build your backyard toilet?

  4. How can you have such incompetent chaps in management of Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited…they engaged Supervising Experts from EU for 10,000 Euros…for what fixing broken pipes. You have experts in LWSC …why not engage them for free?

  5. Headline: “Kabwe water blues irks residents”
    Article: “Literally not one mention of blue water”

    Great reporting!

  6. This is very topical having regard to the legal case being brought in South Africa about lead poisoning from the lead mines in the Kabwe area.

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