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President HH, Politics of Foolishness, and the Copperbelt Sham By-Elections


By Kapya Kaoma

If you want to remain sane, stop following HH’s politics of foolishness. The Copperbelt sham By-elections prove one thing–Mr. Hichilema’s poor judgment and insecurity. Assume these elections were in Dundumwezi, would he have panicked? Why is he so afraid of a fair fight? The truth is, he knows that he doesn’t have enough votes on the Copperbelt–thus cheating is the only way to save face. What a shame to the man who sleeps in politics of foolishness!

Since he put on Seer 1 blessed gloves, one can hardly tell the mental state of our Head of State. All things foolish, President HH has proved. What else qualifies him as President save his Alzheimer–for in amnesia his head he holds high, always living today as if a baby which never knew that just last year in diapers soiled. Is the HH who insulted Presidents Mwanawasa, Banda, Sata and Lungu day and night, the same one who is now defending the arrests and torture of Zambians for speaking against the Presidency? When did the Presidency become sacrosanct to Hichilema? This man of no shame has no honor–for in politics of foolishness he daily baths.

The politics of foolishness has its own benefits–it exposes despots for what they are; insecure egomaniacs. HH is a self-proclaimed egocentric individual and many Zambians have finally seen through him–a narcissist without solutions. This is surely an understatement. “Bally will fix it” is now a slogan of shame to the masses. To redeem it demands more to it than pictures with white people. Of course–Joe Biden wants Zambia for Military reasons as opposed to HH’s leadership. This is for another day. For now, the egomaniac genius has found it hard to fix anything but himself by overstepping–attempting to destroy our democracy.

HH believes Zambia is UPND–he can run it like his little kantemba. Wrong! We love our democracy. Chiluba tried to destroy it and he failed. Utter foolishness made Chiluba believe that Zambians wanted him to temper with our hard fought for democratic institutions simply because he was the President. And what did he get? He was forced out, arrested and had his underpants paraded on camera as Zambians cheered. Sadly this is what awaits Mr Hichilema. The day will come when he will be held to account. Like Chiluba, in shame he will dwell as Zambians call him names. One thing I know is this, the battle against democracy is the battle HH is set to lose!

Moreover, his sham Copperbelt elections will surely be overturned by the courts. This is the best thing for the opposition. The criminal HH will be exposed and his officials cited for Contempt. In addition, his image will finally be revealed for what I saw from the very beginning of his reign–a lawless man hiding by the office of the Presidency. The good news is that he will survive it now, but when he and his cronies are out off office, this crime will follow them. He will be saved by immunity, but not his officials.

How about the lower turnout? Fallen! Fallen is Bally the Great! Within a year, Bally can hardly get a handful on the Copperbelt. How the mighty have fallen. You wear the Bally brand at your own risk. Yet the desperate and shameless President and his Vice President will go back to Kabushi and Kwacha again and again with their tails between their legs to campaign against opposition candidates–knowing too well that they tried twice before. Worse still, should UPND lose those seats, the politics of foolishness will be served at HH’s dinner table at State House, Community House and in Diplomatic Houses. The good news is, toddlers have no shame.

President HH should have behaved like an adult. He knew the court ruled on these elections. Wouldn’t he have been at the forefront of guiding the nation in ensuring that the rulings of the Courts are upheld by all Zambians? Besides, doesn’t he hold the majority in Parliament? If the law is illogical, wouldn’t he have worked with Parliament to address the 90 days limit for holding by elections so as to avoid similar situations in future? The problem is HH doesn’t think like an adult. He wants to prove he is the best, but always comes out as the worst. Shame is his lot; but thankfully he has no shame.


  1. My friend you are lying. We are to POLITICALLY defend and advise Bally.

    Why there was voter apathy it’s BECAUSE PF JUST AIMED TO CONFUSE THE WHOLE ELECTROL PROCESS. But the system of 90dsys FLUSHED PF.

    Your last statement confirms it ALL. You wanted Constitution to be defied JUST FOR KWACHA AND KABUSHI.

    You Kaoma guy you must be MAD.

  2. An election defeat can bring out a lot of different emotions,but this is a vile,vengeful,contemptous and angry write-up.Mr Kapya Kaoma,you have froth on your mouth,Please wipe it

  3. Let’s be rational here. We can’t sing rule of law only when it works to our advantage. UPND exposed itself as unpopular–how on Earth would you get such low votes when you are running against nobody but yourself? Bally is fixed

  4. Sweet victory for UPND. Now, this nonsense called PF should be dismantled untill its like UNIP. Then, Zambia will befree of confusion and divisiveness. Happy independence celebrations Zambia

  5. You were on to something, but your article lost its objectivity once you started mentioning speculative things like “Seer 1’s blessed gloves”.

    • When he is at the UN, or elsewhere he abandons his gloves. But see him at State House, he will be all white on hands.
      Anyone can only speculate.
      Either State House is contaminated or bewitched and requires a spirit intersessors like See See1.

  6. My Voice.Yes,you are missing something.There were other parties participating,no matter how small.The current constitution still provides for multi-party democracy.PF is not the only opposition party in Zambia,They had an opportunity to change candidates in good time,but they were also afraid to loose with other lesser known candidatees,so they took the most silly mistake;to take on the ECZ to the end of time
    The African National Congress in South African has been beating other parties since their independence,but that does not mean South Africa is a one party state.Think,bwana

  7. What is there to celebrate imwe apa sure??
    Forcefully imposing on a Kopala smart people UPND MPs, clearly the majority didn’t vote for??. This vimo vimo President & his upnd will go down in Zedian history as the most hated and unpopular ruling party ever!

    • There is a reason why there are no reported cases of post-election violence by so-called smart kopala,Lusambo and Malanje’s protestetions are simply untenable

  8. These results for a ” popular” political party that just celebrated one year in leadership after a landslide victory exemplify an “intelligent” candidate who fails to get a G12 certificate even when they wrote openly leaked exams.

    Kwacha registered voters – 64, 000
    UPND in KWACHA ( Charles Mulenga) 6, 596.
    This is 10% of registered voters.

    Kabushi registered voters – 50, 000
    UPND votes in KABUSHI (Bernard Kanengo) 6, 556 is 13% pass mark.

    Congratulations to our two newest MP’s!

    • Apparently, even UPND own supporters were NOT so enthusiastic to go out and vote for their candidates. If these are the numbers UPND is getting not long after the last general elections, wait until you f-up more before the next one. You guys will be toast! Especially in areas that UPND has struggled to get votes since it’s inception. And actions like these will only worse your standing. Zambians aren’t f@@ls, they can tell what is fair and what is not…..and the Kabushi/Kwacha by-elections will forever live in infamy!

  9. What has happened in Kabushi and Kwacha is just the tip of a very big iceberg. The UPND is preparing to pass obnoxious amendments to our Constitution. That’s the main reason they have sacrificed the ECZ and the Judiciary. They don’t want consensus in the Constitution amendment process and that’s why they haven’t given a transparent roadmap

  10. Some fresh air for once on these self praise sauls. Sishuwa Sishuwa who tried his level best to balance his writi ng during ba Shi Anderson Junior’s regime has finally warned the Zambians of a false regime. Most Zambians have always known that Mmebe’s brother in law is not real. And has no idea where he is driving this great nation to apart from the one described by ba Kaoma. It is a shame.

  11. Kwacha registered voters – 64, 000
    UPND in KWACHA ( Charles Mulenga) 6, 596.
    This is 10% of registered voters.

    Kabushi registered voters – 50, 000
    UPND votes in KABUSHI (Bernard Kanengo) 6, 556 is 13% pass mark.

    10% and 13% are not PASS marks, but FAIL.

  12. I don’t agree with the writer of this article. PF lost these elections simply due to their intransigent attitudes. Does it mean that only Lusambo and Malanji could stand in these by-elections? If they were accused of corruption or not having Grade XII certificates, had the position changed? Why couldn’t PF field other candidates instead of insisting on the two. PF have themselves to blame so do not blame HH for their lack of direction and Leadership. If they fielded other candidates the fracas which transpired would never have been there.

  13. Who is this clown called Kapya Kaoma? You can’t hide your bitterness you mangwamu. You supported the the party of fools (PF) for how long? Your horse was clobbered at the last election, no need to be so bitter about it. They say that elections have consequences in the west, regroup and try to win next time instead of parading your foolishness.

  14. most fail to see what the courts have done – you do not mess-about with constitutional law and hope “fikaisova”: ECL was guaranteeing HH’s arrest in 08-21 and none of you found that crazy. Enjoy the ride!! We gonna steam-roll you, till you permanently polomya!

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