Tuesday, June 25, 2024

BRE calls on government to suspend new regulation on ivory bangles


 The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has called on government to suspend the new regulation to illegalise the possession of ivory bangles.

At a press briefing at the Kuta in Limulunga today, BRE Prime Minister, Ngambela Mukela Manyando, said the new regulation does not augur well with the Lozi culture and traditions.

In a statement read on his behalf by Acting Ngambela, Mowa Zambwe, the Ngambela Manyando charged that arresting or demanding licenses is grossly unfair and against tradition and customs.

The Ngambela said from time immemorial the people of Barotseland have always worn ivory bangles which has become a vital part of their Identity and Lozi cultural attire.

He noted that bangles were just like the wearing of animal skins and other cultural practices are different to people in other parts of the country.

“All ethnic groups in Zambia have their peculiar customs and traditions that identify them from each other and the Lozi people are not an exception,” he said.

During the just ended Western Province expo for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) stated that after the given grace period, anyone possessing an ivory bangle will be required to have a license or will be liable for five years imprisonment.

On the other hand, the Ngambela Manyando advised government to put in place laws and regulations that preserve traditional practices for posterity.

He added that the people of Barotseland are conservationists by nature, thus the creation of Liuwa Plains National park.

“They are therefore not interested in the wanton slaughter of wildlife and trafficking of ivory bangles. In fact, the elephant itself is a highly respected and recognised symbol of our royalty and kingship,” he said.

The Ngambela further called on government to engage the BRE to resolve the issue because it is a matter of urgency.


  1. This is definitely NOT an issue that should divert our people’s focus from critical developmental matters.Government should just convene a meeting with the BRE as soon as possible and see how our conservation goals can be taken care of while our Lozi brothers and sisters are also legally permitted to carry on their long standing traditions.

  2. Thats the problem with copying Western values and imposing them on Africans. “anyone possessing an ivory bangle will be required to have a license or will be liable for five years imprisonment.” Endani uko! Why do you want to imprison me for being African? Ine here Iam with the Lozi and I am with my culture because Iam from Luangwa valley and Ivory has been a part of our adornments and just because it is banned in Europe doesnt mean it should be banned in Zambia. Who legislates such enslavement laws even 58 years after independence?

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