Tuesday, June 18, 2024

UPND’s great achievement is directionless leadership


By Fred M’membe President of the Socialist Party

This UPND government is too self-satisfied and too little criticised for its own good or for ours. They have tried to silence all the critical voices by appointing critics or potential critics to some boards, commissions and so on and so forth. They are also openly interfering with the work of important institutions such as the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), the Judiciary and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). This is not a recipe for governing well. The wheel of fortune turns and that which once appeared fresh, with the passing of time goes to seed.

We do not underestimate the UPND or the aggressive path to leadership that they have taken, to win at all cost. In the years before the election, they tenaciously laid bare the areas of life and policy where the public felt dissatisfied and angry with the PF and its government. They did not win merely by default, but because they managed to capture the public mood. Today, they have become arrogant and all we hear is FIMBA UPOKE!

Today the UPND government may want to appear that they are strong and confident, but problems lie ahead. They don’t seem to know where they are headed, and that is dangerous. UPND’s great achievement is directionless leadership: they appear to be in control, but no one knows where they are leading. Upto today, they have failed to define the purpose of their government. We perceive no ideological roots. We can detect no sense of direction. They are high on boasting, show offs, bragging, rhetoric, posturing and promises. But they will in the end be judged not on what they say but on what they do.


  1. During the PF we used to use USSDs like *575#, *335#, *211#, *303# etc, now we only use *113#, *115#, *117# etc across all networks. This is a very big achievement by the UPND, don’t you think so?

  2. “…Upto today, they have failed to define the purpose of their government. We perceive no ideological roots…”

    This GRZ is solely focused on developing the Zambian economy.

    With a strong economy Everything else follows………

    Destination development. End of………..

    For get about that ideology crap.

    • Chimbwe No Plan!
      2018 – “Zambia Railways Limited Chief Executive Officer Christopher Musonda says there was no plan that existed on how the company was expected to use the US$120 million which was allocated to the sector from the Eurobond that government acquired.
      Musonda said the only plan which exists is the one on how the money was used after it was deposited in the company account.
      The Zambia Railways Chief Executive officer said this when he and his team appeared before the parliamentary committee on Parastatal Bodies.
      He was responding to a question from Zambezi East UPND member of parliament Brain Kambita who wanted to know what plan Zambia Railways put in place before receiving its portion of the Eurobond.”

  3. The UPND is governing better than the PF. Fred M’membe knows this but he will not acknowledge it due to reasons known only by himself. Real demicrats give their opponents time to govern and reserve judgement at the right time. M’membe is frustrated that HH has ignored his naked provocation which he was hoping would lead to a media war of words and divert government attention away from urgent issues facing Zambia. Continue delivering HH. The silent majority are appreciating while the vocal minority M’membe belongs to will remain just that.

  4. I think Fred isn’t being honest when he says he doesn’t perceive any ideological roots. The UPND’s thrust is to promote private ownership of business, especially that under FDI. We’ll see most business spaces taken over by foreign monopoly capital, especially from their allies. This won’t sit well with majority of Zambians as the current mantra is about increased public ownership, which many think has worked well for Zambians. This might cause the UPND an early exit from power because many Zambians are no longer receptive to FDI, they want to own businesses and GRZ to control major assets such as mines and Zesco on their behalf. So HH must tread carefully, but unfortunately he’s not eloquent so he won’t be heard

  5. Only a f00l would think that problems that were created over 10 years of PF misrule can be solved in 14 months.

    • Even if you want to be seen to be relevant you can’t position yourself as mediocre as that. Mmembe is really trying too much with no impact just politics of fool!shness at its best

  6. Nowadays, no one follows those hard core ideologies in the world. Whatever works, you follow, not sticking to hard line ideologies like your socialism. No follows those anymore. You will remain alone with your ideologies

  7. Conmen are still alive today. So UPND need a miracle or need their western financiers pump billions of dollars into the economy for them to start digging some pit latrines. They laughed at Lungu when he said he had no vision but infact these Guys have not shown us their vision for this the nation

  8. U don’t judge a person who’s still giving evidence. U wait till they have finished. Why can’t Fred M’membe wait? HH is still giving evidence of who he trully is. Wait until all the evidence is in.

  9. Kanti wena Namakando ki muluto mang’i okushulisize nkukwe niona oku tanganyisa cwana? Munungwahao namunungu tuwe wa tanganyia waa Luwawa lolucile mutanganyo.

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