Growing Number of Mosquito worry Lusaka Mayor

Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala
Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala

Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala has expressed worry over the growing number of mosquitoes in the city, stating the need for a quick intervention as a way of preventing a malaria outbreak.

The Mayor noted this during a meeting with officials from the National Malaria Elimination Centre.

Ms Chitangala said that there are requirements for urgent intervention to the increasing population of mosquitoes in communities as a way of curbing malaria.

“The rain season is the time when mosquitoes breed a lot and there is need for concerted efforts to deal with this matter before the rains start,” Ms Chitangala said

She explained that the garden ponds, water bodies and drainages that are contaminated with litter are regarded as the main breeding sites for mosquitoes and the Local Authority in partnership with other stakeholders will ensure that all those areas are sprayed to eliminate mosquitoes before the rains begin, adding that a clean and a disease-free City can help in improving the wellbeing of everyone.

Meanwhile, National Malaria Elimination Centre Acting Director Dr. Busiku Hamainza said that a multi-sectoral approach to reduce the population of mosquitoes in the City is required because the issue calls for quick intervention.

“There is need for both indoor and outdoor spraying to deal with all breeding sources of mosquitoes and that includes dredging in some parts of the city so that mosquitoes that usually hide in overgrown vegetation can find no place for living and reproducing,” Dr Hamainza said

Dr Hamainza stated that the National Malaria Elimination Centre is ready to partner with the Local Authority together with other stakeholders to reduce the growing number of mosquitoes in the City which pose a risk of causing malaria to the residents.

And National Malaria Elimination Centre Principal Malaria Control Officer Mr Willy Ngulube cited that there is need to also sensitize the public before the commencement of spraying exercise to eliminate mosquitoes so that residents may appreciate the importance of the exercise.


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      Carol C

    • HonestJohn – Dont mind this Troll every couple of years it changes its account but its the same MO whether its UPND or PF.

    • We are not forcing you to read or comment on our posts. If you don’t like our comments, guess what? We don’t give a rat’s behind!

  1. Is there anyone out there who believes Lusaka mayor Chilando Chitangala? She and her council are an embarrassment.

    • City Mayors in Zambia are toothless no powers at all even the council can start ignoring you no Police under them…look at Miles Sampa when he started being active the Minister of Local Govt and PF got jealous and suspended him. The coward man was reduced to a joker a Faceb0ok Mayor as he didnt want to step on any toes as he had his eye for National Assembly but if he played his cards right he would have got Matero seat as an Independent still left a legency at Civic Centre.

  2. All the fish and other mosquito lavae-eating creatures have been fished out of sewerage ponds for human consumption.Restock sewerage ponds with more cat fiish and frogs

  3. This Mayor is Chief Executive of the biggest and richest city in Zambia, and she should have enough resources to combat Malaria in her city. She should devise proper means of revenue collection, especially from property. And she should devise appropriate strategies to manage the city rather than just complaining about mosquitoes and malaria. Let her tell us her strategy to protect us from malaria.

  4. Do these people get employed to point out problems or come up with solutions? Surely you could cheaply create a Bot which could warn you about these things by putting some algorithms and data analytics together. The Mayors job is to offer solutions not highlighting problems. What are the conditions which encourage mosquitoes? Water is usually the best place to start. What is Lusaka doing that has changed in the past? The answer could be as simple as more people digging fish ponds in build up areas, open pit drains or extinction of mosquito predators.

    • In Zambia we vote for Parties not candidates …there were better candidates out there on 2021 Ballot paper but you chose her.

  5. I remember back in the 80s and 90s …LCC went residential areas, compounds and sprayed every room in your house with pestcide before the rains. 30 years on and we are worse off no serious people in LCC all Directors busy stealing and building houses on stolen plots. I wonder why ACC has not moved in and audited these Directors at LCC.

  6. I do not expect such a comment from the mayor of Lusaka. Is that the biggest challenge facing Lusaka City Council? I thought drainage and litter are the biggest challenges. The rains are just starting and soon we are going to be shown pictures of vehicles wading through flooded roads at the center of the capital city.
    This embarrassing.

    • Actually those drains are fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Funny thing is that we have less mosquitoes in rural areas than in towns. That says a lot about us who are running urban areas.

    • The funny and most annoying thing is that we recieve million of tonnes of rainwater and it just goes to waste..other cities in the world have dams around the cities where urban gardening is encouraged and vegetables and fruits are planted for sale in the city markets creating employment and income for the co-operatives.

  7. It is not just Lusaka. All towns are mosquito infested. S
    Since the demise of ZCCM this pest has been increasing each year. The mine did not just fumigate houses they included all mosquito breeding areas like sewer pipes, stagnant water, swamps and other suspected areas. Currently councils conduct ineffective in door spraying- ineffective:
    1) Not all houses are sprayed……..and nobody bothers to cross check
    2) Most of the chemicals are stolen and sold to private individuals who run spraying businesses.
    3) As a result of No2 the weak solution is used to spray the houses
    I have brought this to the attention of the authorities especially where private trucks are hired to transport the sprayers, paid without checking whether work has been fully done.

  8. NB: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Therefore, it means that there are more mosquitoes due to more stagnant water from sewer blockages. This is as a result of most Water and Sewrage Companies failure to perform. Most of water and sewerage companies have failed to perform because the managements had gotten the companies on silver plata. The ministry where these companies belong should revisit their functions.

  9. Come in the evening to UNZA the oldest highest institution of learning and experience for yourselves the so many mosquitos on campus outnumbering human occupants. The space between the UNZA chapel and Handsworth court has an open sewer system in this time and age. Raw sewer from the new Graduate school of Business spews out on open ground, flows under the road and collects in a huge pond next to the commowealth youth centre residential area. It is just amazing that this is still happening. All the residential houses in that area are heavily infested with mosquitos. So, is the case with student hostels and offices at UNZA. Working from UNZAoffices after 17 hours is such a nightmare. Munali MP Mposha should quickly make avaliable part of the CDF funds available to deal with the problem of…

  10. Healthy people are a catalyst for high productivity and growth. When covid 19 struck the entire globe, the wheels of economy stalled.

    Whether we have Her Honour Chitangala or Hon. Masebo in charge of councils or our health, it is time to collectively workout a solution to these mosquitoes that are breeding highly not only in Lusaka, but countrywide. Didn’t the Hon. Speaker instruct Hon. Masebo to sort it out?

    PF fought Cholera (the MMD disease).
    We contained Covid (the China diseae).
    Let’s fight Mosquitoes and malaria ( the UPND disease) than leaving it to Chilando alone.

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