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Tobacco Board of Zambia Piped Water Supply Scheme Project Launched in Nkeyema District


The Republican Vice President Mrs W. K. Mutale- Nalumango has commissioned the Tobacco Board of Zambia – TBZ Piped Water Supply Scheme Project in Nkeyema District of Western Province, completed at a total cost of 250,000 United States Dollars.

The TBZ Water Supply Scheme Project was birthed in partnership with the World Vision Zambia, Western Water Supply and Sanitation Company and the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation

Mrs Nalumango who graced the commissioning as the guest of honour stated that the Tobacco Board of Zambia – TBZ Piped Water Scheme has been made successful by the World Vision Zambia as supporters and sponsors, and the government appreciate the completion of this project as this works to supplement the government’s efforts aimed at achieving universal access to safe water supply by the year 2030.

She said that the supply of water seats very well in the 8th National Development Plan – 8NDP under the pillar number two which is human and social development.

“Allow me to say that water is an enabler of all forms of development because with water it will go even into the first pillar where we are talking of economic transformation and job creation, as water will help even farmers which is also job and wealth creation,” she said

Mrs Nalumango mentioned that water will help small businesses that is in the economic sector, water will help education and the girl child not to spend time looking for water but will also be able to go to school and learn just like the boys, and water will help in the environmental sustainability.

“I am aware that before the implementation of this project, the people of Nkeyema faced water and sanitation challenges, unfortunately the scenarios we are talking about where they are challenges of water obtains in most parts of Zambia especially in rural areas, this is so because of low investment in the water and sanitation sector that we have experienced over along time, in order to address these challenges the New Dawn Administration has launched the 2022 t0 2030 Zambia water investment programme on the 16th of August, 2022 which will assist in developing water and sanitation facilities countrywide,” Mrs Nalumango explained

Mrs Nalumango has since called on the people of Nkeyema to work with the government to harness developmental opportunities so as to uplift the living standards of the people in Nkeyema district, as the New Dawn Administration has developed a framework to work with the private sector and bring development to all parts of the country.

And World Vision Zambia Country Director John Hasse World Vision said that the handing over of the big water mechanisation system – TBZ Piped Water Supply Scheme Project to the government of Zambia, will supply safely managed water to over ten thousand people in Nkeyema District.

Mr Hasse noted that the water not only brings the basic needs of humanity but it’s a basic necessity that sustains all forms of lives and helps run business, helps children go to school and also helps people have better health and nutrition.

He added that the sustainable wellbeing is impossible without sustainable ecological access to clean water, dignified sanitation and appropriate hygiene behaviours, it is for this reason that World Vision invest so much in projects like this one here that transforms children’s lives in the communities where they live.

Mr Hasse cited that over the last three years World Vision Zambia has provided 675, 000 Zambians with clean water for the first time, which means that World Vision has 1,160 boreholes with handpumps, 177 matriculated water systems in the last three years alone.

“Last year, 120 matriculated water systems were installed here in Zambia alone and this year we have put in over 400 water handpumps throughout the country, and we look forward to in the next two years to do even more, and 230 schools have received clean water and ablution blocks,” he said

Meanwhile, Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha said that the Tobacco Board of Zambia – TBZ Piped Water Scheme is a game changer with regards to improving access to clean and safe water for the people of Nkeyema District being one of the new districts that has a lot of social and economic activities which are taking place.

“You will agree with me that since declaration as a new district in 2012, the population has grown and this has increased the demand for water and sanitation services,” he said

Mr Mposha noted that improving access to clean and safe water supply and sanitation remains top on government’s development agenda because water is a key input to all sectors of the economy and supports livelihood among communities.

“I say this because you need water for agriculture, energy production, tourism to flourish, basically water supports all the sectors, water is therefore safe for poverty reduction, social economic and sustainable development hence governments commitment to the water sector is imperative, in this regard the government has prioritized investment in water supply infrastructure in order to accelerate universal access to clean and safe water by the year 2030,” Mr Mposha noted


  1. Tobacco is a killer….. Why do we even allow growing it? Why do we entertain and allow organisation like TBZ o Exist int this country?
    The entire Vice president officiating a project funded by the killer orgaimisation. Its a shame. Stump out tobacco!!!!

  2. Please there is no future in tobacco wake up markets are collapsing in the West …vapes are killing it ..instead of turning to the herb as an export cash crop we are sleeping.

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